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Honda Gold Wing Review 

The Honda Gold Wing is the ultimate touring machine. This bike is built for long distance adventures and can take you wherever your heart desires. For 2023, Honda has updated the Gold Wing with new highlight stripes and colors, as well as a navigation system update. No matter which of the four trim options you choose, you'll be getting the same famously smooth 1833cc six-cylinder engine, refined bodywork for weather protection, and ample luggage space. The Gold Wing is a true masterpiece of engineering and is perfect for any rider who loves to hit the open road.


Easy maintenance

Luxury feel

Reasonably priced

Loads of storage

Great for passengers 




Not great for short riders

Not beginner friendly 

New for 2023


Navigation system

Is the Honda Gold Wing a Good Motorcycle?

The Honda Gold Wing is a fantastic motorcycle that is perfect for touring. It is equipped with the latest technology and has everything you need to make long distance trips comfortable and enjoyable. With its large amount of storage, you'll be able to bring everything you need on your adventures. The Gold Wing is also known for its reliability, so you can count on it to last for many miles and memories.

Should I Buy a Honda Gold Wing?

The Gold Wing has been a fan favorite for many years because of its power, straightforward maintenance, and added features that give it a high-end feel.  Riders also love it because it is a comfortable option for riding with a passenger and has loads of storage to accommodate your travels.

In terms of size, the Gold Wing is a great option for riders of all sizes. Its seat height is adjustable, so even shorter riders can find a comfortable position. However, the Gold Wing may not be the best choice for beginners due to its size and weight. More experienced riders will be better able to handle the bike and appreciate its features.

The Gold Wing is a great choice for riders who love long distance touring. Its smooth engine and comfortable riding position make it perfect for extended trips on the open road. In terms of budget, the Gold Wing is reasonably priced for a bike of this caliber, making it a good option for riders who are looking for a high-quality touring bike without breaking the bank.

How Much Power Does The Honda Gold Wing Have?

The 2023 Honda Gold Wing is powered by an impressive 1,833cc horizontally opposed, flat-six engine. This engine produces a healthy 125 horsepower and 130 pound-feet of torque, giving the Gold Wing plenty of power to take on long distance trips and hilly terrain. The Gold Wing's six-cylinder engine is known for its smoothness and reliability, making it a great choice for riders who want to go the distance without worrying about their bike. The engine is also fuel efficient, so you can go further on a single tank of gas. Overall, the 2023 Honda Gold Wing's powerful engine makes it a great touring motorcycle. 

Which Honda Gold Wing Model Is Right for Me?

The Honda Gold Wing contains a few trim options that range in price and added features. 2023 is the most current model at the time of writing this, so we will be discussing those model variations so you can decide which is best for you. 

Honda Gold Wing Automatic DCT - The automatic DCT is the base model for the Honda Gold Wing family. The Wing is powered by a flat, six-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 1,833cc engine with Unicam valve train. In an effort to minimize shift shock and noise, the DCT models are equipped with several dampers. The DCT models include a feature called Walking mode, which allows the riders to creep back and forth and the weight of the bike has been reduced enough so that a reverse idle shift is not necessary. Riders will immediately notice the bike's double-wishbone front suspension, the design allows for both the rider and passenger to sit closer to the front wheel increasing comfort and stability. The rear suspension is taken care of by a Pro-Link system with a single-sided swingarm. The braking system is electronically controlled using an anti-lock brake system. The Wing’s throttle-by-wire system enables the motorcycle’s four ride modes and selectable torque control. Other notable features include hill start assist, cruise control, smart key, vehicle viewfinder, tire pressure monitoring system, and both apple and android compatibility. The 7-inch full-color display shows speed, loading configuration, ride mode, fuel level, engine temperature, outside temperature, cruise control, and heater levels. The bike has an electronically controlled windscreen, so you can customize the height and angle to fit your needs. The state-of-the-art audio system has Bluetooth compatibility, so you can answer phone calls without removing your helmet, a separate passenger audio control switch, and automatic volume adjustment to keep the sound rich and pleasing to the ears. This model is available in just one color which is matte grey.  

Honda Gold Wing Tour - The Honda Gold Wing Tour comes standard with all the features mentioned on the base mode except for those that are specific to DCT models. Additionally, it includes special features like a 61-liter travel trunk, reverse, and an electronic preloaded suspension. This model as well as the following two place a focus on passenger comfort by including a 30mm tall backrest, cushioned sued-like seat, and passenger grab handles. The Wind Tour is available in both black and red colorways. 

Honda Gold Wing Tour Airbag Automatic DCT - The special features included in this model are a 7-speed automatic transmission, 61-liter travel trunk, airbag, electronic preload suspension, reverse, and walking mode. The Airbag Automatic DCT is available in only a red color option. 

Honda Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT - The special features included on this bike are a 7-speed automatic transmission, a 61-liter travel trunk, electronic preload suspension, reverse, and walking mode. The Tour Automatic DCT is available in both black and red color options. 

How Much Does the Honda Gold Wing Cost?

Honda Gold Wing Automatic DCT - $25,600

Honda Gold Wing Tour - $28,600

Honda Gold Wing Tour AirBag Automatic DCT - $32,900

Honda Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT - $29,600

Honda Gold Wing vs. the Competition

Honda Gold Wing vs. Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited 

These are two of the most popular touring motorcycles on the market, and for good reason. Both bikes prioritize rider comfort, but they go about it in different ways. Harley-Davidson maintains the old-school styling and technology that the brand is known for, while Honda takes a more modern approach with cutting-edge tech and sleek aesthetics. In terms of storage, the Ultra has larger panniers, while the Wing has a larger top box. The Wing also has a more advanced dashboard, but some riders may find it overwhelming compared to the Ultra's straightforward interface.

When it comes to weight, the Ultra is nearly 75 pounds heavier than the Wing, which makes a big difference when you need to push the bike around or do slow-speed work. The Wing's Walking Mode, Motorized Forward/Reverse, and Hill Hold Start features give it an edge in these situations. Once you're on the road, both bikes have a low center of gravity that makes them feel stable and nimble.

In the end, the choice between the Gold Wing and the Ultra Limited comes down to personal preference. Both bikes offer a blend of luxury and sport-touring capabilities, and either one would be a great choice for riders who love to hit the open road. The best way to decide is to take them both for a test ride and see which one feels right for you.

Honda Gold Wing Safety Features

The Honda Gold Wing is a touring motorcycle that's packed with features to keep riders comfortable and safe. Some of the many features included on the Gold Wing are Walking mode, which allows riders to move the bike slowly and easily in tight spaces, anti-lock brakes for enhanced stopping power, a tire pressure monitoring system to help prevent flats, hill start assist to make it easier to take off on inclines, and selectable torque control for better traction and handling.

In addition to these features, the some trim packages also comes equipped with an airbag for added safety in case of a collision, passenger grab handles for increased stability and comfort, heated grips and seats for cold-weather riding, and a state-of-the-art audio system with Bluetooth connectivity and automatic volume adjustment.

Overall, the Honda Gold Wing is a feature-rich touring motorcycle that's designed to provide riders with a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience on the road. For a complete list of features, visit Honda's website.

Max Horsepower
Max Torque
Top Speed
Seat Height
1833cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder
124 hp @ 5500 rpm
170 Nm @ 4500 rpm
800 lbs
29.33071 in



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