Mar 11, 2018

Harley Electric Motorcycles: Harley-Davidson Invests in Alta Motors


Harley Electric Motorcycles are Getting Closer

Harley-Davidson has, yet again, made the news. Harley is proving yet again, that they’re not a company that just waits on the sidelines for things to happen.

When you’re as old and respected as Harley-Davidson motorcycles, you make things happen.


Just as big waves were made in the industry following the announcement of the Dyna and Softail, Harley has just released news of their decision to invest in Alta Motors. Now, in case you’re not familiar with Alta (come on, we’ve written about them. You’re not reading the blog?) then you need to educate yourself about the company because this is a very interesting decision on Harley’s part. The reason why this decision is so important? Because it points a finger in the direction Harley plans to go in the near future.

Alta Motors is working with Harley Davidson motorcycles?

Photo source: Alta Motors

Alta Motors is an electric motorcycle brand that is showing promise in the market with their innovation and technology. They’re pushing the boundaries, and when it comes to a company that doesn’t accept anything less than awesome, well, that’s something we can quickly get on board with. They’re located in California (most newer companies are, let’s be honest), and they’re primarily known for their excellent electric dirt bikes. But wait, that can’t be right; Harley is investing in an electric dirt bike company? The keyword in that phrase isn’t "dirt bike," but "electric."

Earlier this year, Harley announced that they’re planning to follow up on Project Livewire and release an electric bike in 2019. The best way to create an awesome electric bike? Work with a company that knows how to create it. Now, that release of news received some mixed thoughts and opinions from die-hard Harley fans. Some saw it as a great long-term decision to bring in more riders. However, other fans saw it as Harley turning their back on their history and everything they’re supposed to stand for. Here's a little bit about the prototype from 2014.

Video source: Cycle World

So, in light of that, I guess this news shouldn’t be too surprising. But it’s still interesting, nonetheless. What’s even more interesting? That Harley applied for a trademark of the name ‘H-D Revelation.’ And that, my friends, is worth pondering in and of itself. Could this be the name Harley plans to use for their partnership with Alta Motors? I guess we’ll soon find out.

While this news might not rub some fans the right way, it’s important to consider why Harley is making this decision. While the motorcycle industry is still thriving with longtime lovers of riding, the reality is that there are not enough new riders stepping into the hobby and culture. And while some might joke that they don’t want millennials anywhere near the biking culture (and you’re entitled to that opinion) if people want the motorcycle industry to live on, adaptation is mandatory. It has to happen.

When it comes to encouraging a new generation to ride, electric motorcycles might be precisely what the industry needs in order to survive. Electric bikes are easier to ride because of limited- to no-gear shifting, are significantly easier to maintain, and when done correctly, can be even more cost-effective. These are three things that are music the ears of millennials everywhere. Regardless of how some Harley lovers might feel, we have to give mad respect and props to Harley for, yet again, being the first motorcycle brand to start steering the boat of motorcycle history.

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