Oct 27, 2018

Why You Should Buy a Used Harley Instead of New


Used Harley: Why it's better to buy a used motorcycle instead of new

The moment has come, and after a great deal of thought (or very little thought at all) you’ve decided that you need a motorcycle in your life. The reasons as to why you’ve come to this conclusion? Well, I doubt it’s just one single reason. Maybe you decided that the experience of driving a car is just about as exciting as watching paint dry, or grass die. Perhaps you have some friends that are involved in the motorcycle culture, and you don’t want to be the one person left out on all the fun festivities. Or, for some, maybe it really is just as simple as wanting to look like the cool rider that rules the road.

Whatever your reasoning, welcome to the first hardest choice after deciding you want a bike. No, we’re not talking about choosing a name for your bike, though that’s just as important. No, I’m talking about the decision of whether you want to buy new vs. used. Welcome to the discussion, time to play ball!

So, you want a bike, but you’ve run into the problem that all riders do. Do you want something brand new, or should you go used? Even more importantly, what brand are you looking for? Are you trying to search for cheap used Harley Davidsons, or do you want one straight from the display floor? Are you hoping to buy a Harley online from a private seller, or do you want something shipped right to your doorstep? Let’s say you’re in the market for a Harley, but you’re not sure if you want to go used or new.

Here’s why you should buy a used Harley Davidson for sale over a brand new one:

It's usually significantly cheaper.

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Frankly, I think this point alone carries enough weight. Motorcycles can be pricey, especially if you haven’t even considered the cost of your safety gear. That’s not something you’re going to want to cheap out on, because, you know, your life is kind of important. When you total everything up, it becomes a way higher price point than you were expecting. You should try to save money in any way you can, even if that means buying used. If you can get the same bike, give or take some miles, that’s on the showroom floor and $3,000 less, why wouldn’t you? Sometimes you want some riding experience on your bike, and if you can get an almost identical bike for a much less, why wouldn’t you seriously consider that? Harleys can be pretty expensive and usually hold up well, so buying a used Harley for sale could be a great choice.

You have more flexibility for bike choices.

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The choices are virtually limitless when you buy used and utilize sites that offer unconditional money-back guarantees if you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase. It also opens up the inventory potential for you so you’re not at the mercy of buying whatever is on the showroom floor. Options are great, so make the choice that gives you the most opportunities.

There is more market research and reviews for used bikes.

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This is especially true if you wanted to buy a Harley within a year, in comparison to a used Harley that’s had a couple of years to settle. Just like wine, some things do get better with time. When you give a vehicle a chance to establish itself within the market, there will be a more well-rounded opinion about that vehicle. However, if you go out right now and try to buy a 2019 Harley straight from the showroom, there won’t be many opinions on the ride because it hasn’t been given enough time to find its place. A huge plus of the motorcycle community is the honesty and willingness to help out fellow riders, so getting insight from others in the community can be the difference between a great or bad buy.

A used motorcycle is usually cheaper to customize.

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When a used Harley has been in the market for a good chunk of time, that means that more flexibility for modifications will become available. Good things come to those who wait! A brand new Harley hasn’t been given enough time in the industry to have many customization elements available that can adapt to the ride. And half the fun of owning a motorcycle is your ability to really make it your own!

When you buy a used motorcycle, you get an interesting bike.

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I’m talking about a unique ride that you aren’t likely to see on the street anywhere else, or even something a little vintage. When you buy a used Harley, there are so many unique options that you can buy. If you’re someone who’s looking for a cool story behind their bike, or for it to stand out a bit more than a brand new model, buying used is really the only way you can achieve that. Sometimes half the fun is the story behind the ride, so enjoy!

Regardless what your decision may be, just deciding that you want to take a step toward unlimited freedom is enough of a winning situation. Get the bike you love the most, and enjoy it!

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