May 19, 2019

Trade for Anything: Dirt Bike and ATV Trade-In

Rusty G

Summer’s around the corner, which means it’s time to get into gear!

When I say “trade for anything,” what images does that conjure up? Because here’s what you should be fantasizing about: trading in your dusty old motorcycle for a sleek, Rumble Ready used dirt bike; upgrading a truck you haven’t driven since senior prom night to a powerful, cliff-climbing used ATV; swapping any vehicle you no longer have love for, for the two-, three-, or four-wheeled ride of a lifetime.

For those of you wondering if RumbleOn’s Trade for Anything policy is too good to be true, allow me to put an end to your suspicions: RumbleOn offers customers the one-of-a-kind opportunity to buy anything, sell anything, and trade for anything we have in our 100% online inventory.

I want to take advantage of these trade-for-anything perks. What’s the first step?

First, what are you in the market for? Want to buy used ATVs or buy used dirt bikes? RumbleOn is a dream come true for powersport enthusiasts looking for a used dirt bike trade-in or ATV trade-in. (Just remember, the hotter the weather gets, the hotter our used Powersport inventory is going to be, so take advantage of our trade-for-anything perks ASAP!)

Trade ATV

Search for any make and model of used ATVs or dirt bikes using RumbleOn’s secure online platform; just browse our website or use the free app! You won’t be disappointed.

I’ve decided to buy a used ATV using the trade-in value of my old vehicle.

Itching to clear out your garage or storage unit for the summer’s hottest four-wheeled ride? RumbleOn has the perfect solution: Locate the VIN on your old ride, upload photos and all the ‘need to know’ information about your motorcycle, car, truck, or other powersport vehicle, and Brraaap! A RumbleOn Specialist will crunch the live market data to send you the trade-in value of your old vehicle in just 15 minutes or less.      

What does it cost me to trade in dirt bikes for a used four-wheeler?

Not a single red cent. In fact, you’ll get paid for your trade-in! RumbleOn is always looking to add to our inventory of used vehicles, and yours is no exception. We’ll even do you one better with a 90-Day Mechanical Guarantee that protects your ATV trade-in for the first three months (90 days) you own it and a 3-Day or 150-mile Money Back Guarantee if you don't end up liking it as much as you had hoped. All vehicles include a third-party full condition report and free pickup of your trade-in. We can even help arrange shipping, too!

When you use RumbleOn to sell and trade for anything, you’re putting money in your pocket the fast and easy way. Don’t inconvenience yourself (or your wallet) with storage or consignment fees until the ideal offer comes along – sell your old vehicle today and buy used ATVs using your trade-in value.

How do I prepare to trade in ATVs and other Powersports?

ATV Trade

While RumbleOn guarantees a free cash offer for an array of used vehicles, we recommend you maintain your vehicle to the fullest extent possible while it’s still in your possession. This is the best way to ensure you’ll get the optimum live-market trade-in value when you trade ATVs. (Keep in mind, a used ATV will not retail for the same amount as it did before it left the dealership.)

Maintaining your trade-in may include any of the following:

  • Performing regular oil changes;
  • Paying keen attention to the wheels and tires (and upgrading if necessary);
  • Repairing cosmetic damage that suggests a lot of wear and tear; and,
  • Removing aftermarket mods that do not enhance the vehicle’s performance and/or jeopardize the dealership’s warranty.

What if I don’t get the offer I want when I trade an ATV or dirt bike?

It’s important to manage your expectations during the trade-in process, especially if you aren’t willing to put in the work to get the best cash offer for your dirt bike trade-in or ATV trade-in. If RumbleOn is unable to meet your cash offer expectations, you are more than welcome to list the vehicle on our RumbleOn Classifieds page, the first and only online marketplace for private-party sellers.

Take it from me: bypass the headache of a private listing and sell your old vehicle to RumbleOn. Use the trade-in value toward a set of wheels you can really get down and dirty with this summer!

Note: RumbleOn is an Amazon Affiliate, dedicated to reviewing the best and safest gear and more, for riders everywhere. We may receive commissions if products are purchased from them.

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