May 19, 2019

Motorcycle Trade-In: The Financial Benefits of Trading for a Newer Vehicle

RumbleOn Road Captain

Is your motorcycle collecting dust? It might be time to consider a motorcycle trade-up this summer.

Growing up, I was the kid who traded his entire sack lunch for something I’d never find in my pantry back at home. Years later, I find myself still upgrading my belongings, but the rewards are far sweeter this time.

I’m talking, of course, about the benefits of online motorcycle trades and the plethora of used vehicles RumbleOn now offers customers who want trade motorcycles for cars.

Our 100% online business, RumbleOn, is dedicated to putting you in the car, truck, or powersports vehicle of your dreams. All you have to do is decide “I want to trade in my motorcycle,” and we’ll put you on the path toward receiving your motorcycle trade-in value all online.

But that’s not all you can trade for at RumbleOn. Our Trade for Anything policy empowers customers to choose any make and model of used car, truck, or powersports vehicle without feeling like you’ve lost money or settled on something second-rate.

Trade a motorcycle online and use the cash offer value to purchase your next vehicle!

What I love about RumbleOn’s online inventory is that unlike the contents of my pantry, the selection of motorcycles, cars, trucks, and other powersports is nothing short of a dream come true. RumbleOn invites you to trade for anything, even if that means you want to trade cars for motorcycles, ATVs for trucks, cars for ATVs – the list goes on!

I realize some vehicle owners are hesitant to begin the trade-in process online, but upgrading your ride this way reaps notable financial benefits:

Your vehicle’s trade-in value works as a discount.

It’s easy to get discouraged by the retail price of a vehicle you have your heart set on, especially when you’re on a strict budget.

Motorcycle trade

But, when you trade a motorcycle online (or any vehicle in your garage, for that matter) and get the trade-in value, you’ve eliminated a chunk of the cost already. RumbleOn helps you finance your next purchase by applying the value of your old vehicle (i.e. your cash offer amount) toward the cost of the new one. This way, you’re only responsible for paying the difference between old and new instead of paying full price for the new vehicle.

The sales tax on a trade-in is cheaper.

No matter where you live in the U.S., sales tax can put a real damper on any purchase you make. In some cases, sales tax equates to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of additional dollars spent (Tennessee residents pay as much as a 9.5% sales rate on goods). That’s why a trade-in is the best route.

Sales tax on motorcycle trade in

A trade-in allows you to pay tax only on what you spend at checkout, i.e. the difference between the trade-in value RumbleOn gives you and the full price of the new vehicle you purchase or finance.* How’s that for savings?

*Sales tax policies vary per state, so check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles first.

You get back time and money when you trade motorcycles and more!

Nobody wants to spend what precious free time they have trying to figure out “How do I sell my motorcycle?” or “How do I trade my motorcycle”; most of us would prefer to spend our time cleaning the house, tanning for summer, or binge-watching Netflix.  

Online vehicle trade-ins make this completely possible, and RumbleOn will break down all the steps for you. Instead of negotiating with a self-interested private party, you’ll be working with certified specialists who have the technology to figure out the live-market value of your motorcycle trade-in, car or truck trade-in, and other powersports trade-in. Afterward, they’ll direct you to our extensive inventory of used recreational and utility vehicles.

No more waking up to missed calls from Craigslist users in the wee hours of the morning; no more funneling your hard-earned money into a paid advertisement that, as far as you can tell, isn’t getting any traction; and no more hopping from dealership to dealership to find the right motorcycle, car, truck, or ATV for you and your wallet. RumbleOn puts it all at your fingertips.  

You can influence your cash offer amount.

There are certain factors that sellers have little control over when they want to trade in motorcycles, cars, and other powersports; demand in the marketplace is one. Still, you have the power to boost your vehicle’s value when you restore its condition.  

Tires are a great place to start, but even small cosmetic improvements may get you a better cash offer value from RumbleOn than you’d receive from a private party. And who knows, maybe a good wash is all that’s in order!

RumbleOn provides cash offers for motorcycles trade-in value

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