Jun 2, 2018

How You Get Paid with RumbleOn


Getting paid with RumbleOn: The process of getting your cash offer

I like cash, you like cash, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves cash. And while I’ve been told multiple times throughout my life, as have you, that money doesn’t grow on trees, sometimes getting cash can actually be more straightforward than that. Besides, growing a money tree sounds pretty tricky, anyway. Especially if you’re like me and have not been blessed with a green thumb,and every plant you touch manages to die.

Have you ever killed a cactus before? I have. I have watered it. Yep, I killed a cactus by caring too much.

But now you’re probably wondering, “why are we talking about your inability to keep plants alive?”. Sorry, let me reel this in. The point is that, while most people think getting some extra cash is hard to come by, sometimes it isn't that hard. And sometimes you don’t need a money tree (which would be hard upkeep) to get the cash you want. You need a lonely motorcycle that’s been sitting in your garage, neglected, and yearning for a new owner to get its engine going.

While you’d probably be right in assuming that the process to sell a motorcycle is  probably much harder than growing a money tree, that’s changed. RumbleOn is the one online resource and marketplace available to you to sell a motorcycle and other power-sport  vehicles with impressive ease. Seriously, it’s our forte. And when it comes to physically getting the cash offer that you’ve accepted, it gets even more simple. There is a selection of companies that will have you dive through hoops to get the money you were quoted, but RumbleOn isn’t interested in seeing grown men and women beg on their hands and knees to get the money they deserve.

Don’t believe me when I talk about the simplicity of the process? Eh, that’s fine, I wouldn’t expect you to take my word for it. I mean, I can’t even manage to keep plants alive, remember? But the process speaks for itself.

First, accept your cash offer:

When you go through our notoriously easy cash offer  process, towards the end, we send you an email that includes an “accept offer” button. That’s one of the very few things standing in the way of you and a significant amount of cash. When you click that button, we’ll then email you a link that will ask you for some important documentation we’re going to need. The title, additional bike information, your social security number, your blood type…(Okay, just kidding. Those last two things aren’t true.)

Cash offer rumbleon

RumbleOn just needs the information about your bike to verify that it actually does belong to you. Plus, when you fill out the documents, you don’t even have to pay to send them to us. We email a prepaid label to you for free, because it really should be that easy.

Send us the goods:

No, we’re not talking about that picture of your dog with a Santa hat that you took last Christmas. Though, I’m more than willing to accept those as an additional perk! Once you send us the documents and information we requested, it’s merely a matter of us verifying that information. As long as everything is signed correctly, the approval process won't take long because our team is great!

motorcycle picture

Money, money, money, money...money!

Do you hear that sound? You don’t? Then clean out your ears a bit, Gerald, because that’s the sound of money being deposited into your account! When all your documents are received and verified, that same day, we will wire transfer you your cash offer into the bank account you supplied us with. And for those of you who would rather not have it wired into your account, we know that sometimes receiving a big, fat check in the mail is just too enticing, so we’ll do just that. We usually suggest a wire transfer, though, because it’s just easier and more efficient for everyone. But it’s your money, so you can decide how you want it!

cash for motorcycle

And that’s it! Yeah, I know, it’s a little more anticlimactic than you may have thought initially, but RumbleOn doesn’t like to beat around the bush. What you see is what you get, no strings attached. At that point, it’s your money, and you can use it on whatever you want. You can buy another bike, pay off some bills that are glaring at you, or even take a vacation!

But whatever you do, don’t buy a cactus. It’s just too painful of a friendship. No matter how you choose to spend your money, enjoy it and keep on Rumbling!  

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