Jun 28, 2022

Best Venom Motorcycle Helmets of 2022

Adrianna Barrera

When it comes to looking badass on a motorcycle, few helmets can match the style of Venom. Based on the iconic villain from the Spiderman comics and movies, these helmets are designed to make a statement on the open road. All the helmets listed in this article have DOT and even some ECE rankings, as well as really cool graphics. We filtered out all the sketchy online marketplace helmets and found ones that were legit, safe and reviewed by actual riders. 

HAX Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - Venom Graphics ~ $189.99

The HAX Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is DOT certified and just under $200. This helmet features comfortable paddings, is lightweight, has ventilation and pinlock designs and is also Bluetooth compatible. Additionally, they have double visor settings for both day and night riding. 

HJC RPHA II Venom Marvel MC-1 ~ $600

The HJC Venom helmet is one of the higher end models on this page, however comes from a reliable and well-known manufacturer (HJC). You can find these helmets on nearly every online motorcycle gear store, all around the same price range of $600. These helmets feature ventilation systems, improved aerodynamics and a greater visual field. They’re made of PIM fiberglass, which gives riders an incredibly lightweight feel and comfort. Lastly, they’re DOT and ECE compliant, making this perfectly safe and will surely turn heads. 

Ghostbikernet Venom Symbiote Motorcycle Helmet (Etsy) ~ $580

These custom, handcrafted/hand painted helmets from Ghostbikernet on Etsy are both DOT and ECE certified, designed around a German Hizer helmet. These are made of fiberglass and offer riders extreme lightweight wearability. They range in sizes from S - XXL. Additionally, these are highly reviewed and rated by customers. 

FreshcoatCustomPaint Venom Custom Airbrush Helmet (Etsy) ~ $420

FreshcoatCustomPaint on Etsy delivers customers cool, dazzling custom Venom painted helmets, all of which are crafted around a completely new and unused HJC CS-R3 helmet. These not only are DOT and ECE certified, but they are airbrushed with premium automotive paint sealed with high build urethane clearcoat, that is made to last. They also offer services that let riders send in their own helmets for customizations. 

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Venom Helmet ~ $275

For our off-road Marvel fans, we included one of the best helmets on this list—the Troy Lee SE4 Venom helmet. This is both DOT and ECE certified, as well as having MIPS safety technology, and ventilation features, truly made to keep riders safe. These helmets are made of lightweight carbon fiber materials and have emergency release systems for easy-impact breakaways. 


With their aggressive styling and menacing designs, Venom helmets are sure to turn heads wherever you go. Not only do they look cool, but the helmets featured in this article are all packed with features that make them ideal for motorcycle riders, such as safety mechanisms, Bluetooth and advanced ventilation systems. If you’re a fan of Marvel and looking for an awesome helmet, the Venom motorcycle helmets listed above are the best way to go. If you're a fan of other cool graphic helmets, be sure to check out these Batman and American flag helmets.

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