Jul 22, 2018

Ultimate List of ATV Riding and Off Road Trails in the U.S.

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Off Road and ATV Trails: Where can I find the best off road trails near me?

When it comes to tackling the terrain with ATV riding, the best off road trails are where it's at. There's nothing quite like taking on the mud and rough terrain in an off-road adventure, but sometimes the best ATV parks and trails in the US are found via word of mouth and reputation.

If you're looking for the best off road trails for ATV rides, check this out. We did all the hard work for you and created an ultimate list of the best ATV parks and off road riding spots in the US. Did we miss your favorite spot? Leave us a comment or send an email and we'll add it!

Where can I find off road trails near me?

Check out this list of the best ATV trails in the US. If you want more info, just click the name to go the official page.


off road trails near me | dirt bike trails in alabama

Geneva State Forest

Kingston, AL

The multiple-use trails of the Geneva State Forest wind you through pine forests on flat trails. This trail is good for beginners and is only closed in December and January.

Choccolocco Mountain ORV Park and Campground

Jacksonville, AL

Choccolocco Mountain in Jacksonville, Alabama provides camping abilities, RV hookups, a children's playground, ice, and even restrooms and showers among its amenities. All off road vehicles are welcome, and the trails range from beginner to extreme levels.

Grey Rock ORV Park

Gardendale, AL

Known as a 4x4 heaven, Gray Rock ORV Park is an Alabama Hills ORV park that is clean and well-maintained. The trails range from beginner and stock-doable, to extreme, and everything in between.

Atmore Motox Park

Atmore, AL

This trail features natural elevation changes, table tops, small doubles, and a 75' triple. There is a main track and a pee-wee track that is open to both motorbikes and quads.

Boggs and Boulders

Andalusia, AL

This 1,000 acre trail has plenty of hills to adventure over, mud holes, and a natural spring to cool off in. The store offers plenty of ATV parts and accessories for all your needs, and a cafe to grab a quick bite to eat.

Hawk Pride Mountain Off Road

Tuscumbia, AL

It's an ATV paradise with over 1,000 acres to ride on, 120 rock crawling trails, and plans to add an additional dozen trails for 4X4 adventures. This trail is open on weekend, from Friday to Sunday.

Styx River ATV Park

Robertsdale, AL

This park is the perfect option for trails that offer varying levels of difficulty! Table top jumps, mud pits, and the chance to ride through a river all offer a unique trail experience.

off road parks near me


off road trails near me | dirt bike trails in Alaska

Coal Mine Road

Fort Greely, AK

Coal Mine Road is a scenic 4x4 trail that passes eight lakes and offers great fishing and mountain views. This trail isn't usually passable until mid-summer.

Captain Cook State Recreation Area

Nikiski, AK

ATVs are permitted in designated areas around Stormy Lake. The landscape is beautiful, and wildlife sightings could include a wandering moose or bear, wolves, and even beluga whales and harbor seals that swim in the inlet waters.

Bald Mountain Trail

Wasilla, AK

This 22 mile trail takes you through a rough dirt road, wooded forest, and more technical trails that go up in elevation. At the end, you'll find yourself above the tree line headed toward Bald Mountain Ridge.

off road parks near me


off road trails near me | dirt bike trails in Arizona

Arizona Peace Trail

Quartzsite, AZ

If you're looking for a more rustic view and scenery, this Arizona trail offers an OHV loop trail system that makes it easy to ride with friends. It has thousands of miles of old mining roads and offers varying levels of difficulty for every rider.

Bulldog Canyon OHV Area

Mesa, AZ

Take your ATV through the beautiful Sonoran Desert and Goldfield Mountains on this trail, along with easy camping to enjoy with family and friends.

Rolls OHV Trailhead

Fort McDowell, AZ

This is the perfect trail to provide stunning desert views, an easy trail for those beginner riders, and a difficult trail to test even the most advanced. It's a great place for family and friends to ride together!

WildCat Pass

Scottsdale, AZ

With 100 miles of single track, great views, and versatile trail options, this is a crowd pleaser. Be careful, though-it can sometimes seem like a maze.

Hayfield Draw OHV Area

Camp Verde, AZ

A great place to ride, as long as you're mindful to watch out for some wild life. If cows are your thing, you'll be one happy camper on this trail, and the creeks give you some beautiful views!

off road parks near me


off road trails near me | ATV trails in Arkansas

Mill Creek OHV Trails

Elkins, AR

A unique trail that will lead ATV riders through mountainous terrain, hardwood forest, and mountain streams. This gravel trail can also be adjusted to short or long duration rides!

Moccasin Gap Trails

Jackson Township, AR

A perfect trail for the rider looking to be tested, Moccasin Gap offers 30+ miles of scenic trails, some of which involve waterfall sightseeing all year round.

Byrd's Adventure Center

Ozark, AR

This trail will take you around the scenic Mulberry River, all while testing your riding skills through the Ozark National Forest. This area also offers kayaking and canoeing for additional outdoor activities!

Carter Off Road Park

Alexander, AR

This park allows you to take advantage of the beautiful, central Arkansas views. The park is open all day, everyday during the week, with plenty of hills to climb and mud boggin to test your limits.

Hillarosa ATV Park

Blevins, AR

If you're looking for a trail that is nitty and gritty, this is one of the best ATV mudding trail options you can find! The offer Hillarosa offers unique trails that allow you to compete against others, so it's the perfect place to bring friends.

off road parks near me


off road trails near me | ATV trails in California

Ocotillo Wells

Borrego Springs, CA

Be warned, this area is pretty flat and the dust can tend to pick up quickly, but it's a great ride. The trails are excellently marked, so no need to fear getting lost, and it's a beautiful desert view.

Imperial Sand Dunes

El Centro, CA

If you're tired of riding trails through the woods, it might just be time to try riding some sand dunes! The views are absolutely stunning, and the fun seems never ending, but make sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Ballinger Canyon OHV Area

Ventucopa, CA

Sixty-eight miles of highly rated trails that range from beginner difficulty levels, to twisting sand washes for those that are more comfortable riders. Regardless of the trail you pick, it's a great time.

