May 17, 2017

How Can I Make My Harley Sound Louder?

Ericka Ellis

How do I make my Harley louder?

It’s all about that sound, that deep rumble that gets our blood pumping. Harley-Davidson riders everywhere are familiar with the high we bikers feel from the sound our rides produce—it truly is music to our ears. And, sometimes, it's the riders who come up with the best motorcycle DIY tips and mods to amp up your bike's exhaust, which is why we asked your favorite way to make your Harley sound better.

Here are some of the best responses from the riders who know how to rumble best: you guys.

Aftermarket Exhaust Mods

“I'm partial to Big Growl Exhaust for my Softail. You don’t have to be an expert welder to install them, and the long, straight pipes make the sound un-muffled.”

- Jimmy R.

“Jackpot mufflers with competition baffles are easy to install and give my ride that deep, v8 sound. Love them.”

- Corey N.

“CFR slip ons are my favorite, but it’s up to you tbh. The best advice I can offer is to ask around in person. Listening to videos is no way to judge the sound, you need to be there to get the real experience.”

- Troy B.

“I’m a big time fan of V&H. They carry pretty much anything for every model and taste, and of course they get that sound I love.”

- Mindy L.

The Right Ignition

“Don’t forget about where the sound gets its start. The right ignition can do a lot for the sound. Spyke ignitions give more power than factory ignitions, and can also reduce kickback and strain, improve dyno-proven power gains, and awesome ignition timing."

- Dustin R.


“The first thing I always do is switch out is the carburetor. The best aftermarket carburetor for the most power and sound is the Mikuni - it really gets that air flowing!”

- Jackie P.

Remove the Baffles

“A lot of people want to remove the baffles but don’t know how. It’s pretty easy. Just look at the end of your pipes, and you’ll see a weld holding the baffle in place. Put a hole saw that’s the size of the weld into a drill and you can break through the weld. After that, the whole baffle slides out.”

- Austin A.

“Just drill out the baffles. Some people don’t like the sound that this makes though and say it sounds like a rattly, hollow sound. If it turns out you don’t like the sound, you can just replace the stock yourself. I replaced mine for about $25.”

- Wade R.

“If you don’t have an O2 sensor on your pipes, you can drill out the baffles. Sometimes removing the baffles doesn’t do much for the engine since it’s set up for the back-pressure the engine produces. It’s also a lot of work to take out the baffle and machine the ports to keep the same back-pressure but at a larger volume. It’s easier just to buy aftermarket slip-ons.

- Matt S.

“If you adjust the carburetor, you can increase your horsepower to make up for a drilled baffle, but it won’t get back any of the lost power of your engine.”

- Jennie G.

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