Aug 4, 2018

I'm Surprised Millennials Don't Love Motorcycles, Here's Why

Ericka Ellis

Why millennials and motorcycles are a match made in Heaven

While the best rally event of the year is upon us, I wonder how many millennial riders will be there to join in the festivities. While millennial riders are becoming more and more common, it’s still a slow-moving process. And that begs the question of why?  If you ask me, it's weird that millennials aren't all over it. As you'll see in a second, motorcycles and millennials were made for each other. I know, I know, you’re already coming up with some clever and potentially insulting comebacks to my statement. I hate to stop the fun, so I promise more is coming up. Motorcycles are a blast and a hell of a good time, and the freedom they give you is something that the younger generation should be all over. Motorcycles seem like they meet all the Gen Y requirements.

There are obvious reasons millennials should ride motorcycles, like the ones listed here, but it’s time to have just a little more fun with the hypotheticals. It’s summer, it’s rally time, and let’s be honest, no one is interested in a thirty-page thesis on millennial engagement. These are actually points that stand on their own. Plus, anything that makes me look funnier than I actually am deserves a gold star in my book.

So to celebrate our favorite rally time of the year, here are the top reasons why millennials should be in love with riding, too!  

1) Motorcycles are gluten free.

2) Motorcycles encompass all genders.

Millennials like that, right?

3) A motorcycle basically gives them a portable safe space.


4) They can make a fast getaway from their debt collectors.

How about those student loans?

5) Except for tolls, the road is rent-free.

Who needs to rent a place when there's the road?

6) Bikes look great on Instagram.

Bikes equal likes on Instagram.

7) They can customize their bike to match all that weird sh*t they like.

Gotta catch 'em all?

8) They can take their motorcycle as they jump from job to job.


9) Selfies with bikes automatically look awesome, even without filters!

Good grief.

10) Motorcycles are woke-ass fleek machines. Bae goals AF, and all that. Fire.

What is all this?

Take it easy, kids. I'm just messing with you.

I'm just kidding. Don't hate me.

This is all in good fun, guys. Millennials really aren’t that bad. You’re all my brothers and sisters on the road, and I love you more than a hipster loves avocado toast. We should all nod to another rider and respect the camaraderie, no matter what generation we belong to. After all, the road doesn’t hold age bias.

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