Sep 29, 2018

Part One: Road Terms and Biker Dictionary for Beginners (Video)


Biker Terms and Road Slang Dictionary for Beginner Riders

Don’t worry, we know that being a new motorcycle rider can be a daunting task. I mean, it’s not unwarranted; It’s not like you just took on a whole new lifestyle or anything. You likely read up and researched which bikes were best for beginners, studied for and aced your safety course, and read up on the best ways to learn how to ride, but did anyone tell you about road lingo?

That's where we come in with our mission to cover all-things to do with riders both experienced and beginner! Check out this video that highlights some commonly used phrases by riders of the road, and stay tuned for parts two and three of the biker dictionary video series. Want more information? We've got that covered, too. Check out our article coverage of road terms.

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