Jul 3, 2017

Dictionary of Biker Terms (Part Three)

Logan Reed

Dictionary of Biker Terms: Part Three

Whether you're a veteran biker or a newbie, you're going to come across some biker lingo. And I speak from experience when I say riding is not all about keeping up on the road, but in conversation as well. This is when a motorcycle dictionary comes in handy...

Here's Part Three in our biker slang dictionary series.

Be sure to read Part One before you start jawing away with your biker buds!


Lace: To install the spokes, or, otherwise “lace a wheel.”

Lane Splitting: Driving between stopped cars in traffic.

Laughlin: Otherwise known as the Laughlin River Run, this is an annual motorcycle rally in Laughlin, NV.

Lay It Down: A crash in which a biker slides with one leg under the bike. When this is done accidentally, it's called a "low side."

Leathers: Riding clothes made of leather.

Lid: Helmet

Line: The intended path of travel.

Lone Wolf: A biker with no club affiliation.

Low Side: When a bike is laid down, and the rider slides with one leg under the motorcycle, opposite of a "High Side."


MC: A motorcycle club. This is not a “Motorcycle Gang”, as these are not admitted in motorcycle culture.

MFFM: An acronym that stands for Mongols Forever, Forever Mongols.

Meet: A scheduled social event or meeting. Not considered the same as Church.

Megaphone: A flared exhaust tip.

Metric Cruiser: A cruiser-style bike from a foreign manufacturer.

Monkey Butt: The unpleasant end result of a long ride. (Use your imagination…)

Mother: Regarding chapters of a motorcycle club, this is the original chapter.


Naked Bike: Bikes with little to no cowl or fairing.

Neck: The front of a motorcycle frame behind the steering head.

Nomad: When "Nomad" appears on a bottom rocker patch, this means that particular motorcycle club member travels between geographical chapters.


OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer.

OFFO: Outlaws Forever, Forever Outlaws.

OHC: OverHead Cam.

OHV: OverHead Valve.

OMG: Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. You won't see this advertised on patches or tattoos, but you'll see it in books and magazine articles.

Oil Bag: An oil tank.

Old Lady: A wife or long-time girlfriend.

One Off: A one-of-a-kind motorcycle.

Organ Donor: A biker who doesn't wear a helmet.

Originals: The original colors presented to a new motorcycle club member.


Patches: Emblems and symbols sewn on biker jackets and shirts, displaying an affiliation, a club, a brand, or anything that is special to the biker.

Pillion: A passenger on the motorcycle.

PMS: Parked Motorcycle Syndrome, usually the result of not being able to ride in the winter.

Poker Run: A motorcycle run involving usually five stops where you get a card. At the end of the run, the biker with the best hand wins the run.

Popping the Clutch: Rapidly letting go of the clutch. Therefore, making it possible for the motorcycle to quickly accelerate.

Poser: A wannabe biker.

Pucker factor: A very close call when riding.


Ride Captain: The ride captain opens the group ride and is up front.

Ride Lieutenant: An experienced rider who rides last in a ride-out, making sure that everything goes according to plan.

Road Rash: Scratches left by asphalt after you have been thrown off your motorcycle, high side or low side, and skidded alongside the road.

RUB: Acronym that stands for Rich Urban Biker. A biker who rides an expensive motorcycle only on the weekend, and are usually posers.


Safety Nazi: A person who rides in absolutely full safety gear, often to an extreme, obeys every law, and wants all others to do the same.

Squid: The opposite of a Safety Nazi, this is a biker who rides with no protection and rides very dangerously.


Tank Slapper: A high-speed wobble resulting in the handlebars banging against the sides of the fuel tank. Usually an extreme Pucker factor.

Twisties: A part of a road that has many curves, turns and bends.


Wannabe: Like a poser, a wannabe is a person who wants to be a real biker but doesn’t actually ride.

Wave: A rule of motorcycle etiquette, and is a greeting between bikers on the road. This involves raising a hand when passing another biker going the opposite direction.

Wrench: A mechanic.

Did I forget any must-know terms? Let me know in a comment and I will add it!

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