Jan 6, 2019

Breaking Down Your RumbleOn Cash Offer

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Sell my motorcycle: RumbleOn Cash Offer FAQ

What are the determining factors that go into someone's cash offer?

Our RumbleOn team is trained to break down real, live aggregate data to give you a Cash Offer that is directly representative of the market.

NPA data is accessed over a period of 90 days to make the market determination of your vehicle. However, the market comparable isn’t the only determinant of your motorcycle’s cash value.

A big factor that determines what a motorcycle is worth is its age, mileage, and condition of the vehicle, the worth of which are determined using NPA condition ratings. We also take note whether the vehicle has multiple accessories or whether the condition is moderate or severe. The live market value is combined with condition and mileage ratings that NPA provides, and we are able to determine your Cash Offer by using NADA rough and clean values as a base.

Sell my motorcycle for cash with RumbleOn Cash Offers

Why isn’t my Cash Offer the same as my Kelley Blue Book motorcycle value?

When it comes to KBB motorcycle value, it’s important to remember that Kelley Blue Book bases its appraisals on listing prices. These prices are asking prices, and are not actual selling prices. The difference is that asking prices are adjusted with a dealer profit margin to leave room for negotiation. The data that is used by RumbleOn consists of NADA sell prices that reflect actual value. NADA data is also reflected in real-time, it is live data that reflects the current market value of the vehicle, while KBB motorcycle values can often be outdated.

How does RumbleOn get the Cash Offers out so quickly?
RumbleOn has spent a significant amount of time compiling massive amounts of data. Our team is specially trained to review this automated and organized data in a fashion that can be completed in mere minutes.

Do I have to accept this Cash Offer?

No, all Cash Offers are no obligation. You do not have to accept your Offer if you do not want to. The Offers we give are just that, a guaranteed offer to buy your vehicle on the spot.

What happens after I accept my Cash Offer?

Once you accept your Cash Offer to sell a motorcycle or powersport vehicle, we will send some important paperwork your way with a pre-paid shipping label. Just complete the paperwork and send the required documents back to us, and, once we receive it, we will release your payment.

Sometimes, depending on how fast you complete the required paperwork, you can get paid through direct deposit as fast as the same day we receive the documents. After you receive the funds, we will come and pick up the motorcycle free of charge.

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