Apr 5, 2021

Protect Your Vehicle from Hail Before The Next Batch of Storms


How do I protect my car from hail?

Look, I like bigtime storms just as much as the next weather nerd, but if any of it results in my hard-earned money being spent to replace something, I get grumpy.

Spring is the stormy season and hail doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s the size of the hail that can catch you off guard. From pea and dime-size hail to softball, I’ve seen it all. The worst part is the aftermath, especially on your vehicle.

Learn how to protect your car from hail.

No matter if it's a car, truck, ATV, or motorcycle: hail is the absolute worst no matter what you drive or ride. Short of moving away to a place that never has to worry about this pain-in-the-butt weather phenomenon, below are a few ways you can protect you and your ride when the threat of hail presents itself.

Hail Damage

Don't leave your vehicle, stay protected.

Never, ever leave your car for any reason during a hailstorm. Do you know what it feels like to get hit by a hailstone? You don’t ever want to know. No matter the size of any hailstone, it’s going to hurt. Hailstones bigger than dimes (mainly golf ball and softball size) can even be fatal. Some quick math, the speed at which hailstones fall depends on their size. Marble-size hail falls at around 20-mph while baseball-size can exceed 100-mph.

Be smart; don’t go outside.

Search for the nearest covered parking.

Whether it’s your garage, parking garage, overpass, gas station, or wherever else you can find protection, do it. Hail can form at a moment’s notice with disastrous effects. Have a game-plan. If you’re going to be on the road during your work commute or a road trip, keep your eyes to the sky and, most importantly, any covered areas to help keep you and your car safe.

Find covered parking

Invest in a hail-proof car cover.

Finding shelter during a hail storm can be difficult, especially while on the road. Nobody wants dents or dings to ruin their day, which is where a hail cover can come in handy. You can find one at your local auto shop or online. The more you spend will determine the level of protection you get, but, comparatively, the investment is worth what you would end up paying after a disastrous hailstorm.

Car cover

Improvise if you have no other protection, but be smart.

I get it; you don’t want your car or truck damaged from hail. Nobody does. But, if given a chance to cover it, even in the simplest way possible, it’ll do more good than bad. Blankets, floor mats, or any other coverage you can use will help.

You may not come out totally unscathed, but every little bit helps. Everyone wishes they could cover their car and not have to deal with any damage, but it’s better to get out of the situation in much better shape than you would’ve expected beforehand. A hail proof car cover may not be possible at all times, but some protection can be within reach.

Hail is nothing to mess with. It can cause severe damage to your car and even yourself. Your safety is never worth protecting your vehicle over, but there are ways to help keep the damage minimal. Heed the above advice for the next time you catch yourself in a hailstorm. This time of year is beautiful, but can also be the cause of powerful storms that carry hail.

Be smart and take care of yourself!

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