Aug 26, 2018

Funny Similarities Between ATV Riding and College

Rusty G

How ATV Riding and College Are Similar

College is, well, an experience. Whether you were in college so long ago that you honestly don’t remember it happening, or you’re in it right now, it’s a time that typically holds a variety of fond memories. And even if you didn’t go to college, you can probably assume from movie viewings what it’s like.

It’s got its good, its bad, its ugly, and it's downright questionable, but it’s an experience that really contributes to your character.

You can relate college to a lot of things you experience in your life. When you’re hungry, you can think back to that time where you had one packet of Ramen noodles a day for two weeks straight. When you have a little too much to drink, you can think back to that time that you fell asleep on the roof of your dorm. How did you get up there? Who knows. But you managed it, you champ! You can even think back to some of the twist and turns of college and relate them to the same twist and turns you experience on your favorite off-road ride.

So, with that, here’s what ATV riding and college have in common.

There are tons of hurdles to get over.

Sure, there are some really easy components of college. But sometimes it’s a ride you’re not sure you can get through. It will throw some tricky navigation your way, much like ATV riding, and you just hold on for dear life and hope you’re able to make it up that hill.

There's a tendency of getting...stuck.

Ever ride an ATV through a mud pit and...not make it through the pit? Even with the best ATV, you end up stuck and you have to start figuring out how exactly you’re going to get out of this mess. College is a lot like that, in the sense that there will be plenty of opportunities where you feel “stuck.” The point is just trying to get yourself out of that situation so that you can keep on riding.

You can run out of gas quicker than you think.

out of gas

Time flies when you’re having fun, and next thing you know, you’re stranded in the middle of the woods with no gas in your tank. You better have a cell phone, or start pushing. Between balancing work, juggling a job, and trying to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, college will quickly show you that you don’t have as much energy as you think. And you’ll usually “run out of gas” at the worst possible moment, like in the middle of a life-altering test.

You might get dirtier than you would expect.

covered in mud

Well, that escalated quickly. Just as your ATV is bound to get dirty while you’re riding off-road, sometimes you forgot to do your laundry in college. And that can lost longer than anyone would like to care to admit. Don’t forget, odds are you’re leaving in a dorm room or apartment with strangers, and trust me, you’ve never seen dirty dishes pile up so high than in this time of your life.

Drinking might not be in your best interest.

drinking too much

Everyone deserves a nice cold beer, and maybe even two! But sometimes, you just need to stay away from the beer. This is especially true when it involves you operating any kind of vehicle. Drinking and hopping into your car to drive means you risk your life and others and hopping onto an ATV after drinking means the same can happen. At the very least, you’ll hurt a tree. Protect the trees, and know when you don’t need a drink.

Practice makes perfect, and you'll need to practice.

You’re not going to be an ATV professional the minute you jump on it, and you’re not going to glide through college as if it’s the easiest thing in the world. There will be times you tip your ATV or fail a test, and you just have to get back up and try again. Eventually, you’ll figure it out!

You'll want to protect yourself.

polar bear wearing helmet

If I find out you’re giggling like a school girl over this one, well, good, that’s the point. But seriously, you just want to watch your back and make sure you’re safe. Be certain you have the best gear for riding your ATV, and look over your shoulder often when you’re walking around campus at night. And yes, that protection, too.

At the end of the day, both ATV riding and college is one hell of an adventure. It will test your limits, but as long as you’re willing to push through and see it as a learning experience, it will almost always end up being a blast. So ride on!  

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