Oct 22, 2020

Find Your Freedom // Zee's Harley Davidson Low Rider S

Kelly Kozakowski
2020 Harley Davidson Low Rider S

Why did you choose your Harley Davidson Low Rider S?
I chose my new bike, the Harley Davidson Low Rider S, because I had been eyeing Dyna models over the years. I rode my Sportster for 4 years, but outgrew her and it was time for me to upgrade. I test rode the Harley Davidson Low Rider S and fell in love. The size was perfect for me, the power was amazing, as I could now keep up with my husband’s Harley Davidson V-Rod, and it’s just a really badass bike! A fun fact is that I inspired my husband to sell his Harley Davidson V-Rod for a twin Low Rider S with the 131 engine as well. His is barracuda silver and mine is black. That was definitely a win for me!

How did you get into motorcycle riding?
My husband got me into riding. He purchased a Harley Davidson VRod Muscle for his 40th birthday (mid-life crisis lol) and I rode on the back a couple of times before I felt the need for speed and to get my own. I took the MSF safety course and the next week purchased my first bike - a 2016 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 I named Black Mamba. I rode her until a couple of months ago when I purchased my second bike love, Cottonmouth. She’s a 2020 Harley Davidson Low Rider S and I added a 131 engine kit. I am absolutely in love! I chose my bike names based on the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad from the Kill Bill movies. I’m kind of a movie buff as well.

What inspires you to ride your Harley?
Being free inspires me to ride. Riding with my husband, just the two of us dancing in and out of curves in the mountains, that sets my soul on fire. I am also inspired by other women riders who are doing their thing and riding their own ride. I love being a part of the motorcycle community in my area and getting to know other like-minded women. I am a founder of The Litas Atlanta, a branch of a worldwide women’s motorcycle collective that now has over 16,000 members called The Litas. It has been an amazing 2+ years of building and growing our branch. We even have expanded to the northeast side of Georgia and just opened The Litas Lake Lanier of which I am a cofounder. I love the camaraderie, bonds, empowerment and adventures I have experienced with The Litas and I hope to continue to be a part of building the women motorcycle community in my area.

sitting on Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883

Why did you start your Instagram account?
I started my IG account just for fun! I am amazed at how much it has grown, especially in the 4 years that I have been riding. I am pretty sure my IG only has moto-related photos! LOL

Tell us about the most exciting adventure you’ve taken on your bike
I believe I will have a lot of adventures in my future with my Low Rider S, but with my Sportster, my husband and I took a day trip to Little River Canyon in Alabama for our birthdays a couple of years ago (they are a day apart). It was a beautiful ride and there was an overlook with a waterfall. Such a fun ride!

What would your top tip be for someone getting into riding?
I definitely think it is important to take the MSF Safety Course first. Especially if you haven’t ridden before. You will have an opportunity to ride a motorcycle for the first time in a safe environment, with instructors who can answer any question you have as well as find out if riding is for you. You also receive the endorsement for your license if you pass, so it's a win-win! My personal experience was that I knew I wanted to ride as soon as I took the course.

smiling with Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
For the ladies, don't let anyone tell you you can't do what you want to do! If you want to ride your own, go for it! Find a women's group in your area, The Litas are a perfect fit for the ladies who do not want to commit to a motorcycle club and pay dues. We just get together and ride! For everyone else - keep the shiny side up and find your freedom in whatever you do!

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