Carnegie SVRA

Tracy, CA

This area is a perfect place to visit when you're a beginner, or introducing new people to the ATV adventure world. There's plenty of hills to climb to add some difficulty, but it's otherwise an enjoyable trail to enjoy the outdoor

off road trails near me


off road trails near me | ATV trails in Colorado

Land's End Road Grand Mesa Loop

Grand Mesa, CO

Colorado is a state the provides some of the most breathtaking views in the country, and this 41.6 mile loop really lets you enjoy the beauty that Colorado has to offer. The best time to visit is from May to October, so add this to your list!

Lost Trail Road

Carbondale, CO

This is a moderate-level trail that is a great pick for those a bit more comfortable in their riding skills, and it gives you a fantastic view of the mountains. At 15.8 miles, it's a lengthy option that you're sure to enjoy.

Captain Jack's Trail

Colorado Springs, CO

As a multi-use trail, you'll be sure to see hikers, horses, dirt-bikes, and other ATVs enjoying the fun. This is a fast, singletrack trail with some uphill sections, so you might want to have some prior experience of ATV riding to enjoy this one.

off road trails near me


off road trails near me | ATV trails in Delaware

Delmarva Motorsports Park

Seaford, DE

An awesome area to teach new riders the tricks of the trade, but plenty of trail options for those that really want to pick up speed. Camping is available, too, which means an awesome time with friends and family!

off road trails near me


off road trails near me | ATV trails in florida

Tate's Hell State Forest

Carrabelle, FL

This is not a ride for the faint of heart, because it's hot, humid, and some areas aren't marked. But if you come equipped with water, you're really looking to test your abilities, and you're not too afraid of running into gators, this trail with be perfect for you.

Mallory Swamp ATV Trail

Mayo, FL

You'll be able to see some great Florida wildlife, and really push yourself on this 35 mile trail. When it rains, the trail can get flooded and muddy, but isn't that half the fun of ATVs? It's closed from September to April for hunting season.

Big Scrub Recreation Area

Umatilla, FL

This trail likes to test your skills right from the start, but then ease into a more enjoyable ride. As long as you can make it past the first few miles, it's all beautiful Florida smooth sailing from there! There's picnic tables and bathrooms to use, so don't be afraid to make this adventure an all day thing!

Bone Valley ATV Park

Fort Meade, FL

This 200-acre area includes 15 different trails to choose from, whether you're looking for hill climbs or smoother riding. They have Military discounts, too!

Crooked Creek Mud Bogg

Carrabelle, FL

If you're really looking to get down and dirty, these deep mud pits are going to make you one happy camper. Your ATV skills will really be tested here, and if you're not looking to make a mess, this might not be the right pick for you.

off road trails near me


off road trails near me | ATV trails in georgia

Oakey Mountain OHV Trails

Lakemont, GA

Time to enjoy the beautiful, green rolling hills, with two seperate trails to choose between. The are rocky and steep trails, so make sure you ride in with confidence. These trails are closed from January to March.

Beasley Knob OHV Trail System

Blairsville, GA

This is not the best spot for beginner riders, because its 11 miles of rocky and steep riding can be difficult for even the most seasoned riders. If you think you're an ATV pro, this might just be the area to test that thought.

Moto Mountain Park

Fairmount, GA

73 miles of beautiful trail options means fun, fun, and more fun. As one of Georgia's top off-road parks, you're going to want to try this one out. It's got some deep mud riding, and even zip lines if you're looking to test your adrenaline in other ways!

Big Nasty ATV Park

Bloomingdale, GA

20 miles of different ATV trail choices, along with mud bogs, means that you won't want to leave this place any time soon. It has track choices for those not looking to push it, and plenty of choices for those that are all about testing the boundaries.

East Coast Off Road Park

Hortense, GA

This is a ride that's perfect for those wanting to become one with their surroundings. The 450 acre area has 100 acres of scattered lakes and waterways to ride through, so expect to get a little wet on this ride!

Fat Daddy's ATV Park

Waycross, GA

No weekend or monthly closing means that this park is a consistently awesome option. It has 500 acres of wood trails, sand hills, and mud pits. You can ride along the Satilla River, too, so there's plenty of scenery to enjoy!

Possum Creek ATV Park

Ray City, GA

While this park is an awesome choice, it's only open for business during the second and fourth weekend of each month. But if you wait it out, its mud bogs and water riding is worth the waiting involved!

off road trails near me


ATV trails near me | off road trails in Hawaii

Kualoa Ranch Tours

Kaneohe, HI

As if anyone had to tell you about the scenic views, your surroundings while riding will be stunning. There're various different trails to choose between, whether you're looking to ride deep in the jungle, or get a look at some of the native wildlife. Whatever you pick, you can't go wrong.

Kipu Ranch Tours

Lihue, HI

This is a very family friendly tour, and while it a guided, there's still enough ATV riding freedom to give you your fill. You'll get to experience various different difficulty levels of riding, all while enjoying the views and native wildlife.

off road trails near me


ATV trails near me | off road trails in Idaho

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

St. Anthony, ID

If you've ever wanted to ATV along sand dunes, the title of this area says it all! It's a relaxing ride because of the hills and soft sand, just make sure you bring some goggles or glasses as added protection.

Magruder Road Corridor

Elk City, ID

The 122.5 mile trail is perfect for varying experience levels, and it settles in right within the river, which makes for a great time. If you want to make a day out of it and enjoy some fly fishing, you can kill two birds with one stone on this ride. Well, two fish.

Claypeak Recreation Area

Payette, ID

This 200 acre ATV park is going to be open all year-round, so you don't have to worry about missing out on this experience. It has added doubles, challenging sweepers, and multiple tabletops to enjoy!

Devil's Corral

Jerome, ID

The Snake River will provide an awesome scenic point for you on this trail, but if you're afraid of heights, you might want to pick one of the easier trails here. Some will get pretty close to the edge, so if you're not as skilled as you'd like to admit, try not to test it!

off road tracks for quads


ATV trails near me | off road trails in illinois

South Fork Dirt Riders

Taylorville, IL

A great place operated by great people, and with enough mud events to make anyone happy. If you're looking to get down and dirty, this is exactly the kind of trail you'll enjoy.

Little Egypt OHV Area

Marion, IL

This 900 acres trail gives you enjoy space to feel like you're venturing out on a solo trip, but if you bring family friends. it's perfect for everyone. Fifty miles of trail options means something for everyone!

