Apr 14, 2021

Hit The Trails In One of the Best 4x4 SUVs Out There


An SUV and 4x4 transmission go together like peas and carrots.

Not all SUVs are created equal, unfortunately. While some come equipped with four-wheel drive, a lot of them don’t. It’s a shame, really. SUVs are meant to take on the roads that are less traveled. Why else would it be called a Sport Utility Vehicle?

Why else would it be called a Sport Utility Vehicle? No matter where you live, you’re bound to run into certain weather or other situations that will require you to have to traverse difficult terrain. Flooding, snow, ice, extra mud on the road - roads won’t always be dry and smooth. It’s best to have an SUV that has four-wheel drive just in case. For those out there that have an off-road adventure in mind, you need to know which are the best 4x4 SUVs. We’re talking about the offroaders, trail-tacklers, the true mudders. Having a clean vehicle is the least of their worries. Instead of taking mimosas for brunch, they’re eating up the mud trails and spitting them out.

Let’s lock those differentials and tackle the toughest of terrains with the best 4WD SUVs.

So, you’ve got your heart set on an SUV that’s going to tear up the countryside, but not sure what that SUV might be. First off, let’s take the obvious choice off the list since everyone and their dog seems to own one: Jeep Wrangler. Yes, it’s the number one choice for offroaders but I’m intentionally leaving it off the list because there are just too many of them. Don’t you want something that sets yourself apart from everyone else? Of course, you do! Behold the five must-have SUVs that will tackle the toughest terrain:

  • 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Just because I left the Wrangler off the list doesn’t mean I’d leave Jeep off completely. The Grand Cherokee is just as powerful as the Wrangler and can take on the trails in luxurious style. Personally, I’d go with a Grand Cherokee over the Wrangler every day of the week.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Photo Source: Jeep

  • 2020 Toyota 4Runner. The 4Runner is a staple in the off-roading community. It has been hailed as one of the most capable SUVs available today. It’s been doing its thing for well over 30 years now and continues to be a top choice for offroaders worldwide. Put any terrain in front of it and the 4Runner will tackle it beautifully.

2020 Toyota 4Runner

Photo Source: Motor1

  • 2020 Land Rover Defender. The Land Rover was born to take on the roads less traveled and live in the wilderness. It’s one of the most reliable 4WD SUVs in the market and is 10 times stiffer than an average body-on-frame off-road vehicle. It can also tow 8,201 pounds.

2020 Land Rover Defender

Photo Source: Motor1

  • 2020 Ford Expedition w/FX4 Off-Road Package. Yes, it’s true. The Ford Expedition 4x4 package can hold its own while off-roading with the best of them. You get skid plates, off-road shocks, limited-slip differential, and all-terrain tires with this beast of a machine.

2020 Ford Expedition w/FX4 Off-Road Package

Photo Source: USNews

  • 2019 Mercedes-Benz G Class. This Mercedes means business. It’s one of the safest 4x4 SUVs in the market and takes on the trails in style. The G Class has military-vehicle roots and can handle any surface you throw at or under it.

2019 Mercedes-Benz G Class

Photo Source: Motor1

There you have it -- the best 4x4 SUVs. If you call yourself a true off-roader, it would be a wise choice to own any of the above. You won’t find better-equipped SUVs that can off-road with ease.

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