Apr 29, 2018

Motorcycle Safety: The Safest Motorcycles and How to Pick One


Motorcycle Safety Tips: Don't Put Your Fate In Other's Hands

When it comes to the bike that you choose to be yours, there’re a lot of questions to consider before purchasing. You want to make sure you choose the brand that you favor and a model that’s within whatever price range you’re comfortable with. You want to make sure that it’s in a color you like, has the necessary components to fit your needs, is in the style you want, or whatever other preferences you may have.

There’re a lot of factors that go into the best motorcycles for beginners, but one that should be a priority above most everything else should be its safety. I constantly reiterate that not all bikes are created equal, and that is also true when it comes to safety. Every motorcycle will vary in the level of safety  that they could be categorized as, and when it comes to your personal health, you don’t take risks. Obviously, find the bike that you like the most and really speaks to you, but remember to keep safety at a pretty high standard.

Interested in knowing some of the safest motorcycles on the road? Some of them might actually surprise you.

Touring Motorcycles:

While touring bikes can often be heavy, stocky, and stacked to the nines with everything you can think of, you’d be surprised how safe they are. Once you’re able to become a skilled driver on one of these things, they’re the most hefty motorcycle choice out there, which means that they can do just slightly better in collisions.

Touring motorcycle

Sure, any kind of collision on a motorcycle isn’t going to be very promising, but the heavier and sturdier the motorcycle is, the more impact it’s going to have to take to knock it off its course. But just because these are one of the safest motorcycle families, it doesn’t mean that they’re the easiest to drive. Actually, touring bikes are one of the most difficult to drive because of their weight. Some of them can weigh up to 800 pounds, and that’s a big beast of engine and metal that you have to learn to work with. But when you do learn and have the skills down, it takes a good bit effort for these bikes to be swiped off the road by reckless cage drivers.


You might be surprised to see this make the list, but it makes it for some of the same reasoning that touring motorcycles made it. While cruisers can be lightweight, some  are made with a great bone beneath them and can  take more damage than you’d expect.

Cruiser motorcycle

That’s not to say that you should test it out, obviously, but know that your cruiser is going to be safer than most other motorcycle options, like sports bikes. Sports bikes typically tend to be very easy to manipulate in a negative way, which is why they don’t make the list. But cruisers are more reliable and have a little more weight to them.

When it comes to the safest motorcycles, there won’t be a lot of insight in that area, because the safest bike has more to do with how you ride it. You can be a professional, riding a cruiser, but be less safe than the guy on the sport bike, all depending on how you ride it.  

Pick a bike that fits YOU.

Size is way more important than most dealers will lead you to believe. You need to make sure that you pick a bike that isn’t too big for you to handle, but isn’t too small. You’ll find that bike size that is "just right" and it will shock you how much easier it is to ride. Almost all bikes will come with a suggested height requirement, so unless you know something that the brand doesn’t, take that suggestion seriously.

Choose a motorcycle that fits your skill level.

This can be hard to do, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t really know much about riding. But that’s what’s wonderful about the internet-it can answer almost any question that you have. There are motorcycles that will demand a more experienced rider (we’re looking at you, Touring motorcycles) and then there are bikes that were almost created with the entry-level rider in mind.

riding motorcycle into sunset

You have to pick a motorcycle that you’re going to be comfortable riding, as this will drastically impact your potential of ending up in an accident. The more control that you have over your bike, the greater your ability to act quickly when an accident is about to happen, because you know exactly how to handle your bike.

You might visually love the look of a certain model, but not be ready to ride it. And that’s fine. Just do some quick research about which bikes meet your skill level, test drive some to see what you’re comfortable with, and then go for it! Whether it’s a beginner motorcycle or one that demands a hefty amount of experience, you’ll find the right bike for you.

So in light of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, do your research, try out different styles of motorcycles to find the one you’re most comfortable with and ride with confidence. The road can be a dangerous place, so the more awareness you have, the better! And if you’re looking to sell motorcycle, or if you want to trade in motorcycle, we have the best inventory of motorcycles for sale online.

Buy a motorcycle and enjoy the road, or get cash for motorcycle to find something else out there. Regardless of the decision, enjoy the ride!

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