Dec 1, 2020

2018 Harley Davidson Breakout 114 Review

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The ‘411’ on the ‘114’: A Review of the 2018 Harley-Davidson Breakout

The Harley lineup got quite the shakeup in 2018 with the death of the Dyna, but the efficient and low-riding Harley Breakout 114 is as long as the roads you ride. So, what’s not to like?

Harley-Davidson has brought a new, sleek, and modern rendition of the original Harley cruisers that have captivated the attention of riders for almost 115 years. This is the third of the anticipated nine models in the Harley Breakout Softail family, and boy does this one command a road.

While the modern flair of style can stand on its own, you don’t have to worry too much about Harley straying away from their roots, because the foundation of the brand can still be seen and still holds true. If you’re looking for a smooth and effortless ride that’s sure to catch some looks and make a statement, this Breakout Harley might just be the perfect ‘belated’ Christmas gift to find a home in your garage.

The 114 is the third bike to be introduced in the Harley-Davidson Breakout Softail range, and it’s easy to see that this will be a memorable one. While many would express that the front is where the impression starts and the magic happens, the 114 sports a wide rear tire that demands attention and dominates the look and feel of the bike. The rear tire helps to take it to the next level when it comes to speed and stability for easier riding, all without sacrificing the look and appeal. The back tire comes to measure in at 9.448 inches wide, but the style and craft behind the bike balance perfectly to showcase a long and sleek look, rather than it appearing too bottom heavy.

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While there are some similarities with the Harley 107 and the 114, they’re brothers, not twins, which means a variety of changes that will offer up some hefty sibling rivalry and competition. But with most things, competition can bring out greatness, and that’s no exception for the Breakout Harley Davidson. This Milwaukee-Eight 114 is 13 percent faster when you surge from 60 mph to 80 mph in fifth gear, while also being 9 percent faster when going from 0 to 60 mph.

The LED headlights, small as they may seem, really push this bike from a classic look to one that’s more fitting for the time. It’s the perfect bike for those straight shot, long road drives, but is capable of handling the twists and turns of winding land when it’s being handled by someone with some riding confidence.If it isn’t obvious already, this bike has a need for speed and demands the same from whoever has the pleasure of sitting atop it.

But the perks and improved elements don’t just end there. Here’s a list of more updates to help you get to know this beauty:

  • It has a mild-steel tubular frame that makes it 65 percent stiffer, so you can expect some smooth riding.
  • It has 50 percent fewer parts and 22 fewer welds, which means that it’s shed 35 pounds to hit that ‘new year, new you’ resolution of slimming down.
  • Contains a single seat coil unit that compresses bump shock, which means more flexibility for wheel performance.
  • More modern accents, like the replacement of a traditional analog speedometer to a digital one.

If you’re looking to turn heads with a Harley Davidson cruiser and want to hit those speedy straight-shots down long roads, the Breakout 114 might just be exactly the kind of bike that you need in your life.

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