Jul 6, 2022

Best Motorcycle Gloves For Beginners

Adrianna Barrera


Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional racer, motorcycle gloves are an important part of your gear. Not only do they protect your hands from the elements, but they also help you grip the handlebars and reduce vibration. With so many different styles and brands on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. Here is a guide to help you choose the best motorcycle gloves for your needs.

Why Riders Need Motorcycle Gloves 

Riders need to wear motorcycle gloves for a variety of reasons. First, they provide protection in the event of a crash. If a rider falls off their motorcycle, they are likely to land on their hands. Wearing gloves will help to protect the hands from scrapes and cuts. Second, motorcycle gloves help to keep the hands warm. This is especially important in the winter months, when the temperature can drop significantly. Gloves help to keep the hands warm by providing a barrier between the skin and the cold air. Third, motorcycle gloves help to grip the handlebars. This is important for maintaining control of the motorcycle, particularly in the event of a sudden stop. Motorcycle gloves work by providing a layer of protection between the rider's skin and the road or other surfaces. In the event of a fall, motorcycle gloves can help prevent abrasion injuries and provide some padding to protect the hands from impact.

Types Of Motorcycle Gloves 

Motorcycle gloves typically are made of leather or textile materials. There are many different types of motorcycle gloves available on the market, each designed to protect riders from different elements while riding. Some of the most popular types of motorcycle gloves include full-finger gloves, adventure and racing gloves, just to name a few. Each type of glove has its own unique benefits that can help to make riding more comfortable and safe.

Leather gloves are generally made from cowhide, which is a durable and thick material. This makes them ideal for protecting your hands while riding, as they will withstand a lot of wear and tear.


Textile gloves, on the other hand, are usually made from lighter and more breathable materials like nylon or polyester. This makes them ideal for warmer weather riding, as they will help you to avoid sweat build-up.

Street Gloves 

Brown vintage motorcycle gloves. Stock Photo by jirkaejc | PhotoDune

Street style motorcycle gloves are unique from other motorcycle gloves in a few key ways. First, they are typically made from higher quality materials like leather or Kevlar. This not only makes them more durable, but also more comfortable and better able to protect your hands in the event of a crash. Second, street style motorcycle gloves are usually designed to be more form-fitting, which gives you more control over your bike. And finally, most street style motorcycle gloves come with additional features like palm pads and knuckle guards that offer even more protection. 

Dirt Bike Gloves

Biltwell Motorcycle Gloves red XS-CL020_XS_rot

Dirt bike gloves are designed to protect your hands while riding. They are usually made from a lightweight, breathable material that allows you to grip the handlebars tightly. Some gloves also have padded palms to absorb vibrations and protect your hands from getting numb. However, they offer the least amount of protection depending on how lightweight the material is.

Race Gloves

Best Motorcycle Race Gloves [2022 Update]

What sets motorcycle racing gloves apart from other styles of motorcycle gloves is the level of protection they offer. Racing gloves are designed to protect the hands from the elements and from injuries in the event of a high-speed crash. They often have special features such as extra grip on the fingers or reinforced stitching in high-wear areas. They are also usually in the gauntlet fit style and have the best protection. 

ADV Gloves

Rev'It! Sand Pro Gloves - Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

ADV gloves are designed to be more versatile than other motorcycle glove styles. They have a reinforced palm and fingers to protect against abrasion in case of a fall, and they also have padding to help absorb vibrations from the road. They're usually made from a breathable fabric to keep your hands cool, and they often have touchscreen-compatible fingers so you can use your smartphone without taking your gloves off.

Types Of Motorcycle Glove Fits

Motorcycle gloves tend to have two distinct fits that differ from each other in some key ways. It is up to you and your riding style to decide if short cuff gloves or gauntlet gloves are better for you. Here are some benefits of both:

Short Cuff

Short cuff gloves are gloves that end at the wrist, rather than extending up the arm like a gauntlet. They are beneficial for motorcycle riders because they offer more dexterity and are less bulky, making it easier to grip the controls. They are also less likely to get caught on something while riding. Short cuff gloves are usually made of leather or synthetic materials, and may have padding in the palms for added comfort.


Gauntlet motorcycle gloves are gloves that extend past the wrist, providing protection for the entire hand. They are made of durable materials such as leather or Kevlar, and are often padded to absorb vibrations and protect the hands from impact in the event of a fall. Gauntlet gloves are beneficial because they provide more protection than short cuff gloves, and can help prevent injuries to the hands in the event of an accident.

Best Motorcycle Gloves For Beginners 

When you’re first starting out riding motorcycles, the cost of the bike, gear, classes and more can get really expensive. It’s best to save up where you can. Here are the best budget friendly motorcycle gloves for beginners listed below, all rated by riders like you and me. 

Superbike G01 ~ $25

The G01’s are made of goatskin perforated leather, which make for a soft, lightweight and durable motorcycle glove. These gloves also have a hard plastic reinforced knuckle and finger padding to give your hands more protection. Touch screen capabilities are on the index finger, which allow riders to use their mobile devices. 

KEMIMOTO Motorcycle Gloves ~ $25

These KEMIMOTO’s are a great affordable choice for all your motorcycle and outdoor activity needs. They offer standard knuckle, finger and palm protection, in addition to touchscreen technology and breathability. With carbon fiber reinforcements and a sleek black design, they’re a great pair to wear while out on the road. 

AXBXCX Touch Screen Full Finger Gloves ~ $26

These AXBXCX gloves offer riders a blend of textile and artificial leather materials that have great breathability and protection. There is reinforced mesh and impact resistant padding at the fingers and knuckles. The thumb, index and middle finger are equipped with touchscreen technology and the dual-palm layer gives riders added slip protection. 

Harssidanzar Leather Motorcycle Gloves ~ $30

These motorcycle gloves from Harssidanzar, are made of premium goatskin leather and come in various colorways. There is a hard knuckle PVC shell and reinforced knuckle and finger padding that helps protect riders’ hands. These are very multifunctional and offer riders touchscreen technology. Lastly, there are anti slip pads on the palms that offer even more protection. 

Indie Ridge Full Gauntlet ~ $80 

If you’re willing to expand your budget, these Indie Ridge gloves are absolutely beautiful and offer riders a gauntlet fit. They offer riders a flexible, smart grip technology that includes added protection on the knuckles and fingers, as well as touchscreen capabilities on the thumb, index and middle fingers. 


After reading this guide, you should have a good idea of the different types of motorcycle gloves available and what features to look for when choosing a pair. Whether you need gloves for summer riding or winter weather, there is a style and material to suit your needs. Be sure to try on a few pairs before making your final decision to ensure a comfortable fit.

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