Dec 10, 2020

Most Comfortable Metric Cruiser Motorcycles

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The Most Comfortable and Best Metric Cruiser Motorcycles

Motorcycles are an extension of ourselves. Check that, they’re like our personalities. You can buy some with the focus a bit more on speed and acceleration for those people that like to fly like the wind, or bikes that offer a lot of customization so you can create a bike that fits exact mold you want.

So with that in mind, let's focus on the most comfortable cruiser. Most cruiser motorcycles don’t struggle with comfort, but there are some bikes that are so awesomely comfy that it's difficult to stop the ride at all. Whether it’s the comfort of bar location, ample legroom, or a bike seat with the perfect seat height, we love a good cruiser that’s built for comfort.

So here is my ranking of the top three most comfortable cruiser motorcycles.

Suzuki M1800R:

This bike is pretty damn big. While many people like to think that Harleys are usually the standard of big bikes-and they are-this one could fit right into that mold pretty easily. It’s difficult to make a really large, heavy bike, look graceful, but Suzuki achieves that with the M1800R. Even just the dip of the seat seems like such a fluid movement, and it’s something I appreciate.

When it comes to comparing this bike to one of its competitors, it’s close to a Triumph Rocket III. But when I think about which is easier to manage, the Suzuki might take the win on that one. This bike is so easy to manage that, if a beginner could get adjusted to the weight and size, it could potentially be a great beginner bike. The engine's got a great roar to it and is perfectly strong enough for all your cruiser needs.

Yamaha XV1900:

Yamaha, a metric motorcycle brand, created the XV1900 in a style that is pulled from the American riding culture combined with some obvious modern flare. The design is great, in my opinion, but the look is just one reason as to why it made this list.

It’s an easy ride with a relaxed and neutral sitting position, and the seat is comfortably padded for long distance. The engine is powerful, clocking in at just under 3000 rpm, and the uncluttered handlebars route the wires nicely without any distractions. The XV1900 is a big-bore cruiser that steps a little outside the box in terms of comfort and an easy ride, and that's the reason why I've included it as one of the most comfortable.

Kawasaki VN 2000:

Kawasaki is known for sports bikes, but the VN 2000 is an amazing cruiser. First of all, the seat and handlebar setup of the Kawasaki VN2000 is perfect to ensure an effortless reach. You don’t have to stretch too far for anything, and the suspension is soft for comfortable cruising. The brakes are powerful and don’t demand all your fingers to squeeze. And just as most other bikes on this list, this one is also a head-turner, like most Kawasaki motorcycles.

It sports large, 16-inch tires that are meant for riding and add something to the visual appeal of the bike. It has a 5.5-gallon fuel tank, so you don’t have to worry about stopping at every gas station to fill up and interrupt your road time on long trips.

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