Oct 14, 2020

Gear for Improving Motorcycle Safety, Comfort, and Riding Skills

Kelly Kozakowski

Purchasing a motorcycle is one of the most exhilarating experiences new riders will enjoy in their rider lifestyle. However, there are a few important aspects that need to be considered before taking off on that first ride, namely safety, comfort, and riding skills. Besides the first steps of rider education and protective gear, small additions to your gear and bike can make big differences by significantly improving the quality of your riding experience on a daily basis.

Keeping up with all the latest motorcycling technology can be a daunting task, so we assembled sixteen of the best gear and items that will immediately improve your motorcycle safety, comfort, and riding skills. When the rubber finally meets the road, your riding partners will be (Kawasaki) green with envy of your gear that helps you ride smarter not harder.

Airbag Vests

Alpinestar vest

Alpinestars TECH-AIR® 5 SYSTEM Airbag Vest

The Alpinestars TECH-AIR® 5 SYSTEM airbag vest is a top-notch piece of motorcycle clothing that will shape the way the next generation of riders looks at motorcycle safety. The unique design of this vest allows it to be worn under any properly fitted motorcycle jacket without inhibiting movement. Beneath the sleek appearance is a suite of sensors, innovative AI technology, and strategic airbag placement to ensure the most crucial parts of your upper body are protected in the event of a motorcycle crash.

helite turtle2 vest

Helite Turtle 2 Airbag Vest

Another great option is the Helite Turtle 2 Airbag Vest. The Helite Turtle air vest is designed with optimal neck support in mind and is quickly reusable with the installation of a replacement CO2 cartridge. The Helite Turtle air vest is worn over your motorcycle jacket, so it is great for making on the fly adjustments to ensure a snug, comfortable fit as you add and remove layers. The Helite Turtle air vest also features reflective panels to improve your ability to be seen at night making it the optimal motorcycle safety accessory.

Smart Helmets

Quin spitfire rosso

Quin SpitFire Rosso

The Quin SpitFire Rosso is a top tier, full-face helmet intended for riders who desire the best combination of the best motorcycle safety, modern communication features, and an affordable price. The SpitFire Rosso features universal Bluetooth for easy integration with all your favorite accessories along with an integrated microphone and speakers for clear, reliable, communication with your electronic devices and riding partners. Quin didn’t stop there. The SpitFire Rosso also incorporates an SOS beacon in combination with automatic crash detection in the event you go down. In accordance with helmet laws, all Quin helmets are DOT certified.

sena momentum pro

Sena Momentum Pro

Leave it to Sena to introduce what might be the most feature-rich motorcycle helmet on the market. The Sena Momentum Pro comes integrated with some of the most advanced technologies available, yet the ease of use makes the Momentum Pro helmet approachable for all riders. Notable features include the Sena communication system and a built-in QHD action camera, 2-hour video recording time, and Wi-Fi to allow you to instantly review footage. The camera is good for catching unfortunate traffic incidents, capturing your riding adventures, and recording your rides as a training tool. The Sena Momentum Pro is the ideal helmet for riders who prefer to stay at the forefront of innovative motorcycle safety and technology.

Bags and Backpacks


Kriega Overlander Bag System

Storage is a premium on every motorcycle and adaptive luggage is even more valuable. That’s why Kriega took it upon themselves to create the most rugged, user-friendly, waterproof motorcycle luggage on the market. The Kriega Overlander Bag System is designed to allow riders to customize their on-board storage space as needed, which allows long-distance adventurers and weekend warriors to tailor fit their luggage needs with the adaptive, multi-piece system. The Overlander Bag System is tough enough to handle any adventure, so you can trust your most precious possessions will be protected.  

alpinestars city hunter backpack

Alpinestars City Hunter Backpack

The Alpinestars City Hunter Backpack goes a different direction with a more sleek, tidy approach to gear storage. The City Hunter Backpack is intended for the urban commuter who takes work just as seriously as the riding. This pack is waterproof, but it also comes with a fitted rainfly to ensure your laptop stays dry within the dedicated laptop compartment. The City Hunter Backpack offers 25 liters of storage space with an intuitive internal organizer, 2 waterproof external pockets, and a built-in helmet carrier just to name a few. The reflective panels on this bag bring style and motorcycle safety together perfectly.


gopro hero 7 black

GoPro Hero 7 Black

As the original action camera authority, GoPro refuses to be surpassed by its competition. The Hero 7 Black features the same rugged, waterproof, design we’ve come to love, but also has image stabilization, offers live streaming, and can be voice-controlled for ease of operation. The abilities to take 12MP photos, record in 4K60, and deliver 8x Slo-Mo playback are all things we can appreciate. Riding footage is also a great way to ensure motorcycle safety in case anything goes unplanned. As we said, GoPro refuses to be surpassed.

Insta 360 ONE R twin edition

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition

The Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition action camera may not carry the same brand recognition, but it’s sure to be a household name in motorcyclists’ homes in the near future. The ONE R Twin Edition action camera package offers 5.7K 360-degree recording as well as the traditional 4K wide-angle recording option. AI editing capabilities, interchangeable lenses, and an invisible selfie stick effect mean you’ll be capturing and producing professional-level videos in no time.

