Jun 4, 2021

A Rundown of the Best Sportbikes for Beginners


The best sportbike for beginners isn’t impossible to find.

In life, there are firsts for pretty much everything. Learning how to walk, riding a bicycle, driving a car, etc. The same goes for learning how to ride your very first motorcycle. Do you remember your first time? I sure do. It was interesting, to say the least.

For all of the youngsters out there reading, it’s always a good idea to heed advice from your elders. In the case of beginner sportbikes, this old man wants to impart some wisdom. Getting the right sportbike is about more than just how cool it looks, there are plenty of other things to consider.

Start off on the right foot; find the best sportbike for the money.

Sure, it’s great to start looking at sportbikes that sport (see what I did there?) the coolest features, but at the end of the day it’s going to come down to cost. Is it worth it to have a sleek speedometer and add-ons that will make you look like the next Evel Knievel? The short answer is no. Those can wait. But there are lots of beginner sportbikes that are easy on your wallet.

You could easily find an affordable sportbike for less than $5,000. Riding smart is about more than just exercising caution on the roads; you need to keep your bank account in mind, too.

So, what are the best beginner sportbikes that are affordable? Each of the below bikes is under $5,000:

The best sportbike for women: find your Prince Charming.

Without getting into the obvious anatomical differences, what men deem as a comfortable ride won’t be the same for women. We live in a day and age where there are all sorts of bikes that come in different shapes, sizes, and comfort levels. Honestly, after looking over the list of beginner sportbikes, any gender could appreciate these bikes if you’re a newbie rider.

Though motorcycle type, budget, and engine size are important factors in deciding what to own, seat height is an important quality that women look for in their bikes. Rideability and bikes with a big attitude are qualities that are often overlooked with women riders.  

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS
: A great starter bike by all accounts, this sportbike is one of the best in the market. And it isn’t just a great choice for women; riders of all kinds will fall in love. Tall or short, novice or expert, the Ninja can cater to all needs. Its handling, agility, and reliability are second to none. Here’s an interesting note; it’s one of the most sought after bikes among women. It boasts a comfortable seating position (31.7-inch seat height), 649cc parallel twin engine, 4.2 gallon fuel capacity and much more. It’s one of the best sportbikes for women for a reason and it shows.

Video Source: Riders Domain YouTube

Honda CBE250R: This bike is designed for the sporty rider. I’s 30.5-inch seat height offers comfort and control. It’s been described as, “Fun. Cool. Capable” and with a price tag just under $5,000 ($4,199), it’s affordable to boot. It’s perfect for beginner riders that are a little smaller than most. Its lightweight body design is Honda makes great sportbikes and this model is just another in their long line of performance-based bikes. Just like the Kawasaki Ninja, this little Honda is one of the best motorcycles for women available.

Video Source: Ride With Rahul YouTube

Let’s discuss the best sportbike for tall riders.

Just like you don’t want a car that’s too small, you certainly wouldn’t own a motorcycle that doesn’t fit your needs. It’s not a tall order (he’s got jokes) to find a bike that’s perfect for a tall person. Lucky for you, I’ve already done the research. Behold:

Suzuki SV650: Suzuki outdid itself with this sportier version of their iconic motorcycle. The performance is better and caters to taller riders. Its lightweight chassis coupled with high-strength steel frame keeps you in control and well supported. Its Low RPM Assist setting is revolutionary. It adjusts the engine’s speed takeoff and low-speed running which results in fewer stalls.

Video Source: RevZilla YouTube

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