Nov 16, 2019

You Don’t Have to List a Car For Sale On Craigslist


Looking to buy or sell your car, truck, or SUV online?

We’re excited to announce that RumbleOn Classifieds is now auto inclusive.

We understand how discouraging the process to sell a car can be, especially when anonymous third parties are involved. You never know when you’re dealing with a scammer or with someone who’s genuinely interested in your vehicle. And you can’t always count on the dealership to give you an offer for your vehicle that reflects its true market value, nor can you avoid haggling salesmen.

That all ends when you list a vehicle for sale on RumbleOn Classifieds.

RumbleOn Automotive Classifieds to list a car for sale

Designed for private sales only, RumbleOn Classifieds features all-new technology, pricing guides, inspection and transportation options, and much more. This private listing platform allows buyers and sellers to purchase and sell motorcycles, ATVs, cars, trucks, and SUVs online and without limits.

What sets RumbleOn Classifieds apart from other listing sites like Craigslist?

Unlike other listing sites to buy and sell vehicles, RumbleOn Classifieds provides a wide range of tools to help sellers’ listings stand out. And we want to make your purchase a great experience, too.

Classifieds is the only private-party listing website that allows users to buy and sell cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other powersports for free in a safe and secure virtual environment. You can customize your vehicle listing, name your price using our interactive pricing tool, and have access to all kinds of exclusive marketplace tools that you just won’t find on any other listing site:

  • A guaranteed cash offer with every listing
  • Secure payment and title exchange options
  • Shipping services
  • In-person, third-party inspection providers
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Financing options
  • Additional service contract options

RumbleOn Classifieds

How does Classifieds help users buy or sell a car?

We have created an opportunity that pushes limits aside so that you can enjoy the best buying and selling experience. Using Classifieds means you no longer have to market specifically to your area or to any surrounding towns and cities; thanks to the services provided by RumbleOn, SafeXchange, and Ready Logistics, you can now sell a car, truck, motorcycle, or ATV to any buyer across the country, as well as buy vehicles outside of your immediate search area.  

Browse Listings of Cars for Sale

Classifieds makes it all about you and your vehicle so that you can feel confident knowing that safety and security will never be a problem.

Sell on your own terms. Create a motorcycle, truck, or car listing on RumbleOn Classifieds.

Start by uploading up to 25 photos and one video of your vehicle; there’s also plenty of room to describe your vehicle, so let it shine! Tell your peers all about the details that matter most, then access our marketplace to determine the most competitive pricing for your vehicle.

List a Car, Truck, or Motorcycle for Sale

Our price guide allows you to access real-time market data and determine the optimal listing price for your vehicle so you can sell it fast. And don’t worry about your listing being buried by dealer ads or bombarded by illegitimate buyers—Classifieds is a safe, harassment- and scam-free zone.

Not just cars, you can also browse and shop used motorcycles on Classifieds.

Browse thousands of used motorcycles, cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale online with instant access to buyers’ services and tools you won’t find on other listing sites.

Once you find the ride you love, contact the seller directly using our direct message portal!

Message Portal on RumbleOn Classifieds

While Classifieds will give you the chance to sell by yourself, every listing comes with a guaranteed cash offer. You can accept this offer if you want to sell a vehicle on the spot, or use it as a backup plan if your listing doesn’t work out and you need to sell quickly. You get to name your price on your motorcycle listing and sell on your own terms.

Still thinking about how to sell a car on Craigslist? Get this.

Some of the most significant drawbacks of public listing sites to sell a motorcycle are the landslide of non-serious buyer calls, potential scammers, and occasional harassment. Unlike these listing websites, RumbleOn Classifieds addresses this issue.

To keep all site users safe, our dedicated team of moderators work to ensure your interactions stay organized, simple, and safe without harassment or scams. Your time is valuable and should not be wasted, and you deserve a secure outlet for all of your buying and selling needs. In an industry that has always proven to evolve slowly, it’s time to force a chance that is necessary.

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