Mill Creek Park

Marshall, IL

If you're looking for a place that's an awesome option for a full weekend stay, this will be right up your alley. There's plenty of trails to enjoy for your ATV adventures, a beautiful scenic lake to enjoy, and tons of cabins to make your stay an eventful one!

Atkinson Motorsports Park

Atkinson, IL

Placed on an old coal processing facility, this park ensures a unique and difficult riding experience. If you're all about seeking your own adventure out, this park has 100 acres of completely undiscovered timber territory, along with trails to ride on.

Byron Motorsports Park

Byron, IL

As one of the oldest motocross tracks and trails, this park has a ton of history and knows how to make for a fun experience. Whether you're looking for a more man made, groomed track experience, or off into the woods, it's a great time.

Coyote ATV Trails

Coulterville, IL

This park will offer you 10 miles of various different ATV tracks, along with a motocross track to experience. Don't worry, it's not "competition style" and is fun to ride on. There's plenty of hills to jump, so if you're looking for some air, look no further.

Ki Tracks ATV Park

Oregon, IL

When it comes to family friendly parks that cater to those who might not be as experience on ATVs, this is a great option. It offers safe and natural terrain to ride on, along with some slight elevation changes. It's a simple and enjoyable ride!

off road tracks for quads


ATV trails near me | off road trails in indiana

Badlands Off Road Park

Attica, IN

This park has it all, right down to fully equipped houses and showers to rent for an extended stay. And with the beautiful scenery offered here, you'll want to stay as long as you can! If you're more of a racer, there's a full sized MX track to enjoy!

Interlake State Recreation Area

Lynnville, IN

At Interlake Park, there's not much more you can ask for! It's equipped with several rocky areas to test your skills, grassy hills to glide over, open pits to test your limits, and beautiful lakes to enjoy riding along.

Haspin Acres

Laural, IN

This park adapts easily to all different types of off-road vehicles, so if you're just looking for overall adventure, you've come to the right place. A trail ride through the woods promises various degree of difficulty, so you'll have to stay on your toes!

off road tracks for quads


ATV trails near me | off road trails in iowa

Gypsum City OHV Park

Fort Dodge, IA

Once an old mining area, this trail is deep in history and stellar trails. It's 15 miles of beautiful woodland riding, plenty of mud pits, and a great campground for extended stay!

River Valley OHV Park

Council Bluffs, IA

This is going to be for the water lovers, because this 300 acre park is right on the banks of the Missouri River. That means amazing views, and some dirt and sand centric riding!

Lakeview OHV Park

Solon, IA

The park includes 147 acres of awesome off-roading experience, along with different courses to run and compete on with your friends and family. The soil can quickly turn into mud on this course, so if you don't care about getting a little dirty, this is a great ride.

Bluff Creek ATV Park

Eddyville, IA

The trail is an abandoned strip mine, and it has 20 miles of steep hill climbs, motocross tracks, and plenty of deep pits. They have a notoriously challenging track entitled "Gravity Cavity", so if you're looking to test your skills, you won't be disappointed here.

off road tracks for quads


ATV trails near me | off road trails in kansas

Tuttle Creek ORV Area

Randolph, KS

Don't let the name fool you, because Tuttle Creek doesn't mess around. It has steep hills, rock climbs, sharp turns, deep ruts, and plenty of mud pits to get stuck in. The best part is that it's free to ride at, as long as you're there within daylight hours!

Kansas Rocks Recreation Park

Mapleton, KS

This park has a variety of different off-road centric events to attend, including charity events like "Crawling For Down Syndrome Benefit Run". They have plenty of maps around the trails to make sure you get where you need to go, and there's plenty of mud to kick around!

Bogie's Adventures

Latham, KS

This trail offers 5.3 miles of long wood loops, along with shallow creek driving and elevation changes. High rain levels make the entrance bridge difficult to pass, so make sure you call ahead of time to check!

off road tracks for quads


ATV trails near me | off road trails in kentucky

Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park

Lockport, KY

If you're looking for a trail that seems to go on endlessly, this 43,000 acre reclaimed coal land trail is probably just what you're looking for. You'll get a scenic view as you ride through the forest, and there's plenty of water crossings to test your skills.

Turkey Bay OHV Area

Murray, KY

Turkey Bay offers some trails that a little more challenging than others in the area, so you'll want to ride into this one with a little bit of experience under your belt. There's steep rutted hill climbs and mud pits to get stuck in, so come test your skills!

Black Mountain Off Road Adventure Area

Evarts, KY

The name says it all, so if you're expecting easy and flat terrain to enjoy a simple ride on, you're going to want to look somewhere else. You'll get to see some awesome views on your ride, but don't let your eyes wonder too much, because this ride will involve all you've got.

Big Dog OHV Route

London, KY

While this trail may only be 2.7 miles long, don't let the distance make you think it's an easy one. It's a trail that consists of old logging roads along a creek, which means you'll need more confident riding than you think. Keep it mind that ATVs must be less than 50" wide to be allowed into the park!

Dirty Turtle Off Road Park

Bedford, KY

At 270 acres, this trail will have you racing through endless mud bogs and steep terrain. If you're looking for something a bit more man made, their two motocross tracks also promise a good time. It's only open during the weekends, so plan accordingly!

atv trails near me


ATV trails near me | louisiana four wheeler trails

Muddy Bottoms Recreation Park

Springhill, LA

The name suggests mudd, and they're not lying. This is a park that's going to leave you very dirty, but it's all in good fun! This park is constantly expanded with no hints at stopping, so enjoy everything they have to offer.

Claiborne Multi-Use Trails

Forest Hill, LA

While this trail is pretty flat, it throws in a variety of twist and turns to really keep you on your toes. The best part about this park? It's free! This park can flood easily during heavy raining, so make sure you call ahead to see if they're still operating.

Cooterville Mud Rides

Tallulah, LA

This is a great spot for riding and camping, but don't expect to leave without a little dirt and mud on you. It's 25 miles of fun trail riding, but it's only open on the weekends, so keep that in mind before you head on over there!

Belle Rose

Tallulah, LA

While this park has a brief period of closure, it has reopened and is better than ever. The park focuses on main track riding, and it's well groomed to ensure that every experience there is one worth riding. The park is only during select weekends, so be sure to check their calendar and call ahead.

