Nov 23, 2019

How to Clean a Motorcycle Chain: Basic Motorcycle Maintenance For Beginners

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Do you have 15 minutes? Perfect. That’s all you need to clean and lube a motorcycle chain.

Basic motorcycle maintenance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but something as simple as cleaning and lubricating a motorcycle chain will go a long way in extending the life and performance of your bike. Plus, it’s easy.

Signs of motorcycle chain wear include:

  • lots of side-to-side “wiggle room,”
  • links that slide back and forth under compression and tension, and
  • "shark fins" and/or sharp teeth on your sprocket caused by inconsistencies in acceleration and deceleration, or when the bike chain is really old (hence why you should be diligent about replacing the chain).

If you aren’t sure about replacement schedules, consult your owner’s manual, but it’s typically every 300-500 miles.

Just like knowing how to change your motorcycle oil is an integral part of being a motorcycle owner, so is knowing how to properly clean and lube a motorcycle chain. After you gather all of the necessary supplies and figure out the motorcycle chain type, the rest is a walk through the park.

Beginners: Looking for some nifty motorcycle maintenance tips to keep your bike chain in good health? Read on below.

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Motorcycle maintenance tips to maintain a chain

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