Feb 16, 2018

2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour Review (Video)

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A Look the 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour Motorcycle

The Gold Wing Touring Motorcycle has long been a favorite and a standard as far as touring bikes go, but, in all honesty, it was a bit overdue for a revamp. We finally got one this year, so what’s new?

Honda is known for its refined expertise, and the 2018 Honda Gold Wing has been 43 years in the making. The newest model is a refined, lighter, and smoother ride than we have seen before. Among the updates and the slim-down, the Gold Wing got a whole new frame and suspension for 2018, a new engine and transmission, as well as maximum perks to keep you comfortable on the road.

I often wondered which of the reigning touring motorcycles would win in a head-to-head battle, Harley vs. Honda, Road Chief vs. Road Glide—I could speculate all day about which ultimate tourer really outdoes the competition when the rubber hits the pavement. But, sadly, we are just left with hypothetical scenarios and wondering. Honda motorcycles has it down when it comes to performance street bikes and off-roaders, but do their new tourers hold their own?

Check out this review of the 2018 Honda Gold Wing and let me know what you think!

Video Source: Motorcycle.com YouTube

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