Catahoula Recreation Club

Sicily Island, LA

This track doesn't mess around with its tall hill climbs, challenging single track trails, and water crossings. It will really test your ATV skills, and you'll have a blast during the whole thing. This park is only available through appointment.

atv trails near me


ATV trails near me | off road trails in maine

Katahdin Lodge

Moro Plantation, ME

This trail is open all year-round, so you won't have to worry about timing or make any kind of reservations! It offers direct access to hundreds of miles of ATV trails, from streams and waterfalls, to forests and dirt roads.

Rocky Mountain Trail Park

South Carthage, MA

The Rocky Mountain Terrain Park will give you 700 acres of beautiful wood trails for all different types of off-road vehicles. There's even a rock crawling section to enjoy and test you skills, and are even looking to add log cabins for extended stays at the park.

Barnyard All Terrain

Livermore, MA

If there's one focus point this park should be known for, it's for its mud! It has several mud bogs, and even hosts different drag races. Just make sure you check their calendar, because they're only open on select weekends.

atv trails near me


ATV trails near me | off road trails in maryland

John's Rock ORV Trail

Frostburg, MD

John's Rock Trail is a newer addition to the area, but it can compete with even the best of them. It has light elevation changes that every skill level can handle, just make sure you call ahead to make a reservation for yourself and friends.

Meadow Mountain Trail System

Grantsville, MD

The best thing about this trail is that it's open all year long, and sports a 3 mile long 4x4 trail to enjoy. Make sure any OHVs have a maryland ORV sticker displayed, or you may not be permitted to ride in this park.

atv trails near me


ATV trails near me | off road trails in massachusetts

Pittsfield State Forest

Pittsfield, MA

If you love riding an ATV in a beautiful and scenic forest, Pittsfield State is a great option. Is has 16 miles of winding ATV trails that are perfect for every level of rider. You'll need a permit to ride here, so make sure you stop by the ranger station on Cascade Street.

Beartown State Forest

Monterey, MA

This forest is very dense and is most fitting for those that are technically advanced on an ATV, so proceed with caution. It's a great place to enjoy some fishing, too, so have at it!

October Mountain State Forest

Lee, MA

This park offers some of the longest trails in the area, at just around 16,000 acres, which means that you better be in it for the long hall. It's has some pretty rocky terrain, so it's likely not best for a rider without experience. It's only open from May to November, so plan accordingly.

Bonny Rigg Campground

Becket, MA

Located in the Berkshire Mountains, this trail becomes a beautiful and scenic ride throughout multiple times in the year. The ATV trails in this park are pretty rocky, so proceed with caution. This campground all offers hot showers and fishing streams, so it's a great place to stay for a bit.

atv trails near me


four wheeler trails near me | off road trails in michigan

Bundy Hill Off Road Park

Jerome, MI

This area was previously for mining just 55 years ago, and now it's become an off-road park that offers a unique riding experience because of the territory it's on. If you're interested in some deep water crossings, this park is going to be exactly what you're looking for.

Ambrose Lake State Forest Campground

Rose City, MI

Almost 9 miles of ATV trails along the Ambrose Lake makes for an eventful ride, so this is a trail you're going to want to adventure on. They even have campground areas for camping, just in case you want to really dive into the experience.

Baja Acres

Millington, MI

This trail has 80 acres to ride on, along with small bodies of water options to enjoy things like fishing. It's not too difficult of a trail to ride, so if you're looking for something that everyone will enjoy, this should be up your alley! It's only available on select weekends, so check ahead of time.

Baraga Plains ATV Trail

Watton, MI

The Baraga Plains Trail consists of a 27 mile loop that's open to off-road vehicles that are less than 50 inches wide. This is a two-way trail, so if you're a person that's likely to get distracted, you'll want to keep that in mind.

atv trails near me


four wheeler trails near me | off road trails in minnesota

Spider Lake OHV Area

Moose Lake, MN

This trail sports 29 miles of trails to enjoy, some of which loop around bodies of water and ponds. It has some light to moderate hill climbs, so this might not be the ideal trail for someone with no ATV riding experience.

Appleton Area Recreation OHV Park

Saint Cloud, MN

This used to be the location of a gravel mine, which means it has a unique experience and atmosphere that other trails don't. It's open year-round and has 30 miles of trails, some of which include sand dunes. It's only open during the day, so don't go riding on over there once the sun is setting, because you'll be turned away.

Elk River Extreme Motor Park

Elk River, MN

If you're looking for a park that's not just great for riding, but great for motorsports events, this is an area you're going to have a lot of fun with. It's got some awesome trails to ride on for varying levels of difficulty, and they keep the tracks very well maintained.

Elk River Extreme Motor Park

Elk River, MN

If you're looking for a park that's not just great for riding, but great for motorsports events, this is an area you're going to have a lot of fun with. It's got some awesome trails to ride on for varying levels of difficulty, and they keep the tracks very well maintained.

atv trails near me


four wheeler trails near me | off road trails in mississippi

Barnyard Mudboggers

Fulton, MS

You'll get 715 acres of hills trail, mud, and camping when you visit this spot. It's a great time for family and friends, and it's 60 trail options ensures that there's options for all levels of riding skills. Bring your camper or tent and make a weekend out of it!

Burdens Creek

Mt Olive, MS

If you're not one looking to get wet, this trail might not be what you're looking for. But if you're all for the fun of it, this area has everything you can want. It has 350 acres of wood trails, creek crossings, and numerous ponds to cross through. Dress to prepare!

Bethel ATV Trail

Saucier, MS

Bethel Trail is an awesome option for those that are new to ATV riding, because it has 37 miles of smooth trails to enjoy. There's no sections that are too challenging to a new rider, and it has beautiful views to enjoy, too.

Copiah Creek Campground

Georgetown, MS

If you're a water lover, this trail is going to leave you happy. It has 300 acres of creek crossing and mud bogs to really understand how skilled of a rider you are, and it's open during most weekends.

atv trails near me


four wheeler trails near me | off road trails in missouri

Flat Nasty Off Road Park

Jadwin, MO

This park offers over 850 acres of beautiful wood trails, along with a great view of the Ozark Mountains. It's a great place to camp, as well, as long as weather permits. The weekends can get a bit crowded here, so if that's your plan, make sure you call ahead before you head on over there.

St. Joe State Park

Park Hills, MO

St. Joe offers up 2,000 acres of wood trails, sand flats, and hill climbs to test your ATV skills on! It's open year-round for your enjoyment, but summer tends to pick up quickly, so it never hurts to reserve a spot for family and friends. And if you're looking to cool down, this spot has two beaches to enjoy.

