Jun 29, 2018

American Motorcycles: Why Motorcycles and America Go Hand-in-Hand


American Motorcycles: why two wheels were made for the USA

There are a great many things to love in this beautiful country we like to call the US of A. We have food that makes our stomachs sing with joy, whether that’s from some good ol’ southern BBQ to cheesy deep dish pizza. We have sports teams that our families earnestly cheer for, year after year, even if they don’t even come close to making it into the Super Bowl (I’m looking at you, Daaaaa Bears). We have enough theme parks to make your head dizzy and your heart drop, and skyscrapers that seem to be high enough to touch Heaven. We have Military and First Responders that risk their lives for this country and its citizens, and we have a national anthem that’s damn well significantly better than anyone else’s.

But besides all of that, we have a pride and passion. We have a deep-rooted love for what this country stands for, generation after generation, and our eyes are aimed to the future in anticipation of what America will continue to accomplish.

America is the country where anything is possible, where the sky’s the limit, and where, with enough work and motivation, you are your only real limitation. The landscape of this nation consists of rolling hills, deserts, snow-capped mountains, and beaches that go longer than the eye can see. It’s a land of beauty, and the only real way to appreciate that beauty at its core is to ride along with it.

Bikes such as Harley Davidson Motorcycles seem to have a fundamental place in American history and American roots, and it’s not too complicated to see why. Motorcycles and America go together almost as well as beer and fireworks!

american flag

Wait...that’s actually not a good combination. At all. Let’s go with apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Here are the reasons why Motorcycles and America go hand-in-hand and are so similar:

Let freedom ring, just like your ears after a loud and intense motorcycle rally.

America loves freedom, and bikes give us a sense of freedom that can only really be achieved by jumping out of a plane. I like my odds with the bike just a little better than free falling in the sky, so here’s to the freedom that bikes give us!


Your community is supportive, even though they think you're wearing too much leather.

The community here is active and caring, especially when your fellow rider lets you know that if you keep adding layers to your riding gear, you’re going to turn into an Indian fringed saddle bag. American communities are strong, and we band together in times of need, like when we told you not to ride because there was a hurricane coming in, and we had to pick you up because you did it anyway...

The deep sense of brotherhood means letting "stinky feet Dave" borrow your riding boots.

Just like American classic motorcycles, the American bond is a strong one, deep-rooted in history. We find one common thing that we all love, and then maybe try to replace our real siblings with the ones we’d rather have. You pick your friends as you pick your brand, whether you're a fan of Victory or Harley Davidson motorcycles. Yes, biological brother, I’m having so much more fun watching my 4-year-old niece dance to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” at this recital. I’d totally not rather be riding with my brothers...

You get adrenaline from riding, some get it from standing in line for smoked brisket.

Hey, America is all about opportunity, which means riding your bike in the general direction of the nearest BBQ joint. A motorcycle gives you a sense of adrenaline and excitement that’s similar to the sugar high 6-year-olds get while at Disney World. Ah, ‘Merica, you entertain me!

funny mickey mouse

America is original...just like that Harley jacket you and 40,000 other riders are wearing.

America is unapologetically itself. We’re the country that will tell you that your life is a complete wreck one minute, and then offer some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies the next. We are who we are, and we don’t care what others things, just like riders. Just as American classic motorcycles paved their own path, we the people do the same. You don’t try to impress anyone and aim to be yourself, even if that means riding the same bike that everyone else in your club does. It’s okay, have some cookies.  

harley davidson

America grows fast, almost as fast as you were going when you got that speeding ticket.

We are the land of opportunity, the land of ideas, and the land of braking your bike as fast as you can when you seem the same damn police officer that pulled you over last weekend. This country has a need for speed, and it’s no coincidence that the bald eagle is our national bird, am I right?

America is an amazing place, and riding is an amazing experience. This country is like no other out there, just like riding is like nothing else. They really do go hand-in-hand. Bald eagles everywhere approve of this message.

So let’s go shoot off some fireworks that will make our eardrums pop, enjoy a nice cold one (or a few) and be thankful everyday that we live in the land of the free, the home of the brave, and a country that rides along with that freedom.

Bald eagle out!

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