Jul 11, 2022

Beginner's Guide To Motorcycle Boots

Adrianna Barrera

If you're new to motorcycling, you might be wondering what kind of boots are best to wear. You’re also probably wondering if you really need to invest in boots from the get-go, since there's a lot of gear you need to buy initially. In this blog post, we'll give you a few tips on choosing the right motorcycle boots for beginners and how to get the best gear at affordable prices. 

Do I Really Need Motorcycle Boots?

Motorcycle boots should offer support for your ankles and feet, and they should also be durable enough to protect your feet in the event of a crash. They come in a variety of styles, so you should be able to find a pair that you like, at an affordable price. 

However, when you’re first starting your journey to motorcycle riding, there may be some pieces of gear that you want to cut back on, as the costs of starting this new hobby can get very expensive. One of the things you might hear is that you don’t necessarily need motorcycle boots. To an extent, this holds true. In some cases you can wear utility work boots that are sturdy, protect the ankle and have good traction. These should be fine for the purposes of your first riding season, getting you through the MSF and practicing at slow speeds.

If you have the money to spend, getting motorcycle boots in the very beginning isn’t a bad idea either. With crash statistics saying 30% of motorcycle injuries affect lower extremities, getting good protection around high-risk areas is definitely necessary. Motorcycle boots are made for motorcycle riding, while work boots will be fine in the beginning, eventually your riding style will change and you’re going to have to change and upgrade your gear accordingly. 

Types Of Motorcycle Boots

Beginners won’t need to worry about getting high-end, top dollar riding boots. However, this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your safety. There are many types of motorcycle boots available to every rider, so it’s important to know which ones are best for you. 

Street/Cruiser boots

These are your typical leather boots with silver studs or buckles. Offer great ankle support and are heat resistant. 

Riding Shoes

Riding shoes offer a more comfortable and casual look. They can be worn even off the bike and give riders protection and style. 

Racing Boots

Racing boots go up the ankle and to the lower shin. These are for high performance racing and give riders ultimate protection at high speeds. 

ADV/Off-Road Boots

These are similar in look to sport/racing boots, however are more sturdy and offer more protection to the outer elements and obstacles. 

Tips For Buying Motorcycle Boots

If you’re trying to save some cash, getting motorcycle boots may not be your top priority, considering you’ll have to dish out more money for other gear, such as jackets or a helmet. If you absolutely need to, then get work boots that still offer decent ankle support. You can even find some motorcycle boots for cheap second-hand. Both ways can save you some serious cash.

A second tip for buying motorcycle boots is to know what type of riding you’ll be doing. You don’t want to get a racing boot, if you’re cruising and vice versa. This way, you can get the best fitting shoe for you that will give you the optimum protection. 

Third, when shopping for motorcycle boots, you should consider three main factors that your boots should have: oil resistant soles, solid ankle protection, overall stiffness around the foot and ankle. These three factors will increase your safety and will lend you protection throughout your journey. 

Best Motorcycle Boots For Beginners

Below are some of the best motorcycle boots for beginners, curated by reviews by actual riders. These are budget-friendly and will get you the best protection for your money. 

Street/Cruiser Boots

Kortiv 8 Motorcycle Tactical Boots ~ $62 

These boots are extremely lightweight and affordable. They’re made of leather and mesh, which makes them durable and breathable. Additionally, they feature reinforced ankle-high protective wraps and anti-abrasion leather. The soles are anti-slip. 

Harley-Davidson Hagerman’s ~ $90

This boot features lightweight rubber outsole for all-day comfort, as well as leather and goodyear welt, for durability. These are great for both on and off the road, and come constructed with optimum protection and quality. 


Joe Rocket Meteor ~ $110

These lightweight Joe Rocket’s feature leather lining and protective construction, DryTech waterproof technology, internally reinforced ankle, toe and heel and rubber gear shift protective cap. For a slightly more expensive price than the previous two, these are still pretty affordable given the features. 

Riding Shoes

Iron JIA’s Motorcycle Shoes ~ $94

These motorcycle shoes feature a thick protective shell around the ankle and toes, as well as mesh fabric that makes them breathable and lightweight. The sole has good anti-slip material and a PP protective shell throughout high-risk areas. Overall, a good motorcycle shoe that can be worn on and off the road. 

Alpinestars Sektor Shoes ~ $150

These Alpinestars Sektor shoes feature speed lace systems, upper ankle polymer protection panels and abrasion resistant, durable and lightweight fibers and leathers. 

Indie Ridge Crow ~ $180

The Indie Ridge Crow are great riding shoes, as they offer genuine leather protection and anti-abrasion fibers. They also are casual enough that you can rock them off the road as well. They’re lightweight, waterproof and comfortable. Lastly they all feature heel, toe and ankle support. 

Racing Boots

Kronox Racing Boot ~ $90

For such a low price, you still get a lot, with these boots. The Kronox Racing Boot offers riders protection for racing, with reinforced ankle, shin and toe armors. They’re also water-resistant and have a honeycomb panel for shifting. 

Fly Racing Maverik ~ $140

These CE approved boots are equipped with a variety of features that keep the rider's feet protected and safe, including inner and outer ankle protection, as well as impact protection for the shin. They’re made of high-speed abrasion resistant leather and have mesh lining for airflow. 

Alpinestars SMX Street ~ $220

The Alpinestars SMX Street boots feature innovative air vents at the ankle, heel and forefoot designed to provide unmatched levels of rider comfort. Additionally, these feature armor at the and protective covers around the shins, ankle and toe that protects riders’ feet while sliding and high speed impacts. 

ADV/Off-Road Boots

O’Neal New Logo ~ $120

These O’Neal boots are great for all your motocross and adventure riding needs, at a really affordable price. They feature metal shank inserts and reinforcements along the shape of the boot for added support around high-impact areas. They also include an air mesh interior and cushioned insole for comfort. 

Sidi Black Rain Evo ~ $165https://amzn.to/3c7st5N

The Black Rain is light, flexible, breathable and waterproof. With its side entry, low profile sole, shin protector and ankle cups, it has all the looks of a racing boot, with the advantage of all-weather performance. This is a great choice for adventure riders that are looking for action on and off the road and trails. 

Alpinestars Tech 3 ~ $190

The Tech 3’s unmistakably great MX boots. These boots incorporate track-ready performance technology such as good ergonomics, airflow and comfort. Safety is also a major point these boots focus on, with a lightweight main shell and range of protective features inside and out. 


Motorcycle boots are an essential piece of gear for any rider. They not only protect your feet and ankles from injury, but also keep them warm and dry in all weather conditions. With so many different styles and brands of motorcycle boots on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you. With the right boots, you will be able to enjoy your rides more and stay safe on the road.

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