Apr 8, 2021

The Truth Behind Your Dealership Trade-In Value

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Ready to trade in your car? Exercise caution when you head to a dealership.

When you trade in a car or truck to a dealership, it might seem like an easy way to part with an old ride while picking up a new one. You essentially sell your car to the dealership, and the amount you sold it for goes toward the purchase price of your next vehicle. Trading a car into a dealership has its advantages, sure, but some find that this isn’t the best way to get the full value out of your car. Convenience comes at a price.

Dealership trade-in value

It’s time to shed some light on some car trade-in secrets. Here’s the truth behind your trade-in value, the stuff that dealerships don’t want you to know about.

How You Get An Offer to Trade a Car at a Dealership

It’s said that “money isn’t made on the sale, it’s made on the trade-in.”

NADA states that 61 percent of used car inventory at a dealership comes from trade-ins. The truth hurts, however, as most of us don’t realize that either we’ll get a low-ball trade-in offer or an inflated price of the new car we want to buy, making it seem like we’re getting a high trade-in value. The trade-in process at a dealership can be downright sketchy.

When you trade a vehicle in at a dealership you’ll more than likely be offered the wholesale value, which tends to be much lower than the number you’re expecting. A lot of the value is based on a vehicle’s age, condition, mileage, number of owners, maintenance history, and more. Dealerships will do everything they can to make up the loss of profit on used cars, and there’s only one way to make up that profit: increasing potential margins on every used car sale. You need to understand that dealerships will do everything in their power to purchase a car for less.

The spread between the trade-in price and retail market value is the sweet spot for dealerships. And you better believe they will try to increase that spread as much as possible. They’ll say you’re going to get more money for your vehicle, but what they actually mean is they’re going to “take” that money off of the other end of the sale. Knowing your used car trade-in value beforehand will go a long way in determining what you should get from the dealership. The trade-in process shouldn’t be this difficult and stressful. You should be able to go to a dealership and never worry about not getting fair value on your trade-in.

This is where RumbleOn comes in. We’re doing everything we can to change the trade-in process for the better.

Consumers Are Turning to Online Car Trades

RumbleOn knows that when you choose to trade in a truck, car, SUV, motorcycle, or ATV, you’re looking for a simple process that will get you the most value for your vehicle. We’re not in the business of swindling our customers to make an extra buck—we value each one of our customers and want to get them as much for their trade-in as possible.

Trade a car

Because RumbleOn offers more than just cars and trucks, we give our customers the power to trade their vehicle in for anything in our inventory. The cash offer a customer receives can be put toward the value of a motorcycle, car, truck, SUV, ATV, and other powersport vehicles. Unlike auto dealerships that deal in just cars, trucks, and SUVs, RumbleOn offers powersports to the mix. Customers aren’t delegated to just trading in their car for another car, or a truck trade-in for another truck. RumbleOn gives you the freedom to choose.

What makes the RumbleOn trade-in process different? You’ll receive a cash offer for your vehicle upon trade-in, then you can apply that cash offer to any vehicle in stock. You still get a tax break because of the trade-in, plus more money for your vehicle and a low price on the vehicle you want. Quite simply, this is the best and most honest way to conduct trade-in business, and we’re in the business of making our customers happy. Fairness and honesty are two pillars of business that we champion every day. That’s the RumbleOn trade-in difference. Ready to experience it for yourself? We’d love to see you!

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