Bluetooth Systems

Cardo packtalk bold


The Cardo PACKTALK BOLD is the next generation in rider-to-rider Bluetooth communication systems. The PACKTALK BOLD is waterproof, voice-activated, delivers 13-hour talk time, features crisp sounds from JBL speakers, has a built-in FM radio, and allows you to pair with up to 14 other riders up to a mile away. These features let you comfortably talk and listen to music, while keeping you safe on your motorcycle. Cardo set the standard long ago, and they’ve raised the bar once more with the PACKTALK BOLD.

sena 50r

Sena 50R Mesh 2.0

If your riding group prefers to escape the comfort of urban environments to test your riding skills in more remote locations, then the Sena 50R Mesh 2.0 intercom is the right choice for you. The long-range feature lets you stay in communication and ensure safe riding with your group. The 50R Mesh 2.0 is sleek, yet rugged, and comes with its own assortment of modern communication features that are perfect for those who prefer adventure. A glove-friendly 3-button interface makes operation a cinch to use. Among other things, the 50R has HD speakers, 8 language recognition capabilities, and a multi-channel protocol to round out this superb communications option.


Bessie Sparks LED Rechargeable Helmet Light

Bessie Sparks LED Rechargeable Helmet Light

The reduced volumetric and surface area footprint of a motorcycle makes visible lighting an important motorcycle safety feature, especially since the department of transportation states most motorcycle accidents are caused by not seeing a motorcycle beforehand. That’s why the Bessie Sparks LED Rechargeable Helmet Light is a great addition to your standard safety gear. These hi-tech helmet lights offer much more benefit than their small size suggests and increase your visibility to other drivers. It’s easy to install, lightweight recharges via micro USB, and delivers brilliant lighting well beyond its compact dimensions.

InVIEW Wireless Brake and Turn Signal Helmet System

InVIEW Wireless Brake and Turn Signal Helmet System

The InVIEW Wireless Brake and Turn Signal Helmet System takes helmet lighting concepts to a completely different level. The InVIEW system is the pinnacle of hi-tech helmet lights. A lightweight design, season-long battery life, and ability to indicate both braking and intentions to turn means riders can communicate better than ever with traffic coming up behind them. Best of all, a simple process of wiring into your motorcycle’s brake and turn signal light circuits are all that’s needed to add a new level of motorcycle safety.


VENTZ Motorcycle Jacket Cooling System

VENTZ Rider Cooling System

Airflow is a motorcyclist’s best friend when riding in hot temperatures and the VENTZ Rider Cooling System is here to maximize comfort as much as possible. Their unique design is inexpensive, shatterproof, and clips onto any riding jacket. VENTZ delivers air through your sleeves to keep you cool and reduce the buildup of heat and sweat within your riding jacket. It may not be air conditioning, but the VENTZ Motorcycle Jacket Cooling System is the next best thing for staying cool on a motorcycle in the sweltering heat.

fly racing street cooling vest

Fly Racing Cooling Vest

The Fly Racing Cooling Vest is a full-torso garment for staying cool on a motorcycle when riding in the heat. This cooling vest remains hydrated and keeps you comfortable for hours after soaking in water. The quick 2-minute activation means there is minimal downtime before you start benefiting from the effects of the evaporative cooling. If you need something guaranteed to keep you cool for long riding sessions, then your best bet is to check out the Fly Racing Cooling Vest.


Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves

Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves

When riding in cold weather, loss of heat and dexterity in your hands is a surefire way to ruin a ride. It’s also a major safety concern since so many operations of a motorcycle require responsive action from your hands. That’s why the Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves are a great preventative solution to keep your digits warm and capable of safely operating your bike’s controls. These gloves are waterproof, offer full control of the settings directly on the gloves themselves, plug into your bike’s 12V outlet for a reliable power source, and are long enough to layer over the cuffs of your riding jacket.

ARRIS USB Electric Heated Vest

ARRIS USB Electric Heated Vest

If you’re needing a full-torso solution for staying warm in cold conditions, then your best bet is to take a look at the ARRIS USB Electric Heated Vest. This functional piece of battery-heated motorcycle gear offers 5 heat settings for personalized thermoregulation, has a built-in thermal protection module to ensure it doesn’t overheat. Don’t let the cold weather stop you from riding. The ARRIS battery heated vest will keep you more comfortable, so you can safely focus on the road, rather than your loss of body heat.

Anti-lock Braking System

Finally, we recommend riders look into getting a motorcycle that has an anti-lock braking system (ABS). This safety feature helps prevent the wheels from locking up in the event you are forced to make a sudden stop and reactively engage your brakes with full force. ABS is a wonderful motorcycle safety feature that helps riders of all skill levels, but it’s a feature and not a guarantee. ABS is a great feature, but your best bet for safety is to develop chemistry and muscle memory with your particular motorcycle. Learning how the bike leans, turns, and brakes will be more beneficial than relying on ABS and other electronic safety features for those times when dangerous situations suddenly arise.

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