Mar 4, 2018

Parent Bikers: Should You Give Up Riding?


Parent Bikers: Can You Manage Both?

Life changes; it ebbs and flows as the years pass. For women bikers, whether intentional or unintentional, one of the biggest changes that life can throw your way is children. Just the idea of kids can completely turn everything on its head, and you’re left questioning even the most basic concepts, only because you feel as though you don’t know the answers to anything anymore. You want to teach them everything they would need to know, give them everything they can need, all while trying not to lose yourself during the process.

Kids and motorcycles. Do they mix?

Should biker parents and women bikers continue to ride after having children? That’s the big topic of debate right now. When you’re suddenly told that you’re responsible for another life, it changes everything. When a child (or children) come into the picture, you don’t live your life for you anymore; you live it for them.

Let’s consider why some people think you shouldn't still ride once you've had children.

There's danger.

This is obviously the biggest argument that people voice on this topic. It’s hard to ignore the potential risk that comes with riding when a tiny human is relying on you. There is a large selection of people that would even consider it selfish for you to still ride because they see that as you putting your wants and needs before your child.

Now, while there’s a lot there that I don’t agree with,  I'd be naive to ignore that, yes,  riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. When you sit on a motorcycle and start up that engine, you are taking a risk. You're risking that you have enough faith in your own skills to prevent an accident from happening, while also hoping hat everyone else on the road will act just as logical. However, life involves a lot of risks. The question is if you personally feel the risk is worth it.

Riding doesn't suit my finances.

This one was bound to come up, too, because let’s be honest, raising a child (or children) isn’t cheap. So if there’s ever a time where a parent has held on to their "toys" instead of selling them off for more funds, they might receive an eyroll or two. They’re made to feel as though owning something that is completely and entirely personal is a selfish decision. The individuals that verbalize this point also mention the upkeep that motorcycle requires, especially if you have one alongside a car, and how that money can be used towards things for your child.

Kids and motorcycles. Do they mix?

I don't have the time.

A large section of people think that riding is a waste of time (these people have typically never been on a bike in their life) and time is better spent with your child. Essentially, they'll argue that you should abandon any hobbies or enjoyments that take away time spent with your child.  Every time you’re out riding the roads and enjoying the escape and scenery, maybe you should be dedicating that time with them. Focus on spending time with your kid, they'll say.

Now, before a war rages on, I’d like to say that these points are valid. Whether or not I  agree with this particular point is an entirely different situation, but there is some truth in them. However, I'm going to jump into why being a parent while still riding your motorcycle is perfectly okay.

Why I think parents should still ride motorcycles:

It's a healthy hobby to ride motorcycles

You need hobbies.

Yes, time is obviously much more limited when you have a child. However, that shouldn’t mean the complete elimination of your hobbies and all that you love. Hobbies are incredibly important to a person's health, especially ones they’ve been doing for a long time.

Having that one hobby that is completely your own is important for maintaining a balanced life. While family and children are incredibly important, throwing your hobbies away for them is like throwing away a part of yourself.

Bottom line: there’s nothing wrong with riding, especially when you’re wearing all your protective gear and practicing safety every chance you get.

Restore your passion.

Passion is so, so important. It’s not just important for you, though; it’s important for your child, too. A child tends to mimic his or her parents and react to certain things similarly, making them a massive tool for a child to utilize.

Something that every child should be taught? Passion. Passion for something is amazing because it makes you feel as if you’re living for something bigger than yourself. It keeps you motivated and dedicated, and those are all things that every child should learn.

It's easy to be passionate about motorcycles

While parents do have to make sacrifices sometimes, eliminating passion from your life shouldn't be one of them.

Further your sense of self.

When you become a parent, sometimes it’s hard not to lose yourself. You hear "mom" or "dad" more often than your actual name, and sometimes it’s easy to forget who you were before being a parent. There are some fantastic things about having children, but no one ever said it was easy. But losing your sense of identity and sense of self is something that can happen very, very easily.

When you give up something that you love, it feels like you’re giving away a part of who you are. It’s so important to keep a sense of identity when you have children, and if riding a bike is something you’ve always identified with, why would you give that up? Why would you give away something that makes you, well, you? Having kids doesn’t mean your personality, passions, and ambitions cease to exist. Your mental health is important, and doctors everywhere will tell you that setting aside some "me" time can do wonders for your mental stability.

If you love motorcycles, you should ride

At the end of the day, it’s a hard decision to make, and the opinions that matter most belong to you and your family. When it comes to this particular choice, there really isn’t a right answer. What works best for one family might not work best for the other. So don’t let anyone shame or guilt you into making a decision you’re not comfortable with.

The advice I can give? Consider your significant other's opinion, along with thinking about your family, but also do what makes you happy. A child will have a much better life with a happy mother or father, and if that means sticking with something that you love, then ride on.

Life is too short to be unhappy, and if riding your motorcycle brings you joy, no one can tell you what you can or can't do. Practice safety, balance your riding hobby with your family time, and enjoy the hunk of metal beauty that life has to offer.  But if you feel like your bike could be a bit safer, we're the best place to sell a motorcycle online for free, while also having the best selection of used motorcycles for sale online.

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