May 27, 2018

How You Can Trade with Your RumbleOn Cash Offer


Trade my motorcycle: how to use your RumbleOn cash offer to get what you want

Coming to the conclusion that you want to let go of your bike is a complicated process. I’d imagine it’s as painful as sending your child off to college or watching them move on into the real world. But I don’t have a kid, so I can’t relate to that. But for me, I’d imagine it’s like deciding your dog is better off in a new home where they have room to run around and terrorize ducks.

The reality is that life changes, and that means that our wants and our needs change, too. The ride we have now might have fond memories associated with it, but sometimes you need to let go of those memories to make new ones. And life's all about making new memories to cherish. When you do conclude that it’s time to get rid of your ride, the selling process can be challenging enough. But what if you decided that you don’t just want to sell your old ride for cash, but upgrade to something new? That’s way easier said than done. But what if you want to trade your bike for something completely different, like a rocket ship? But that’s impossible, you say!

Anything is possible with a VIN. Okay, yes, RumbleOn is still working on the whole “rocket ship” thing, but we’ll get there. However, we have tons of other adventure vehicles just waiting to find their owner. And because our trade process is so simple and straightforward, there really aren't any limitations.

Here’s everything you need to know:

You can trade anything with a VIN for anything with a VIN:

It really is that simple, and that’s intentional. The kind of adventure you’re seeking might be different than the experiences you loved years ago. I believe it shouldn’t be hard to get what you want when you want it. There shouldn’t be any unnecessary and meaningless hurdles in your way. It should be as simple as getting an offer for your ride, picking your new one, and getting it shipped right to your doorstep. And it is that easy.

As long as your vehicle has a VIN on it, and the vehicle you want has a VIN, there’s almost nothing standing in your way. And since all RumbleOn vehicles have VINs associated with them, the sky’s the limit on what you can pick to trade for. While RumbleOn will continue to extend into other adrenaline and adventure vehicles (personally, I favor the rocket ships), we have a large variety of categories and areas that you can choose from right now.


This is an obvious option we have, but I thought it would be important to point it out to the new folks in the back. You can take the cash offer you get from your ride and apply it as a trade for any motorcycle in our system. It’s not specific to brands, either. If you want to trade your Triumph for a Harley, go for it. If you want to trade your Kawasaki for a Victory, why not? You get to decide what you want, and the only thing that matters is that we’ll have what you want.

RumbleOn harley

Dirt-bikes or Off-road vehicles:

Maybe you’re thinking of taking your adventures off-road? If that’s the case, you can easily trade your on-road motorcycle for a dirt bike! If you’re trading a traditional motorcycle (like a Harley or Honda, for instance), the beauty is that off-road bikes are notoriously cheaper than most traditional motorcycles. That means that not only would you be able to accomplish an easy trade with your cash offer, but you’ll still probably have cash left over from your trade. You can use that cash on any gear and accessories you might need for your new ride. That’s what I like to call efficiency.

Three-Wheelers or Trikes:

Sometimes motorcycles can be a little hard on the body, but you’re just not interested in giving up that freedom that comes with riding. If that’s the case, a trike is usually an excellent transition! While trikes tend to be a bit more expensive than a traditional motorcycle (all for that one extra wheel), it’s still easy to use the RumbleOn cash offer you get for your bike to supplement the cost of the trike. You could trade in a trike for another, or even a dirt bike for a trike. There really is no limit.

rumbleon harley trike

Side-by-side vehicles:

This is a slightly newer player in  the RumbleOn game, but if you’re favoring something with more power and space for your adventures, you can even trade a dirt bike or trike for a side-by-side This is the perfect option for someone who owns a good amount of land, likes hunting, or wants to get around a bit easier with more people. Whatever the intention, they’re a heck of a lot of fun!

rumbleon side by side


Alright, I know you got a particular look on your face at just the mention of the scooter. But who are you to judge how someone wants to travel on two wheels? Depending on the area where someone lives, scooters can be a realistic option. Maybe you have an extra bike in your garage that is collecting dust, and you know your daughter or son has wanted a scooter to get around campus. It’s much cheaper than a car, and you’ll probably still have plenty of money left over to put toward  a new upgrade for yourself (probably not a rocket ship, though. I’m assuming that’s costly).

rumble scooter

Cruisers, Touring, Sports Bikes, Dual Sports:

Regarding the different motorcycles you can trade for, RumbleOn tries to make sure the options are endless. Whatever it is you want, odds are we have it, and for an awesome price.

rumbleon indian motorcycle

Life's about changing things up and experiencing new things. Isn’t that one of the main reasons you chose to ride, to begin with? RumbleOn makes it easier for you to take risks and try new things because our process is simple. If you take a chance that didn’t pan out as you hoped, you can try for a new ride,  and a another new one after that. We’re not the limit; you are. So come Rumble with us!

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