Dec 3, 2020

DIY Motorcycle Tips: How to Remove Rust from Chrome

Ericka Ellis

How to Remove Rust for Less Than a Dollar

Some motorcycle DIYs and how-tos are easy. Like, who needs to research how to wash motorcycles, or how to check your air pressure? (Just in case, though, we have you covered.)  You know how to pick out the best ride, and what to look for in terms of quality engineering, but things like removing rust on a motorcycle can be a pain in the you-know-what.

Whether you’re restoring a neglected bike to its former glory, pulling a forgotten fella out of storage, or making do with subpar eBay aftermarket parts with thin chrome, it's time to give a little TLC.

Want to remove rust from chrome without breaking the bank? Here’s an easy idea that practically costs chump change.

Step One: Make sure there is rust.

This step is easy, right?

Step Two: Get your stuff together.

  • Diet cola: Yes, diet cola is actually good for something, and actually better than the regular stuff for once. Diet cola is less sticky than regular cola, and this will save you a lot of heartache down the line. You don’t even have to get name-brand; generic brands work fine.
  • Aluminum foil: Aluminum is soft, so it won’t scratch the chrome, but it’s abrasive enough to scrub away the rust.
  • Warm water
  • Paper towels

Step Three: Get to work.

It’s best to do this in small sections at a time. First, pour a little diet cola directly on the rust spot. Then, ball up a piece of foil and use it to scrub away the rust. I find that moving the foil in small circles works best. After that, simply rinse with warm water and wipe the area dry with paper towels.

Step Four: You're done.

Time to stare in disbelief at how quickly and easily you were able to remove rust from chrome.

Yes, this works. No, I’m not full of BS. Check out this video!

How does it work? Well, the corrosive quality of Cola is pretty legendary. Check out this experiment featured on Mythbusters.

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