Jul 7, 2019

FAQ: How Does RumbleOn Give Me a Cash Offer to Sell My Car?

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It's time to sell my car: RumbleOn Cash Offer FAQ

When it comes to getting a maximum cash offer for your car, truck, or SUV, there are certain factors that will come into play. To break down the important information, here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding your RumbleOn cash offer.

How is my cash offer determined if I want to sell my car for cash?

Your vehicle's history, its current condition, mechanical issues, and photos will determine how much you receive. When you submit your vehicle for a cash offer, be sure and upload photos, as pictures tremendously increase our team's ability to give the best possible cash offer for your car.

Ascertaining the value of a vehicle is hard work. Our team analyzes the daily-updated Manheim Market Report (MMR) and Black Book data over a 90-day period. Not 30 days, not 60 days: we stretch it out over 90 so we can arrive at a cash offer that’s fair to market value. As stated above, an automobile’s age, mileage, and overall condition are significant determinants that go into your cash offer. Accessories or customizations are taken into account as well. The live market value is combined with condition and mileage ratings that our data provides, thus giving us the tools we need to offer you the best cash offer possible while using NADA rough and clean values as a base.

I found a value on KBB. Why doesn't my offer reflect their value?

Don’t believe the hype: Kelley Blue Book car value isn’t always what it seems.

KBB (Kelley Blue Book) has been a popular go-to for people wanting to sell their car. In most cases, it’s been the only reference. It’s important to note that the figures they come up with are basically asking prices and not the actual selling prices. Simply put, KBB bases its appraisals on retail listing prices. Asking prices are adjusted with a dealer profit margin to leave room for negotiation. This doesn’t do anything but hurt you in the long run. It’s understandable why most people would use KBB as a reference point, but it never works out in the seller’s favor. Do yourself a favor and ditch KBB.

RumbleOn uses NADA sell prices that reflect the actual value of your vehicle. NADA data is valuable because all of the information is reflected in real-time. You won’t have to worry about what the vehicle used to be worth, it’s all current. You don’t get that with KBB because their automobile values are often outdated.


How does RumbleOn send offers in 15 minutes or less?

Our hard-working team is the best in the business. Many hours are spent compiling incredibly large amounts of data to get you the best cash offer available. The RumbleOn team is expertly-trained to review this automated and organized data to get cash offers out quickly. How quick? In 15 minutes or less.

Do I have to accept my cash offer to sell my car?

You are under no obligation to accept the cash offer. It’s completely up to you. The offers we give are simply a guaranteed offer to buy your vehicle on the spot.

What happens after I accept my cash offer?

First off, congratulations! You came to the right place to sell a car for cash. We’re happy you’ve decided to do business with us! Next up is the paperwork. Simply fill out the required forms we send you and either mail them back to us using the pre-paid mailing labels we send, or sign them digitally using DocuSign. Once your documents have been received, we will release the payment.

In most cases, completing the paperwork in a timely manner will result in receiving direct deposit quickly. Sometimes, the money will be deposited on the same day we receive the required documents back from you. Once you’ve received the funds, we’ll come and pick up your vehicle for free.

Fast cash offers, outstanding customer service, and a seamless selling process make RumbleOn the best resource to sell your automobile. The best part is the whole process can be done from the comfort of your home. RumbleOn makes it easy to get cash for your car, truck, or SUV.

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