Bricks Off Road Park

Poplar Bluff, MO

This park was once a working farm, so if that should tell you anything about what to expect, you won't be leaving here very clean. It's open during select weekends and includes rocky hill trails to ride on, a creek, and tons of mud bogs to test your skills.

atv trails near me


four wheeler trails near me | off road trails in montana

Shepherd Ah Nei Recreation Area

Billings, MT

Shepherd Ah Nei has 50 miles of trails and over 1,062 acres of riding to enjoy. It has some slight elevation changes, but overall, it's not a ride that's going to be too challenging or difficult to handle. There's no running water here, so make sure you're prepared.

Ashley Lake OHV Trail System

Kalispell, MT

Some riders might think that just 7 miles of riding trails isn't enough, but when you pair it with some difficult elevated riding and jaw dropping views, there's not much to complain about. June is going to be prime time for this trail, and if you're visiting during hunting season, just make sure to call ahead and check that you're in the clear.

Electric City Dirt Riders

Great Falls, MT

While this might be an area more for those that love motocross, that doesn't mean it doesn't have some fun trails for ATV riding. You'll also get a great view of the Missouri River on your adventure, and it's the perfect place to bring family. Remember not to show up without a helmet, as it will be required for riding.

atv trails near me


four wheeler trails near me | off road trails in nebraska

Off Road Ranch

Norfolk, MT

This is a great option if you want to catch some air on your ATV, as this park features 30 acres of trail riding, along with some freestyle ramps to try out. You can camp here, as well, and it's open all year-round.

atv trails near me


four wheeler trails near me | off road trails in nevada

Cold Creek

Las Vegas, NV

This trail is in a pretty remote area of Nevada, but that just means there are endless miles to enjoy the views. The trail winds through the Spring Mountains and the terrain is mostly rugged and hardpack and the trail isn't too difficult to handle. Just be sure to pack enough water to keep yourself hydrated!

Eldorado Canyon

Dayton, NV

This area is a great choice for the views alone, and they also conduct mine tours that you won't want to miss out on. And when it comes to the trail, you get exactly what you want, along with a difficulty level that might surprise you. It's also right along the Colorado River, so you can't beat the scenery!

Amargosa Dunes

Amargosa Valley, NV

Amargosa Dunes gives you a riding experience with some serious air, all because of the sand dunes to enough along the ATV trails. It doesn't get very crowded here, so you can typically enjoy the area all to yourself. Sedona Cyclones are often suggested for places like this, just so your ATV doesn't overheat.

off road trails in nh

New Hampshire

off road trails in new hampshire | four wheeler trails near me

Big Rock Campground

North Stratford, NH

Big Rock is a great place to settle down to camp at, and with just over 1,000 miles of different ATV trails to explore, you won't be able to see it all in just one day or visit. There's plenty of hookups for water and electricity for your RVs, too, so come enjoy!

Ammonoosuc Recreation Trail

Lisbon, NH

This 19 mile trail uses multiple different access points, and it has some serious elevation changes. There's some bridge riding, as well, to get over the Ammonoosuc River. If you're looking for speed, this trail has a 25-mph speed limit, so this will be for those just looking to enjoy the views.

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New Jersey

off road trails in new jersey | four wheeler trails near me

Ready to Ride, Off Road PALS

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

This is a very family friendly area to enjoy, and it's very ATV oriented. They're open seven days a week, and only close on specific holidays, so you don't have to worry about booking ahead. You're going to need your own ATV here, as there's no renting options, but the views will be worth it.

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New Mexico

off road trails in new mexico | four wheeler trails near me

Hackberry Lake

Carlsbad, NM

If you're looking for some desert riding, look no further than New Mexico. This trail has 100 miles of desert trails to enjoy, all of which can become pretty rocky. If you don't mind the heat and love dirt riding, you'll be very happy here. Just be careful you're not wandering onto some of the private property in the area.

Red Sands OHV Area

Alamogordo, NM

While this area might not having any tall dunes to get some serious air over, you'll find that riding in the sand is more difficult than you think. This trail is going to demand you to stay focus and have good control over your ride. Be careful of the bombing range nearby, and pack a serious amount of water.

Aden Hills OHV Area

Las Cruces, NM

Aden Hills has 8,700 acres of land to enjoy, and it's really catered to those that have a serious need for speed. There's not a lot of shade here, and you'll tire more quickly than you think, so be sure to come prepared with plenty of water. The best part? It's open all year-round!

Benson Ridge

Cloudcroft, NM

This is a great, leisurely trail to enjoy along the northern side of the Upper Rio Penasco Road! It has 17 miles of ATV trails, all of which form into long and twisty loops through grassy meadows, canyons, and pine forests. There's even a scenic waterfall to enjoy along the hiking trail!

Cedro Peak

Tijeras , NM

If you're looking for an awesome trail that can be adapted to varying levels of riding experience, Cedro Peak is a real winner. It's part of the Cibola National Forest and offers 80 miles of ATV trails. This trail can be completed pretty quickly, so you won't have to worry about making it a full weekend experience.

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New York

off road trails in new york | four wheeler trails near me

Tall Pines ATV Park

Andover, NY

New York is a stunning area to be in, and Tall Pines Park is no exception to that. Located on a family farm, it offers 60 miles of wood trails to enjoy from 9 AM to sunset. It's a seriously fun ride with views all around. Since New York winters can get pretty brutal, the park is open from May until hunting season.

Demon Run ATV Trails

Bath, NY

This area offers 20 miles of wood trails, grassy meadows, and scenic forest on 1,000 acres. The trails provide a mixed variety of options for riders of all experience levels, so this is a perfect place for family and friends. This trail is open all year-round from 9 AM to sunset, except during hunting season, so make sure you call ahead to check.

ATV Trails and Park, Hill Town Riders

East Nassau, NY

While this is a trail that's only going to be open to members, it's worth it to get the membership and enjoy. It's near Albany, and you really can't get much better scenery than that. It has over 20 miles of trails on 2,000 acres, and they range from easy to difficult. Guest passes are offered during certain times, so make sure you call ahead to find out the details.

