Sep 29, 2019

Why Can't I Sell My Truck? Hidden Hurdles You Probably Don't Know About


Why is it so hard to sell my truck?

If you need to sell your truck, it’s probably not going to be easy. There are hurdles you have to get over as is the case whether you’re selling a vehicle or a piece of furniture. Selling just isn’t easy sometimes, and we get it. From dealing with on-the-fence buyers to online scammers and everything in between, selling can seem an impossible task.

So what could be making it unnecessarily difficult?

Hard to Sell My Truck

Use Kelley Blue Book as a ballpark value, not an exact value.

It’s understandable that most people reference Kelley Blue Book to get a price on the truck they’re selling. Here’s the hard truth: a quote from Kelley Blue Book isn’t reflective of what’s on the live market. Sure, you took care of your truck so well it still has a new-car shine and the mileage is low, however, that doesn’t mean you’ll get the amount you’ve seen in Kelley Blue Book. The market dictates the value.

Most people don’t understand that KBB gives you the value that you’d receive from a dealership and that the dealer’s profit margin is factored in. Not only that, but the chances you’ll receive that same value from a dealership are slim to none. Remember, they’re looking to maximize their profits as well, so factors like location, customer traffic, and more will affect how much they offer you. Long story short, don’t take KBB’s value for your truck to heart.

Tips to sell a truck yourself

Lower your expectations.

You want to get the most for your truck, and hey, who wouldn’t? But, you need to stay practical. Understand that trucks will have a higher asking price than cars or SUVs, and potential buyers are always looking for an affordable solution. As much as you’d like to be firm in your asking price, you’ll need to have some wiggle room.

To decide on a more realistic asking price, do your research. Flip through local classified listings, go for a drive to used car lots and look at their prices, or do some online searching on popular vehicle-selling sites. Most vehicle buyers will have done their research, so you need to do yours, too.

Potential buyers want a deal. Plain and simple.

Buyers want to own something that’s affordable. The less money they have to spend, the better. That doesn’t just go for buying a vehicle but for anything in life. You must understand this when it’s time to part ways with your truck. They don’t care about the time you’ve spent trying to sell the truck or any other personal information. Their interest starts and ends with the truck itself.

Disappointment is the last feeling you want to experience during the selling process. Know who you’re dealing with and what a potential buyer is thinking. Set realistic expectations, be cautious, and be as flexible with a serious buyer.

Know your audience.

Stay away from Craigslist or other mass-messaging sites with categories like, “Sell Your Truck” or an equivalent truck-selling site. Now that practically anything can be sold online, over-saturation is a significant problem.  Unless you’re willing to pay a premium to make sure your truck is one of the top results shown, it’s going to end up in a trove of other people trying to sell their trucks. There’s no point in sinking money into selling your truck when you’re trying to make back as much as you can on it. RumbleOn is the perfect place to sell your truck. Cash offers are sent fast in 15 minutes or less.

Sell a truck online

There’s a real possibility the market isn’t working in your favor and you’re split on where to sell your truck. With RumbleOn, you’re guaranteed that potential buyers will see your truck. The process is simple and 100% online and we’ll even pick up your truck for free. RumbleOn is a publicly-traded company and a BBB accredited business. No scammers, no tire-kickers: our customers are ready to buy. Sell the easy way with RumbleOn.

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