Best Ducati Motorcycles For Beginners

Ducati is an Italian company that produces motorcycles, engines, and other mechanical products. The company was founded in 1926 by the three Ducati brothers, Adriano, Bruno, and Mariano. 

There isn’t one Ducati motorcycle model that is the best for beginners. It all depends on your riding style, budget, and what other features you are looking for. 

When searching for a beginner motorcycle the first questions that you should ask yourself are, what type of riding will you be doing? Are you looking for a touring motorcycle to go on long-distance rides or do you want something sportier to use for commuting? Everyone's answers to this question are going to be different, which is why Ducati offers so many different motorcycle segments. 

Do you want a new or pre-owned bike? Brand new bikes are super eye-catching and they usually offer the most up-to-date technology that could make learning to ride easier. But you should consider a pre-owned bike when you’re just getting started and here’s why. You can usually get more bang for your buck if you’re buying a used motorcycle, but more importantly, when you’re first learning to ride you’ll probably find yourself accidentally dropping your bike and roughing it up. It’ll be less heartbreaking if you’re scratching up a bike that’s already been through it, then your a brand new motorcycle, and hey, you can always upgrade once you’ve gotten the hang of riding.

There are Ducati models that seem to be more popular than others among beginners, some of these are the Ducati 748, the Ducati Monster 696, and the Ducati Hypermotard 796. These motorcycles are loved for their performance, style, and features.

We’ve compiled a full list of the most popular Ducati motorcycles. Give it a look if you’re on the hunt for your next Ducati.

Check out the extensive list below to find your perfect motorcycle so you can start riding!

2022 Ducati Monster

2022 Ducati Monster