Sep 2, 2018

RumbleOn is Growing, Meet Two of Our New Leaders!

Caitlin B

RumbleOn Team: How two new members are going to help make us be everything we can be

If you’ve been rumbling on along with RumbleOn, it wouldn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to recognize the how fast we’ve been growing. We’re a company that prides ourselves on dedication, motivation, and above all, an innovation that will make a ripple effect within the powersports industry, itself.

We don’t launch ourselves towards anything with half effort, and we’re constantly scoping out new ways to improve a process that’s becoming overly archaic. The buying and selling of any vehicle can often be a tedious and frustrating process and with the resources available, it doesn’t have to continue to operate as sluggishly as it does.

RumbleOn was built on the foundation of putting some of the power back in the hands of those that it belongs:  buyers and sellers. In a society with limitless capabilities being brought to us by the Internet, RumbleOn aimed to cultivate a service that relies heavily on simplicity. We firmly believe that the buying and selling process of any vehicle shouldn’t involve long arguments and haggling with a stranger who seems to be trying to take your bike out from under you, or scammers constantly breathing down your neck in search of their next steal. The road is simple, and the feeling that riding any powersport vehicle gives you is equally as simple. It gives us a sense of freedom that cannot be created organically anywhere else, and that’s why we’re passionate about what we do. You should experience that same freedom of the ride during the buying and selling process.

And while we surely have a sweet spot for our two-wheeled iron horses, this industry-changing process is necessary. We need to share it with others so that everyone can get back down to the basics and enjoy the buying and selling process again. And with that, we’re proud to announce two very important additions to the RumbleOn Family. These two individuals come with a hefty background of experience, and they’re here to help us turn the whole powersports and vehicle industry on its head.

Bill Bonnaud is RumbleOn’s new Director of Classifieds, and he knows a thing or two. In fact,to say that he has a deep understanding of the automotive and powersports industry might just be the understatement of the year.

“My experience has been focused on two main areas of the automotive and powersport industries for over 30 years,” said Bonnaud. “The sales and marketing aspects of my career include a focus on advertising, merchandising, and sales training of autos, motorcycles, boats, and aircraft.” A simple look at our new RumbleOn site will indicate what areas we’re already practiced in, and the areas where we’re intending to get out feet wet. As if that wasn’t a clue enough already for you, getting your feet wet typically involves water, and where there’s water, there are boats!

bill bonnaud rumbleon

You know who happens to know just a thing or two about the boating industry? Kevin Cooper, our second new addition as Director of Specialty Vehicles, comes in primed and prepped with a highly experienced background.

“I worked in healthcare after earning my Master’s degree in Public Health. I quickly realized that profession wasn’t for me,” said Cooper. “I always loved the marine industry, so I took a job at a boat dealership, which lead me to MarineMax. My product knowledge shifted me into the wholesale segment when I started at Manheim Auctions, and I headed up their specialty boat, RV, and motorcycle segments.”

The belt of experience that both Bonnaud and Cooper carry is one impossible to overlook, and that experience is something that RumbleOn is ready to rumble with. But why did Cooper and Bonnaud choose to become part of the team, and what was their greatest motivation behind doing so?

kevin cooper rumbleon

“My role with Manheim had me supporting RumbleOn as they expanded their wholesale footprint,” said Director of Specialty Vehicles Cooper. “I worked with RumbleOn SVP Peter Levy, and he shared the same entrepreneurial spirit that I felt I had lost over the years. RumbleOn presented me with the opportunity to get it back.”  

That entrepreneurial spirit is something easily felt when you walk through the doors at RumbleOn, and that’s a fundamental reason as to why it’s seen the success it has. Bonnaud, Director of Classifieds,  saw the potential and that was enough for him.

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"As someone who has bought and sold vehicles broth professionally and personally, I recognized the need for an online marketplace like RumbleOn,” said Bonnaud. “When I became acquainted with the company through motorcycle events, I immediately felt the company was on to something great.”

The team here at RumbleOn is never just aiming for the bare minimum. We’re always aiming to force changes in the industry that should have occurred long ago, for the benefit of everyone. There have often been excuses thrown around for why something like RumbleOn can’t work, and it would be an impossible task. But luckily, that wasn’t a word in the RumbleOn vocabulary, and we would aim to bring the buying and selling process back to a simplistic level so that riders of all different powersports vehicle could get back to the things that really mattered. We value the time of our customers, and we value the motorcycle and powersports vehicle community as a whole, which is why we’re giving you the ease and simplicity that you deserve.

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As for our ultimate goal? Cooper has got it just right.

“I want to see the RumbleOn marketplace become the one-stop shop for consumers to buy and sell all specialty products and ancillary services, 100% online.”

The RumbleOn team isn’t just people behind a keyboard. We’re a part of the communities we’re aiming to help, and we have the same passion and love for the road as our customers. And it’s that passion and appreciation for the community that sets us apart and will continue to do so.

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