Aug 25, 2018

Do Motorcycles Save You Money? Reasons to Ride (Video)

Jo Kelley

Five Reasons College Students Should Own Motorcycles

In a day and age of ever-increasing gas prices, traffic, commutes, and other vehicle-related frustrations, owning and riding a motorcycle makes a lot of sense, not just emotionally, but financially.

This time of year, there are a lot of college-age kids looking for resources and tips to save money in college. Among the tips for students to save money in college is, surprisingly, motorcycle ownership. We like to think we are fairly knowledgeable on the subject of two wheels, and encourage anyone looking to shave off a few bucks from their budget to ride a motorcycle. Not only do motorcycles save you money on purchase prices, but you save money on maintenance costs with a lower overall cost compared to a car. Aside from the money saving tips, owning a motorcycle in college allows you to explore places you’ve never been able to reach, and boost your social life as a part of the illustrious biker community.

These are only five of the many reasons to own a bike, so we'd like to share this video that presents a brief economic analysis of the cost of ownership for a motorcycle versus a car or truck, as well as the often underlooked safety aspects, and of course the ever-important biking community. BLOCKHEAD takes you on a trip (literally) while going more in-depth into these five reasons for bike ownership, letting you hear the roar and see the maneuverability of his own motorcycle while learning more about why it might be time to go out and buy your own.

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