Oct 26, 2019

The Non-Negotiables of ATV and Dirt Bike Rentals

Rusty G

Considering a rental for your latest off-roading excursion?

Here’s what you should know before you leave the rental lot.

There’s no better way to enjoy nature at its finest than on a set of wheels designed for dirt, mud, and everything in between. Don’t own a four-wheeler or dirt bike? A rental might be right up your alley.

You don’t have to be a diehard recreationalist or devoted ranch hand to own an off-roading vehicle. Besides, who ever said the best dirt bike trails and ATV hotspots were exclusive to the folks who own those vehicles anyways?

If you’re itching for a little fun off the beaten path but don’t have the garage space or the bucks to buy ATVs and dirt bikes, then a rental might just be your pot of gold. Renting is a great alternative for riders who want their garages to stay uncluttered and don’t have the time or resources to maintain this kind of machine. Dirt bike and ATV rentals are also excellent for frequent travelers who don’t want to front the cost or physical toll of transporting their vehicle.

Places like EagleRider and URentMe make off-roading rentals a cinch...well, seemingly. Here’re a few more nuggets about ATV and dirt bike rentals that you may want to know before you hit the trails.

Renting four wheelers

There’s an age requirement.

Yep, and it applies to both the operator of the rental vehicle and the renter. To rent a four-wheeler or dirt bike from a company like URentMe, for example, you must be at least 21 years of age, and any additional operators must be at least 18 years old. By contrast, in most states you only have to be 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license in order to lawfully ride any off-roading vehicle you own (some states even accept a driver’s permit).

How to rent ATVs

Each rider must have a valid driver’s license.

Let’s say you want to rent a four-wheeler. Even if all passengers in the vehicle are of age and licensed to operate a motor vehicle, you as the operator must be licensed (no, a driver’s permit doesn’t count). This could potentially dampen a family excursion if some members don’t meet the necessary requirements to operate the off-roading vehicle. And no one should be riding off road with a sour look on their face!

Every rider must be insured to rent a dirt bike or ATV.

Owning an off-road machine often means registering for additional insurance in case of an accident. Did you know the same applies to dirt bike and ATV rentals? Sometimes, the rental company will provide liability insurance for renters and operators, but if they don’t, you’d better be sure your insurance provider has a recreational vehicle clause because you’ll be required to show proof of insurance before a rental company allows you to leave the lot.

Off road rental dirt bike

You can’t cut corners when it comes to safety.

When you rent a dirt bike or four-wheeler, some corners just can’t be cut, and safety gear is one of these corners. For instance, helmets are an absolute must on a rental, and the rental company may not always provide these free of charge. You may be thinking, “I’ll just borrow my buddy’s gear and be done with it,” but think again. Most safety gear is only effective if it’s fitted to you exactly, which means you'll have to fork over some extra cash to ensure your protection.  

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