May 6, 2018

The Most Reliable Off-Road Motorcycle That Will Never Let You Down


The Most Reliable Off-Road Motorcycle?

Buying a bike can be a daunting task, and that’s because of the sheer amount of research that goes into it. While some people might be gutsier and just purchase whatever their eyes happen to fall on, most people will look into the specs and reviews of the bike. Motorcycles can be pretty pricey depending on the brand and model, and most riders won’t walk into that blind.

And while the industry is flooded with potential options you can choose from, there are some that are going to be stronger contenders than others. One of the hardest styles to shop for? Off-road. Believe it or not, the options in the off-road sector know how to compete with each other, and this bike family is becoming increasingly popular. And with popularity and multiple options comes some stiff competition. That means even higher expectations.

There are some off-road options that are better than the rest, but what’s consistently been the most reliable?

The Honda XR 650L:

There’s no right place to start with this bike because it’s an understated choice that won’t ever let you down. It has versatility and ability that’s hard to find in other models or brands. You’ll never be entirely sure of what kind of terrain you’ll be riding on, but not knowing that can create an assortment of problems. The Honda XR 650L is built in a way that’s capable of handling all different types of terrain and promises a firm ride.

While it might not be the most flashy or modern option out there right now, those qualities don’t always promise a quality experience. Yes, the XR 650L might not look as stellar as KTM 250 XS, but it’s capable of riding circles around its competitors. While the gas tank on some of the models might be on the smaller side at 2.5-gallons, it makes up for it in ease of riding and handling.

Source: HondaPro Kevin YouTube

This Honda model is unlikely to give you the potential mechanical issues that some other bikes see, like the notorious issues of a Suzuki ™ 400. That doesn’t mean that time won’t be required to keep the bike in the shape that you want, but this Honda doesn’t struggle with longevity.

It’s an understated bike that you might not expect a lot from, but it packs a serious punch. When compared to some favorite KTM and Kawasaki models, it’s able to keep up easily and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The 650L can handle a change of terrain better than most other options because it was built with that in mind, while most KTM’s are made with a niche in mind, like keeping the weight of the bike lower than competitors.

Source: Ron Ayers Motorsports

It’s got an electric start and has a really awesome suspension. Its fork is springy but sturdy enough to handle any road or trail that you ride it on, but if it’s not as fitting to your style as you’d like, it’s easy to replace. Customization is easy with it so that you can match it to your exact specifications. It’s a tall bike compared to some of its competitors, like the Kawasaki 250, so it’s going to need a confident rider. The height does not at all negatively impact the ride; in fact, it makes it better. It’s easy to change the tires on this bike so that you can adjust it to any trail you ride it on. If the rider wishes to change the tires on this bike to be more fitting for a specific landscape, it’s simple to do.

Source: Madu YouTube

It’s built tough and isn’t likely to break down on you. It was made to stand the test of time, so no matter how hard you ride, you probably won’t run into any tedious or expensive issues. It’s the perfect road friend to have for all your adventures. If you’re still reluctant to believe this is a purchase worth considering, its price tag is sure to put a smile on your face.

Sometimes the best things come in deceiving packages, and the Honda XR 650L showcases that. So next time you’re wondering if you should splurge on a KTM or Yamaha, take this baby out for a spin and wait to fall in love. You can thank me later.  

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