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North Carolina

off road trails in north carolina | four wheeler trails near me

Uwharrie OHV Trail System

Troy, NC

We're not going to lie, this can be a very touchy trail for ATV rides. Let's just say that Jeeps can struggle with the terrain this area has to offer. It includes deep ruts, seasonal mud fits, and shallow stream crossings. You must purchase a OHV Trail Pass to ride along here, so keep that in mind.

Busco Beach ATV Park

Goldsboro, NC

This ATV park is situated right along a lake and sandy beach area, so expect a lot of deep water riding. It includes mud and sand pits, hills climbs, and might not be the easiest thing to handle for beginner riders.

East Bend Motorsports

East Bend, NC

This area is a very family friendly area, so if you're looking for something that will cater to varying levels of riding, look no further. Plus, you really can't meet the views that North Carolina has to offer. And if you're just looking to watch some fun entertainment, come out and enjoy a motorsports practice.

Outback ATV Park

Laurinburg, NC

Outback Park has 800 acres of trails, ponds, mud bogs, and sand pits to get down and dirty in. This is not a place you should expect to leave perfectly clean, but that's half the fun in an ATV ride. It even has a peewee track for child riders!

Midway Hunting and ATV Club

Bolivia, NC

At 4,000 acres of wood trails to adventure on, this ride will become an all day thing to experience. They even have seven mud bogs and deep water crossings, so you'll really be able to test your skills on this trail. Call ahead to make sure you're not falling into hunting season time.

Lake Houser ATV Park

Mooresboro, NC

Open year-round, this 660 acre park offers a variety of hill climbs and wood trail riding to enjoy. The park hovers around the Broad River, which means you'll get to ride through some creeks that run through the property. This is a cash only property, so keep that in mind before heading over.

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North Dakota

off road trails in north dakota | four wheeler trails near me

Kimball Bottoms OHV Area

Bismarck, ND

This area borders the Missouri River and has over 400 acres of trails, sand bars, and even some islands you can access if you're really seeking adventure. While the trails are open all year-round, it can sometimes be prone to flooding, so make sure you check ahead.

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jeep trails in ohio | public atv trails in ohio

Renegade Ridge

Bloomingdale, OH

While this trail is only open during select weekends, it has 1,500 acres of off-road park to explore and enjoy. This includes wood trails, mud bogs, and some challenging hill climbs to test your ATV skills. Call ahead to see what their availability looks like!

Perry State Forest

New Lexington, OH

This area was once an active coal mine, which makes for a really unique trail riding experience. It offers 60 miles of rugged ATV trails, ranging from hard pack to rocky terrain, both of which will test you when the elevation changes are thrown in there. The best part? There's no fee to ride! It's open to use from April to November.

Beans Bike Park

Dennison, OH

Beans Bike Park showcases scenic rolling hills to enjoy on its 100 acres of trail. There's a brand new peewee track for younger ATV riders to enjoy and learn the ropes, along with separate beginner and advanced loops for riders. While the ATV trails are open daily, the motocross tracks are only open on the weekends.

Bear Creek Amphitheatre

East Sparta, OH

This trail is located about one mile east of the Bear Creek Resort, which means that there are several different creek crossings to enjoy. It has 26 miles of marked wood trails, a motocross track, and a 250-foot hill climb. The trails are open all year-round during the weekend, and during the week for reserved rides.

Crow Canyon Motorsports Club

Uhrichsville, OH

You'll need to be a member to join in on this trail ride, but it's worth it. It offers 400 acres of wood trails, along with two different tracks to choose from, based on your experience level. It's a beautiful area along the canyon that's a great ride for all types of experience levels, so enjoy.

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off road trails in oklahoma | four wheeler trails near me

Lake Murray State Park

Ardmore, OK

This place is stunning and needs to be on every ATV lovers list of spots to ride. Lake Murray covers about 12,500 acres, and almost half of that is the lake itself. It is a fantastic campground that needs multiple days of ATV riding to venture through the woods, so it's in your best interest to make this an all weekend thing!

Appalachia Bay ORV Area

Shady Grove, OK

While this area might be known as "Motorcycle Island," it's not too far off to change the name to "ATV Island." The bay creates an actual island that's separated from the rest of land, and it offers varying degrees of challenging terrain, all of which will test even the most experienced riders.

Big Red Off Road Park

Macomb, OK

This area is open during most weekends, depending on the weather and potential flooding points, and it consists of 12-miles of wood trails, hill climbs, creeks, and canyons. If you're a pretty experienced riding, this is an area you'll love, but it might be challenging to those who are a little new to the hobby.

Cross Bar Ranch

Davis, OK

This right is tough, so it's really not going to be catered towards people who are new to ATVs. It has about 150-miles of terrain that ranges from grassy and open hills to huge rocky hill climbs that can test even the best riders. It's a great spot to hosts family events, too, with multiple grill options and electric hookups.

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off road trails in oregon | four wheeler trails near me

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Reedsport, OR

This area is special because it's one of the largest expanses of temperate coastal sand dunes in the world. And if dunes mean anything, it should mean fun ATV riding. There are very few places that you get to experience riding along a coastline, into the forest, and over dunes, all in one area. It's 31,500-acres, and this needs to be on every ATV lovers bucket list.

Browns Camp OHV Area

Forest Grove, OR

This is a perfect place for newer ATV riders that are becoming more comfortable with their riding skills, and want to start testing them out. It provides tons of fun trail options in the dense parts of the woods, and along creeks. It's a beautiful area to ride and a beautiful area to camp, so bring friends and family!

Camp Dakota

Scotts Mills, OR

Camp Dakota is located in the Western Cascade Foothills, an hour out of Portland, and the views are something out of a postcard. It has 45 acres of forest to explore and ATV through, all of which have trails suitable for every type of rider. They're open all year-round and are open to the public so that you won't need a membership here. It's great for camping, too!

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off road trails in pennsylvania | four wheeler trails near me

Mines and Meadows ATV Park

Wampum, PA

This off-road experience is perfectly marked, so unlike some trail options, getting lost won't be a problem. The trails wind through lush green forest with hill climbs, mud bogs, and rock crawling. And if you need to cool down in the summer heat, there are several creek crossings that leave you a little more than wet. The park is closed in the first two weeks of December for non-members, but other than that, you're free to enjoy!

Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

Coal Township, PA

Anthracite offers 6,500 acres of trail to enjoy, some of which includes scattered rock gardens, deep mud holes, and steep hill climbs! There are trail options of all levels of ATV experience, and there are even some areas that aren't marked, so proceed with caution. There's camping, too, so make it an all day thing!

