Oct 5, 2019

The Top 7 Best Motocross Tricks: Don’t Try These at Home, Folks.

Rusty G

Take a look at these heart-pounding dirt bike tricks performed by professional FMX riders!  

If you’ve brushed up on your dirt bike dictionary terms, then you know Motocross involves a dirt bike (duh), enormous dirt mounds, and a bleeding-heart lover of flying who's willing and ready to test the limits of physics.

In order to test these limits and figure out how to get air on a bike, you need some serious tricks up your jersey sleeve, and events like Red Bull X-Fighters, NIGHT of the JUMPs, and the X Games provide this opportunity. Here, fans eagerly watch as prominent freestyle Motocross (FMX) riders pay homage to legends like “Mad” Mike Jones, Travis Pastrana, and Brian Deegan (Mulisha Twist, anyone?).  

So, without further ado, here are my Top Seven picks for the sickest dirt bike tricks.

Dirt Bike Trick Number One: Indian Air Seat Grab Back Flip

It’s a mouthful alright. This trick relies heavily on footwork and control of your bike. Then again, how much control do you really have when you're completely airborne? Leave these moves to the professionals, folks.

Video Source: ActionSportsMonkey YouTube

If that doesn’t get your heart pounding, I don’t know what will. To be honest, I cringe thinking about the number of fails riders endure to perfect this trick. So, I just won’t think about it.

Dirt Bike Trick Number Two: Kiss of Death Back Flip

So far, I'm just as interested in meeting the people who have named these tricks as I am in the people who are actually doing them. The Kiss of Death is such a clutch freestyling move, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. To really master this trick, you need core strength and balls-to-the-wall confidence. Take a look:

Video Source: Nigrutinski Receno YouTube

If the visual isn’t an adequate explanation of this trick’s etymology, then imagine your lips grazing a rapidly rotating tire as you go in for a big ole a smooch!

Dirt Bike Trick Number Three: Double Back Flip

We applaud people who can do backflips, but I think it goes without saying that FMX riders who can do not one, but two backflips on their DIRT BIKES, of all things, are pretty B.A.

Video Source: X Games YouTube

Normally, you need to get some serious air to achieve this trick because the less air you get, the less time you have to complete it and land. Here, Pastrana doesn’t even get that much height, which speaks volumes about his skills.

Dirt Bike Trick Number Four: Double Front Flip

For this trick, things can get a little sticky no matter how professional your status is. According to PhysicsCentral.com, a front flip is more difficult than a backflip because a “forward flip requires you to lean forward and hunch over the tank, which means you're essentially riding blind as you hope to time things just right.” Plus, backwards rotating flips off a ramp come more naturally.

Video Source: X Games YouTube

Why is this trick such a big deal? Years ago, an FMX rider named Bruce Cook botched his landing and became paralyzed, which is an unfortunate reminder of the risks that come with trying to defy gravity.

Dirt Bike Trick Number Five: Rock Solid Back Flip

Backflips are pretty popular with crowds because they’re so difficult, and riders have tweaked them over the years to give them some extra, well, flair. Wanna talk World Best Bike Stunt videos? Check this out:

Video Source: Nitro Circus YouTube

What’s so special about this particular bike flip? At one point, your hands aren’t even touching the bike. That’s right, while you’re in the air doing a backflip, not only does your body leave the bike, but your hands aren’t touching it either. And, somehow, you’re supposed to end up back on the bike as if you didn’t just pull of one of the best motocross tricks in the sport.

Dirt Bike Trick Number Six: Heart Attack

You might just have one after watching this trick unfold. In addition to insane amounts of skill and plenty of calm-cool-and-collectedness, crazy motocross tricks like this one involve faith and a firm grip. Because you’re kind of at the mercy of the bike. Take a look:

Video Source: Daniel C Doolan YouTube

Personally, the bike would be torn from my hands due to the force, and I flinch to think about it flying towards the crowd. You really have to have a steel grip to have control over this trick, so mad respect to those who can make it happen.

Dirt Bike Trick Number Seven: Shaolin Back Flip

First thoughts: Why? How?

Video Source: Red Bull YouTube

So, let me get this straight. You do a somersault in the air while your bike is simultaneously doing a somersault? It’s clear this trick was designed for adrenaline junkies and freestylers who are looking for a little more… challenge, shall we say?  

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