Jul 1, 2022

Best American Flag Motorcycle Helmets

Adrianna Barrera

Top 6 American Flag Motorcycle Helmets

We all know ATGATT is important when riding your bike, but are you looking to add a little extra patriotism to your ride this Fourth of July? Check out these American flag motorcycle helmets! From traditional designs to more modern takes on the Stars and Stripes, there’s sure to be a helmet that’s perfect for you. And what better way to show your love of country than by donning a patriotic helmet while you cruise down the open road?

AFX FX-17 Off-Road Helmet ~ $110

This is the perfect choice for all your off-roading needs. The FX-17 meets DOT ratings and features a great patriotic design that is perfect for your Fourth of July holiday dirt bike riding. This highly reviewed helmet is perfect for both youngsters and seasoned dirt bike riders looking to add some flair to their riding. The retention system is a D-Ring mechanism and the outer shell is made of hard protective plastics. With it being slightly over $100, this is a great budget-friendly choice. 

RaceQuip America Graphic ~ $260 

The RaceQuip America Graphic helmet is a great choice for motorcycle enthusiasts that love to ride on highways and streets. This is a great full face option for those looking to celebrate their American pride, while still being safe. This helmet is made of polycarbonate materials that are sure to protect its rider, and it's even SNELL rated. Many riders who’ve bought this helmet all review it as a solid, statement making helmet. 

LS2 Challenger Carbon GT ~ $275

LS2 changes the game, by introducing this carbon and fiberglass made helmet with a beautiful USA themed finish. It has a sleek aerodynamic design and features a twin shield visor that gives riders the option of a clear visor, or a sunshade protection. This helmet is also perfect for riders with a Long Oval shaped head. It’s also DOT rated and a great price for those looking to spend less than $300. 

TORC T5 Spec-Op Helmet ~ $80

The TORC T5 Spec-Op helmet gives riders with a love for the open air an option to boast their American pride. It features an open face, half, helmet look that is DOT approved. It has an integrated sun visor and is best worn by those with an Intermediate Oval shape. For under $90 bucks, this is a solid helmet choice for those who like to cruise. 

AHR RUN-O5 ¾ Vintage Patriot ~ $65

For those looking for an open face, ¾ helmet, this is the perfect choice for you. With a vintage style bobber design and a classic patriot flag paint job, this AHR model offers classic retro style and really good safety. This model was inspired by 1950s USA fighter pilots, and gives its rider comfortable wearability with its EPS foam inliner and ABS protective shell. This low-budget open face is also DOT certified and highly rated by consumers, so you don’t have to worry about lack of comfort or safety. 

BELL Qualifier Helmet (Devil May Care) ~ $300 

For those with a decent budget, and a knack for vintage style fighter jet looks, this is the perfect helmet for you. Everyone knows and loves the Bell Qualifier helmets, and they’re one of the most popular and trusted helmets amongst the motorcycle community, but this design brings an entirely different feel to the helmet. This lightweight polycarbonate helmet gives riders who love a full face, great comfort and visibility, as well as a photochromic visor and a clickrelease face shield. It’s also DOT certified. 


American flag motorcycle helmets are the perfect way to show patriotism while riding your favorite bike, and they’re also perfect for Fourth of July. They’re great way to protect your head while enjoying the open road. We hope you enjoyed these rider reviewed options, and as always stay safe. If you're looking for more gear that'll keep you safe check out our guide to motorcycle jackets and gloves!

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