Apr 4, 2020

Which ATVs are the Best for Summer Riding Adventures?

Rusty G

Summer riding season is almost here. Are you ready?

Before you know it, it’ll be summer and time to show off your ATV's summer body. The trails will be ready for all of the off-roading fun you and your machine can handle.

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Whether you’re an experienced rider or this is your first time, it’s best to find something that you’re comfortable with. Personally, it doesn’t get much more fun than riding on an ATV. They just offer a completely different riding experience than one you would get with a motorcycle. ATV tires and durability allow you to explore areas that your traditional motorcycle can’t handle, and it’s a totally different experience. This doesn’t mean you should disregard motorcycles altogether, it’s just a great chance to jump on one and experience just a little more of the unknown.

It just doesn’t get much better than riding an ATV during the summer. Here's why:

Off-the-beat paths and unknown adventures in nature await:

Living in a picturesque area certainly helps. Let’s say you don’t live in a very rural area and are thinking there isn’t any fun to be had on an ATV. Don’t give up so easily! The secret is getting out and exploring. There’s bound to be a backwoods area you can find. Sure, if you’re reading this in New York City then you’ll be a bit hard pressed to find some backwoods trails. But even then, you can get out of the city for a day and you’re bound to find nature at some point. If you live in a particularly rocky area, ATVs are professionals at getting over those problematic paths. Whatever the reasoning, and pretty much wherever you live, ATVs are made for adventure and experience. Bonus points if you run over puddles. Those are fun.

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Camping trips will never be the same.

Sure, hiking is fun. But doesn’t it sound a heck of a lot more fun to ride down a trail instead of walking? There’s tons of fun stuff to do when you’re out camping and riding an ATV during the summer is one of them. When you go camping with family or friends, having an ATV along for the ride is always an excellent idea.

Just like motorcycle riders, there’s a pack mentality with ATV riders.

Friendships are made on the road and the same goes for ATVs. There’s a lot of teamwork, which leads to great camaraderie. Just like motorcyclists, the ATV community is strong and always stick together.

Whether Polaris, Yamaha, or a Honda ATV, these are becoming increasingly more popular, and that means establishing a group of friends to adventure with is getting easier or easier. It’s easy to bond with people when you’re all riding through muddy areas and getting dirty together. It has its own, unique culture to get involved in. And with summer here and moods lifted, everyone’s out to find some new riding buddies.

Which ATVs are the Best for Summer Riding Adventures? | Shutterstock

Photo Source: Shutterstock

Riding an ATV is great exercise. Seriously!

Summer is the time to show off what you’ve got. Whether you’re a “sun’s out, guns out” or “skies out, thighs out” kind of person, you’d be surprised just how good of a workout riding an ATV can be. ATVs can be exhausting to handle, especially when you’re off-roading trying to commandeer some of the more difficult trails. Keeping an ATV on course and tackling challenging terrain takes work and it will tire you out quicker than you might think. Getting your heart rate up is good for shedding some pounds and you can build muscle. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. If nothing else, it’s a great shot of adrenaline that is sure to last you the whole summer.

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