Jan 30, 2018

The Best Motorcycle Commercials that Give You All the Feels


Ads suck, but not these funny motorcycle commercials.

Commercials. You either love them or hate them.

In the world of advertising, not all commercials are created equal. There are commercials that have a lot of thought put into them, with stories to be told, and then there are those that that are just white noise in the background.

There’s nothing worse that feeling like you’re being mentally assaulted with advertisements that don’t match anything in your life, or anything you’d ever need. We don’t like when our shows are replaced with commercials that do not pique our interest, or even relate to us. However, every once in a while, one of the best motorcycle commercials come along for us to appreciate. There might be laughs, winces, or even the threat of water leaking from your eyes (it’s not crying, your eyes are just sweating), but whatever your reaction, they’re enjoyable.

Ready to watch some selections that feel less like a commercial, and more like a short story? Grab some popcorn, and let's ride!

1. "Who's cutting onions near me?"

Video source: Ogilvy Asia

This commercial contains and battles with a whole variety of problems, like sickness, aging, and the speed at which times rushes past us. And while it’s a commercial that involves way more deep thoughts than laughs, at least the end can make you smile! It’s easy to relate to, because we know the sense of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle, and this shows that you should never have to give that up.

2. "Thanks for appreciating my ride, officer."

Video source: IIIKssrIII

There’s no denying it, when it comes to advertisements, Kawasaki commercials do a great job at making us laugh. While they’ve got a variety of funny commercials for their ‘fastest machine’ campaign, this one might just be our favorite! Though, we don’t suggest just high-fiving the cop trying to stop you, as you’ll probably wince at the speeding ticket price. But if you’ve ever wanted to brush pass an cop and impending ticket, you can just live through this commercial.

3. "The fastest tractor in the world, it must be a Kawasaki."

Video Source: M Izham

Yes, we’re sharing a Kawasaki ad again. But come on, their commercials are gold, so you really can’t blame us! We never knew a tractor could ride so fast, but we’re guessing it must be the world’s biggest secret.  

4. "Riding while blind is only a limitation if you let it."

Video Source: harleyloverforever

Okay, so we have to add the disclaimer that, no, we do not suggest riding a motorcycle if you can’t actually see the road. That is all kinds of illegal, and we don’t really need to tell you that. However, we have to give props to this commercial for figuring out a ‘legal’ way to make it happen. It’s a great commercial, especially his custom embroidered jacket.

5. "Sheep have great taste in motorcycles."

Video Source: XLadvertisingTop100

We seriously love this ad. It’s not necessarily as "hard hitting" funny as some of the other choices, but we had to include it on this list because of the idea behind it. I think it’s safe to say that, at one point or another, most riders have felt like a "black sheep" at some point in their life. This harley  black sheep ad does an awesome job of showcasing that feeling in one, visually awesome ad. And we can’t deny that the song is a perfect choice, too, because who doesn’t like Guns n’ Roses?

Regardless of the intention behind these motorcycle commercials, they’re all really well done. And if we’re honest, if other commercials had the same idea, story, and quality behind it, we might not mind as much when they interrupt our favorite shows. These are some commercials we can seriously get on board with. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them just as much as we did!

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