Jul 7, 2018

Most Common Motorcycle Superstitions (Video)

Jo Kelley

Don't Test Your Luck: Motorcycle Superstitions

When it comes down to it, either you are fiercely superstitious or not. Whether or not you believe in luck, you have to admit that the lore and origins around some of the most common superstitions and traditions can be fascinating.

There's a belief for practically everything out there, and motorcycle riders are no exception. We can all agree that black cats and broken mirrors are rarely encountered out on the road, so what are the most common motorcycle superstitions?

At the end of WWII, American soldiers who had become accustomed to motorcycles, such as scouts and runners, came back with a passion for two wheels. However, it was around this time that we see the emergence of some of today's motorcycle superstitions.

Pegs in position, helmets on your head, and tiny bells are among the topics of motorcycle lore. The history of motorcycles is full of stories like these. This video covers some of the most popular superstitious beliefs I hear from riders on the regular, if you'd like to read more about the origins and meanings of these traditions, dive in! For now, it's time to hit the road to lucky-town.  

Some riders may live and die by these beliefs, and if you're one of them, I want to hear your input! What's a motorcycle superstition that you live by? Or, are you one of those riders who think this is a bunch of bull? Leave me a comment and chime in!

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