Bayview OHV Area

Sharpsville, PA

Located in the western shores of Shenango River Lake, this 200 acres area has more hill climbs than you've ever thought possible. The trails aren't too challenging to travel over, so this is great for a beginner rider that wants to be tested. The trails are closed from October 1st through Memorial Day weekend, so keep that in mind.

Breezewood Proving Grounds

Clearville, PA

Breezewood features 3 different motocross tracks to enjoy, along with plenty of trail space to really get a grip and understanding of ATV riding. It's a great place to bring the family, even the younger ones, without having to worry about wandering off of trail territory.

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Rhode Island

off road trails in rhode island | four wheeler trails near me

There is currently no listing of ATV trails in Rhode Island. Do you know of any we should add? Let us know!

best off road trails in the us

South Carolina

off road trails near me | 4 wheeler trails in sc

Carolina Adventure World

Winnsboro, SC

Carolina Adventure World has over 100 miles of trails on 2,600 acres, and while it might sound more like a theme park, these trails are no joke. THey'll include creek crossings, mud bogs, and bridge crossings in the deep woods settings. It's kept very well maintained and is a perfect option for camping, too!

Battery Park Off Road

Nesmith, SC

It's a beautiful area because it's so close to Myrtle Beach, and it really is an ATV heaven. It has 30-miles of enduro style singletrack, 10-miles of quad trails, and it's the perfect place to test your speed. The park is only open on the weekends, and if you're planning to go in August, you'll want to call ahead and book a reservation.

Gulches ORV Park

Waterloo, SC

While this off-road park might only consist of 80 acres, it's riddled with plenty of obstacles to make you feel like it's a whole lot longer. It's traditionally geared towards jeeps, so that should give you a basic idea of the difficulty level to expect.

best off road trails in the us

South Dakota

off road trails near me | dirt bike trails in south dakota

Black Hills National Forest

Custer, SD

Black Hills National Forest might just be one of the most beautiful areas you can ATV on. The views are stunning, and you'll feel so far removed from the worries of the rest of the world. It is 1.2 million acres of forested hills and mountains, and it's the perfect place for an ATV ride. This will be an all weekend thing to enjoy, so enjoy so camping there while you're at it!

Talsmas Trail Park

Avon, SD

While this trail might be open during weekends only, it's something you're going to have a blast on. It's located near Hereford cattle ranch, so you'll want to keep your eyes open for any roadblocks. It has awesome views and is perfect for an easier ride. They accept cash online, so be prepared before coming!

Shanks Quarry Motorized Trailhead

Rapid City, SD

Shanks Quarry is an excellent option for those ATV riders that are still trying to get a grip on things, and it has 15-miles of easy riding to enjoy. If you'd rather be thrown into a serious ATV test, this might not be for you, but it's perfect for those looking to enjoy the views and the ride.

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off road trails near me | dirt bike trails in tennessee

Brimstone Recreation Area

Huntsville, TN

This park has over 300-miles that wind through 20,000 acres of mountain, woods, and trails to test out your ATV skills. Each trail is marked and rated, so you'll know exactly what to expect before embarking on a new road. Visitors must check in at the gas station in order to ride, so keep that in mind before heading to the trails.

Ride Royal Blue

Pioneer, TN

This is a very family oriented ATV resort and has an amazing 800-mile trail system. The trails are marked and rated for difficulty level, so you won't be left having to guess, and there are beautiful scenic loops to ride and enjoy. It's great for camping, too!

Trails End Campground

Huntsville, TN

The Trails End Campground offers direct access to over 600-miles of trail systems to enjoy. THere's even a motocross track available, along with RV hookups and cabin rentals so that you can easily spend the night there. A TWRA permit will be required to ride, which you can easily purchase online on their website.

Adventure Off Road Park

South Pittsburg, TN

The Adventure Off-Road Park offers 500 acres of off-road experience, along with 120-miles of a designated trail for all vehicle type. There's plenty of rugged and steep hill climbs, mud pits, and rock gardens to enjoy. The park is only open without a reservation from Friday to Sunday, so if you want to ride during the week, call to book a spot!

Bikini Bottoms Off Road Park

Dyersburg, TN

While this park might only be open during the weekends, it's a great time and involves getting down and dirty. So if you're not interested in getting a little muddy on your ride, this might not be the spot for you. It borders the Obion River and has miles of deep mud pits, along with a zip line!

Hale Mountain OHV Park

Elora, TN

Located on the Alabama and Tennessee border, this 400-acre trail is open for business during the second weekend of every month. It's a favorite spot, so if you want to ride without dealing with too much traffic, show up early! It has 40-miles of trails to enjoy, along with rock gardens to test your skills on.

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off road trails near me | dirt bike trails in texas

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Marble Falls, TX

Hidden Falls offers 240-miles of trails on 3,000 acres of land. The trials are marked based on their difficulty level, so this is a great potential place to bring some family or friends. This is near a pistol range, so you'll want to stay mindful or your surrounding for safety concerns. Overall, it's an excellent time with awesome views!

River Run ATV Park

Jacksonville, TX

This trail is along the scenic Neches River, and it is private 2,000 acre land for all your off-road adventures. There are several mud bogs and deep water crossings, so if you're looking to get wet, look no further. Swimming is permitted in this area, too, with rope swings to enjoy!

Red Sands

El Paso, TX

If you're looking for a desert aesthetic, you've got it. This trail offers plenty of dunes to get air off of that will really test your ATV skills. But it gets hot fast, so make sure to bring along the water. But if you forget, there's a small snack shop to stock up.

Brushy Creek Motor Farm

Royse City, TX

Brushy Creek might not be as large as some other trail options, but it's a space and trail choice that really caters towards speed. It has 8-miles of trails to charge on, over 100 acres of a track, and it's an awesome place to learn how to gather your bearing on an ATV.

Childress ATV Park

Childress, TX

This is a sprawling area that offers around 16-miles of ATV trails, along with a separate motocross track to enjoy, too! It's open for riding Thursday through Sunday, and they have camping options with their RV sites and electric and water hookups.

