Jul 28, 2018

RumbleOn CEO Marshall Chesrown's Interview with Future Tech

Caitlin B

Our technology is changing the way we buy and sell motorcycles online

While we might love our motorcycles, selling and buying one online is a whole other thing. And while some people might not have a difficult time with the process, the reality is that selling and buying a bike can be a really tedious task. You deal with people that you assume are interested in your bike, but are actually just wasting your time. You go back and forth with a potential buyer on price, and an agreement cannot be made between the two of you. And, more often than not, you’re dealing with scammers that are becoming very good at their “hobby,” and are looking to just steal your ride right out from under you.

It’s not a fun process, but there are other options out there to make the process more bearable. Spoiler alert, in case you couldn’t guess, I’m talking about RumbleOn.

RumbleOn is the only 100% online marketplace to buy, sell, and trade a motorcycle and other power-sport vehicles. The innovation behind the marketplace and platform has allowed us to create motorcycle technology that makes the process a seamless one for you, all without having to so much as get up from your couch. In the age of technology, there should be no reason that riders have to struggle with the negative qualities that typically come with buying and selling. We pride ourselves on making the process as simple as possible, and if our RumbleOn reviews are any indication of the kind of service we provide, it’s all good news.

But I get it-doing anything on the internet can demand a trust out of you that you’re not comfortable giving away. You want to know that a real person is behind it all, and above all, someone who has worked within the industry for years and has nothing but the best intentions behind him. Well, here’s your chance to get an idea of who RumbleOn is, what we stand for, and how our service is making huge waves within the industry. RumbleOn CEO, Marshall Chesrown, had a chat with the Future Tech Podcast on how RumbleOn is turning the industry on its head in all the best ways possible. Juliet Lamar, the host of this FutureTech Podcast, sat down with Marshall to discuss all that RumbleOn has to offer.

Listen to the interview, right here!

“RumbleOn was really designed to change the way consumers are able to buy and sell. This is an industry that’s fairly archaic in its processes, and their only choice to go to a listing site,” Said Chesrown. “There really wasn’t a big online presence, and if you weren’t interested in trading, there really aren’t any great options for you.”  

When Lamar asked what made RumbleOn’s technology so different from everything else out there, it all came down to the versatility of the technology.

“We’ve created a VIN driven software,” said Chesrown. “Basically, anything that has a VIN number work within our system from a decoding perspective. Today, our primary focus is power-sports, but the technology is designed to pull in all the data sources around a VIN.”

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Lamar’s own father, an avid motorcycle rider, was familiar with the pain involved in selling a bike or power-sport vehicle.

“RumbleOn is a game changer, Lamar said. “My dad is a motorcycle rider, and he was trying to sell one of his bikes and the only option was to take it to a dealer. It was such a headache to have to deal with everything.”

RumbleOn is all about growth and offering every possible opportunity for sellers. If you want to hear more about who RumbleOn is, what to expect in the future, and what we stand for as a company, listen to the full interview down below! Comment and let us know what you’re more excited to hear about from RumbleOn!

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