Mar 30, 2019

RumbleOn Reviews: Is RumbleOn Legit?

RumbleOn Road Captain

I want to sell my motorcycle, but I’m not sure online is the best place.

In the last decade, the Internet has completely revolutionized how people buy and sell things worldwide. Gone are the days of stapling advertisements to trees or paying to publish classifieds in the local newspaper. Thanks to the Internet, buying and selling have never been easier or more efficient, especially since, these days, you can handle most business from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, the convenience of buying and selling online isn’t always free of consequence. Dishonest virtual parties (such as online scammers) are waiting at nearly every avenue to take advantage of patrons who are simply trying to enjoy the convenience of online shopping. And if you or someone you know has ever been the victim of an Internet scam, you might be reluctant to conduct business online, especially when you’re looking to sell your motorcycle.

It’s time to sell my motorcycle. Is RumbleOn legit?

Yes. In fact, our methods are not only legit but safe. So, whether you’re in the market to sell your motorcycle, or trade in your motorcycle, to create space in your garage, or you simply want to know your motorcycle trade-in value (here’s our motorcycle VIN decoder), RumbleOn has you covered. We are a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ, so that means we are not only an accredited business, but completely transparent in all that we are when it comes to you, the public.

Still not sure whether to take our word for it? Here are some RumbleOn reviews written by customers who have utilized our secure 100% online service.

Buy a used motorcycle online with RumbleOn

What do customers on the BBB have to say about us?

"After making the difficult decision to sell my ******* I really didn't know where to start. I knew that I didn't want to deal with people wanting to come by and look at it, possibly wanting to ride it. I began talking to people and searching online for advice and then I stumbled on to RumbleOn. I had absolutely no faith that this would work for me. My bike is a 2016 and in perfect condition. Everyone said they would offer me too little. Still, I looked at [RumbleOn’s] BBB rating and read other articles on them, and decided to see what they would offer. Within minutes, I had an offer that was exactly, I mean exactly, what I had hoped for. I thought about it for a day then accepted. I have to say that I was still worried about some of the aspects, like sending my documents and getting paid. But from the moment I accepted, their customer service never left me in the dark about what was going on. They did everything they said they would, when they said they would. I had my money within a couple of days, and almost a week later, they sent someone to pick up the bike. This entire experience with RumbleOn was so far beyond the expectations that I almost pinched myself. A perfect transaction for me!"

- Barbara K.

"This was the best and the easiest way to sell my bike. The process was fast and the staff was so helpful and professional. No more dealing with knuckleheads coming to see your bike and then trying to low-ball you. THANK YOU RUMBLEON and I will let others know about your excellent services."

- Alvin V.

"This company has been wonderful to work with! Not only were all my calls answered, and my questions or concerns answered—they even quickly responded to every text! They arranged transportation, and [the customer service specialist] was also professional, responsive, and very easy to work with. Overall it was a great experience."

- Suze S.

RumbleOn Facebook

Do our Facebook friends believe we’re one of the best ways to sell a motorcycle?

"Just went through the process of selling my Cruiser motorcycle online with RumbleOn. I took a chance and it was great.  The process took about a week from the quote, to signing documents (yeah you have to send them your original title, which I didn't like, but they were honest about everything) to receiving wire transfer of money, then to pick-up of the motorcycle. Nothing to complain about. Everything was clear and just as expected.

Just a side note: I read some reviews of the company that were negative but that revolved around quotes, nothing more. So if you don't like what they offer, then don't accept it. They have to make money too lol. Don't give a bad review because they give you a low quote."

- David C.

"Simple, fast and fair process to sell your motorcycle. I have sold 4 motorcycles in the last 2 months with zero issues to RumbleOn and also a huge thank you to Maureen Spring for really excellent support and work!"

- Mike M.

"I purchased a pristine 1300 mile 2005 Suzuki Sv1000 from RumbleOn. Their grading report covered any visual or mechanical issues accurately, even though this particular bike had none. The process was easy, the staff was professional and the overall experience was fantastic. During shipping, the end of the clutch lever got snapped off. RumbleOn let me get a quote for repair at any place of my choice and overnighted a check to fix [the lever]. What a great organization, go ahead and buy from RumbleOn with confidence!! Thank you."

- Stephen L.

RumbleOn reviews - is RumbleOn Legit?

Let’s not forget about the love our customers have shown us via email!

“I needed to sell my 2014 Harley Ultra Limited. I attempted to sell online and locally but did not have any good offers. I found RumbleOn and decided to give it a try. They responded quickly and gave me a fair price. The price they offered was better than what I expected and certainly better than any dealer. Once I agreed, they quickly put the money in my account and picked up my bike a few days later. It was that simple. They gave me a fair price and good service. Once I decided to buy a Harley, I decided to give RumbleOn a try again based on the previous experience. Once again, they gave me a fair deal, helped me finance the bike, and set up delivery. My new Road King was delivered in excellent condition by a professional delivery service. I am completely satisfied with your service.”

- Martin M.

At the end of the day, when it comes to how to sell a motorcycle, RumbleOn is THE easiest and fastest way to do it, and at no cost to you!

Want more RumbleOn reviews? Check out what more of what our customers are saying on the BBB and Facebook!

Why are we so committed to perfecting the online shopping experience?

Sure, the Internet is efficient, but at RumbleOn, we wondered why an online experience hadn't been cultivated for the motorcycle and powersport industry. Consumers needed a safe, free, and efficient way to buy and sell a motorcycle, and other powersports, online, so we rolled up our sleeves. No one said a company couldn’t remove ALL physical limitations to create a simple, 100% online shopping experience; so we did.

RumbleOn is the first Internet marketplace that allows you to buy, sell, trade, and finance motorcycles and other powersport vehicles all online—and on your own time, at that. After completing a few simple steps, you’ll receive a free cash offer for your vehicle (if requested during business hours). Once the paperwork has been sent and approved on our end, payment for your motorcycle is delivered quickly to your account; we’ll even pick up your bike from your house and ship your purchase in the instance of a motorcycle trade-in! You’ll barely have to move a muscle (well, except when you hand the keys over to one of our certified transporters).

At RumbleOn, we’ve made it our mission to make the process of buying and selling powersport vehicles simple, seamless, and as straightforward as possible. We’re thriving, so come along and ride with us, and experience why today!

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