Nov 19, 2020

Top Beginner Motorcycles: Cruisers Edition

Ericka Ellis

Best Cruiser Motorcycles for Beginners

While we can talk all day long about the best cruiser motorcycle for beginners, to really understand what these babies are like, you need to feel it for yourself.

While I hate to admit being that I'm a writer and all, my words can only motivate you so much. It’s the feel of the ride, the sound of that rumbling motor, that will really get you inspired to hit the road, no matter your age or experience level.

I'm here to get more of you new riders out on the road. We're all brothers and sisters out here, and the camaraderie of the two- (sometimes three!) wheeled community is second to none. So let's get you formally introduced.

I can only offer so much encouragement to get you on a bike, so maybe this will give you a little kick in the seat of your pants. Check out this video that features 2018’s best cruisers for beginners as they’re fired up on the road. Just listen to these bikes get their rumble on, and tell me you still don’t want to get your first motorcycle.

Video Source: Yammie Noob YouTube

While buying a brand new bike might seem like what you want to do, when you buy a used motorcycle as your first ride, there are a lot of benefits. Check out these resources on why it’s better to buy a used motorcycle, and the best bikes for beginners, and let’s get your rumble on!

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