Nov 6, 2020

Types of Motorcycles: What is a Touring Motorcycle?

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Introduction to Motorcycle Types: What is a Touring Motorcycle?

Motorcycle touring is one of the many pleasures in life and what better way to experience the hobby than with a bike built for just that? While there are many different kinds of motorcycles, touring bikes take the cake when it comes to amenities and mastering the long-distance riding experience.

Touring motorcycles are built for touring the wide open road, obviously, but this means that they are often big bikes with very powerful engines. This is because many people who ride farther distances need to be able to bring luggage and even have a passenger. The stronger engine and bigger size allow for these things. This size, however, does make it a challenging bike for newcomers. The weight and power of a touring motorcycle tends to make them more difficult to manage.

There are also different kinds of touring motorcycles: Adventure tourers, which are made for long-distance off-road and on-road riding; sport tourers, which are made to cover the distance at very fast speeds; and, last but not least, full-dress tourers, which are designed for paved roads only. These tend to have larger windshields and more accessories.

What is a touring motorcycle

Of the touring bikes, one of the most famous models is the Honda Gold Wing. It’s what most people picture when you bring up touring motorcycles, and the model has been around for almost as long as the touring family itself. Among other popular models are Harley Davidson Electra Glide, Ducati Multistrada , Kawasaki Vulcan, and Yamaha Star Venture.

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