Creekside Edge Off Road Park

Splendora, TX

Creekside Edge has 350 acres of off-road park that is open to all different types of off-road vehicles. You can enjoy riding on their sandy wood trails, mud bogs, water crossings, and hills. The park is only open during the weekend from 12 PM to 6 PM, and expect some crowds if you don't show up at 12 PM on the dot!

General Sam's ATV and Off Road Park

Huntsville, TX

General Sam's is located North of Houston and has about 60 miles of wood trails, pits, and mud bogs. It accepts all different types of off-road vehicles, including trucks, jeeps, ATVs, UTVs, and dirt-bikes. The park is open for riding from Tuesday through Sunday, and has plenty of restrooms to use, too!

best off road trails in the us


off road trails near me | dirt bike trails in utah

Fillmore KOA Journey

Fillmore, UT

This area gives you access to the Paiute Trail, and it's a very family friendly area. It's perfect for camping, and they've even added a dog park so that you can bring along your four-legged friend! There's plenty of trail options for all your ATV needs, and most are perfect for those riders that might not have much experience under their belt.

Poison Spider Mesa

Moab, UT

This is one of the most popular trail options in the area because of its beautiful views, and the ability to ride along sandy canyons. There are even sand hills to enjoy, and while it's not the easiest ATV ride, it's a great challenge for everyone!

best off road trails in the us


off road trails near me | dirt bike trails in vermont

There is currently no listing of ATV trails in Vermont. Do you know of any we should add? Let us know!

best off road trails in the us


ATV trails near me | dirt bike trails in virginia

Big Boys Playground

Harrisonburg, VA

Big Boys Playground is a great area because it has a little bit of everything to enjoy! It has single track trails, rock gardens, a drag strip, and a mud pit entitled "Hell Hole" that no one has made it through. It's open daily, all year-round, so come test your skills!

Elkhorn Lake

Banister, VA

This trail offers 31-miles of ATV trails to test your skills on, including an enduro track and a 110-acre lake with boating and fishing options! It's beautiful views, and you can even camp here! It's open Friday through Sunday, just make sure you call ahead to check weather conditions.

Charles City Dirt Riders

Charles City, VA

If you're looking for an area that offers both a track riding and trail riding experience, this is your place. It has 6-miles of wood trails to explore, and tracks for both advanced and beginner riders. They even offer riding lessons for those looking to learn, so enjoy!

best off road trails in the us


ATV trails near me | dirt bike trails in washington

Evans Creek ORV Area

Carbonado, WA

An area that offers over 45-miles of trail options, in the beautiful setting of Washington, is something that you're not going to want to miss out on! There are trail options for every level of riders, and the views will have you not wanting to leave anytime soon. You'll need a Northwest Forest pass to ride, which you can easily find on their website.

Beverly Sand Dunes

Mattawa, WA

If you're itching to ride 300-acres of sand dunes and trails, look no further! This is an awesome place to bring beginner riders, and it has some really awesome views to boot! It's free, too!

Walker Valley ORV Area

Mount Vernon, WA

Walker Valley is an awesome area for ATV riders to really test their speed and agility, and it includes single track rides and tight woods to keep you on your toes. The views are picture worthy, and while this might not be the best option for riders who aren't experienced, it's still a great place to bring riding friends.

best off road trails in the us


ATV trails near me | dirt bike trails in wisconsin

Cheese County ATV Trail

Darlington, WI

This trail is open all year round and offers 60-miles of trails that wind through three different counties! It's a perfect trail for those looking to join in on the ATV fun, and it's open to all different off-road vehicles. Remember to check their website and get yourself a sticker, you'll need it for the ride.

Black River State Forest

Black River Falls, WI

If you're hoping to see some animals on your ATV ride, and you're interested in stopping and enjoying the scenery, this is an awesome pick. Elk roam free in this area, so don't be surprised if you see a few while riding. As long as you're willing to be respectful of the animals in the area, this is a great ride.

Barron County ATV Playground

Almena, WI

Barron County Playground offers some really scenic trails through the woods, and while sometimes it can get a bit dusty out there, there are so many fun twists and turns that you won't even mind. It's perfect for the family, too, so if you're looking for a really great bonding experience, you got it!

Fond Du Lac OHV Park

Fond du Lac, WI

This is a motocross park that features a 1-mile long track, and it also has a great beginner track for new ATV riders to enjoy. It borders the Fond Du Lac River, and once you hit certain parts of the woods, you'll really be tested on your skills. It's open all weekend long!

Riverview ATV Park

Kewaunee, WI

This park is open from 8 AM to dusk, and it has 20-miles of marked wood trails and hill climbs to enjoy on your ATV adventures! Motorcycles are permitted, too. While it's not necessarily an option for camping, it's a great spot to enjoy.

Wood County ATV Park

Wisonsin Rapids, WI

Wood County Park offers up 10-miles of ATV trails, all of which wind through pine and oak trees. It's a great ride to test your ATV skills out, and there are evening camping and boating opportunities to take advantage of while you're there!

best off road trails in the us

West Virginia

ATV trails near me | dirt bike trails in west virginia

Buffalo Mountain ATV Trails

Williamson, WV

This is a challenging course that's going to be more enjoyable for those riders that are coming in with a little more experience under their belt. There are 9-miles of trails to explore, and they go pretty deep down into the forest. This is a trail system that's considered one of the best in America, so enjoy!

Burning Rock Off Road Park

Sophia, WV

This off-road park has 100-miles of ATV trails, all of which wind through 8.000 acres of forest. There's even a professionally designed motocross track to try out while you're there, and a peewee track for the younger riders. And if you're looking to test your fear of heights, there's a zip line, too!

Indian Ridge ATV Trails

Bluefield, WV

It's a great track for beginners, and it has 63-miles of trails. While you will need a permit in order to ride this trail, you can get them ahead of time on their site. But don't show up without them, or you can't ride.

best off road trails in the us


ATV trails near me | dirt bike trails in wyoming

Bighorn National Forest

Burgess Junction, WY

The area is absolutely stunning, and the trails are enough fun to make even the most uninterested people love ATV riding. It's a great place to camp, too, and a perfect place to bring your family or a large group of friends. It doesn't get too crowded, either!

Sinks Canyon State Park

Landon, WY

If you're not just looking for an ATV trail, but also a place to really take in the scenery and wildlife, this is exactly what you're looking for. But if you don't want to have to squeeze in with a lot of people, hit it during the early morning or even during the week. It's a spot that needs to be on your list!

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