Jun 9, 2018

The Cheapest Motorcycle of 2018


The CSC SG250 is the Cheapest New Motorcycle Out There

You know that $1.9 million motorcycle created by Harley-Davidson? The blue one with diamonds embedded into the handlebars, and foot-pegs plated in gold? I was doing some budgeting earlier this week and figuring out the numbers to buy you one, but then I came back to reality. What if some of you didn’t like that shade of blue? I didn’t want to put you in that position, so I decided to do my research and find something a little more reasonable in the color sector!

All jokes aside, there are various motorcycle brands popping up and creating new rides to compete with the top dogs. And while some people might have their own personal opinion about competition, I firmly believe that competition forces established brands to work even harder. When we’re surrounded by bike makers that are constantly striving to reach the top, that means better options for us. So what’s not to like?

Source: CSC150Man

Where did my research land me? Say hello to a motorcycle company by the name of CSC. While they’re new to the game of motorcycle innovation and creation, they’re trying to make up for their lack of history by allowing you to keep a few more bucks  in your pocket! They’re trying to change the standard motorcycle price, and if you’re in the market for something that’s a bit more cost effective, this might just be the bike for you.

Their new SG250 Cafe Racer only cost $1,959, and if that number doesn’t shock you, then I feel like your budget expectations are just a little too far removed and you can afford that $1.9 million Harley. But for the rest of us, this is a price that’s pretty unheard of within the industry. There’s always the chance that, with a lot of hunting and research, you can buy a used ride that’s this price. But a brand new bike? Pinch me, this is a dream. But not too hard, I tend to bruise easily.

csc sg250 motorcycle

Source: CSC Motorcycles

While the look and feel of this bike might not be favored by everyone, that’s the beauty of the industry. There’s a bike out there to please every individual person, no matter how “out there” their style might be. And if I can predict who’s going to favor this bike the most, of course it’s going to be the millennial's. This will especially be the case if they’re brand new to riding, and they want their first bike to be a price that’s a bit more manageable.

Most people don’t go and splurge on a $25,000 Harley when they first learn how to ride, because there’s always the chance that an accident might happen or you don’t fall in love with the way of life like you thought you would. This is perfect for those people because it will allow them to start to feel confident riding on the road, all without a hole burned in their pocket. This is also an awesome option for someone who wants an additional, manageable bike to take out for a ride. You might love your tour bike, but sometimes you want to ride something a little more simplistic, I get it. This is an option to consider!

CSC cafe racer motorcycle

Source: CSC150Man

But that’s not where it ends with CSC, because they’re looking to put the bike experience directly into the hands of the owner. They create in-depth, online material and tutorials to explain how to fix any issues that the bike might have. And while other companies create similar content, these tutorials are detailed and specific to the exact bike you own. Which is awesome.

Personally, I really struggled to decide between the $1.9 million Harley and this CSC $1,959 option. I almost bought the Harley, but then I realized the 5-carat diamond ring it comes with probably wouldn’t fit my finger, so I’d probably opt for the CSC instead. It’s all about being realistic.    

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