Nov 2, 2019

Tips of the Trade: Motorcycle Trade-In and Negotiation Secrets

Jo Kelley

Learn How to Sell a Motorcycle or Negotiate a Trade With Confidence

You’ll never have to worry about hassles or headaches when you sell your motorcycle to RumbleOn; but, we understand we may not be a good fit for everyone. If this is the case, it never hurts to know some of the best trade-in and negotiation secrets of the powersports and automotive industry.

Did you know that no matter how much time and money you spend installing special modifications on your bike, these changes could end up depreciating your motorcycle trade-in value? We put together a guide on all the factors that affect the value of your motorcycle.

How accurate is KBB’s trade-in value?

Not very. When it comes to predicting the trade-in value of your vehicle, Kelley Blue Book is more often a swing-and-a-miss than a direct bullseye because, unlike RumbleOn, their technology is unable to keep up with real-time market trends.

Before I decided to trade in motorcycles with RumbleOn, I rolled the KBB dice and kept their estimated trade-in value close to the vest at the dealership. But, by the end of it, the dealership had called my bluff, and I was trudging out of there with my tail between my legs, feeling pretty hopeless that I wouldn’t get the best value for my motorcycle trade-in. Dealerships, turns out, rarely offer the KBB value for your vehicle because they have to make sure their inventory is compatible with whatever’s trending in the immediate area—well, that and they have their commissions to think of—which KBB doesn’t take into account.

RumbleOn’s inventory, however, is entirely online, making it available to tons of potential buyers across the country. And not one of our Sales Specialists is commissioned, mind you.  

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still convinced that your local dealership is the best place to sell a motorcycle, you can mitigate the dealer experience—and get the most out of your riding—by knowing some of these tips!

Tips to Trade in a Motorcycle

Will RumbleOn let me trade my motorcycle for a car?

Yes! Unlike the dealership, RumbleOn makes a variety of used vehicles ranging from powesports to cars and trucks available to you online, and you can browse them all from your favorite recliner! So, whether you want to trade motorcycles for ATVs, ATVs for trucks, or cars for motorcycles, you can do so completely at your leisure.

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